The Bloodline System - Chapter 668 - Ten Hit Combo Finisher

Chapter 668 - Ten Hit Combo Finisher

Chapter 668 - Ten Hit Combo Finisher

"Oh, you're looking for Mr. Eldorado... I know where you can find him," Damien voiced out with a tone of excitement.

"Mr. Eldorado? Who's that?" Gustav asked as he walked back towards the hovercar.

"The man picture you were checking out," Damien responded.

"You must be mistaken. He isn't..." Before Gustav could complete his statement, Damien was already tapping on some buttons within the car.


A holographic image of Boss Danzo looking older with a beard appeared within the car.

"Mr. Eldorado," Damien said while gesturing at the image.

"How... What?" Gustav was confused as he stared at the image of Boss Danzo.

Of course, his eyes weren't failing him. That was truly Boss Danzo which begged the question of why this kid knew him by another name.

"Let's go for a ride. I'll show you where to find him," Damien voiced out.

There was no way Gustav would say no to this. He immediately moved into the car and sat beside Damien.


"How do you know him?" Damien asked as the car zoomed off into the distance.

"That's not necessary. Just tell me where he is," Gustav seemed antsy as he voiced out.

"Erm, okay, but I doubt anyone into the underground fights hasn't heard of Mr. Eldorado, the ten-hit combo finisher," Damien stated with a light chuckle.

"The what now?" Gustav voiced out with a confused expression.

"The ten hit combo finisher, Mr. Eldorado," Damien stated again.

Gustav was really starting to wonder if it was the same boss Danzo who parted ways with him over a year ago.

"Tell me everything from the beginning," Gustav voiced out.

"Everything..? Well, for one part, it's kinda illegal, which is probably why you haven't found him..." Damien began explaining everything to Gustav from the start.

Gustav couldn't believe his ears as Damien told him the tale of how Boss Danzo became known as the ten-hit combo finisher.

If anyone ever told him that Boss Danzo could engage in a fight or illegal-related activity, he would never believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes.

The words coming from this teenager were very hard to believe. He just couldn't picture the character he had known Boss Danzo for as this Mr. Eldorado character. He couldn't connect them in any way except for the fact that they looked exactly the same.

Another thing that bugged Gustav's mind was how the kid has so much information about illegal underground fights to this extent.

"He killed twenty-seven people already?" Gustav voiced out with a stunned tone as Damien narrated to a point.

"Yes, it was exciting to watch," Damien responded with a look of delight, but then he noticed the expression on Gustav's face.

"You seem surprised," Damien voiced out.

"Hmm... The person I knew would never harm a soul. Maybe he's not that person anymore," Gustav muttered with a tone of suspiciousness.

Gustav continued listening to Damien Narration till they arrived in front of a particular building.

So far, what he knew about Boss Danzo was the fact that a few months back, he suddenly appeared in the underground fighting club as a new fighter under one of the bosses who they call ring lords.

Apparently, since he appeared, he had been a big sensation amongst the fighters and the audience as well.

Boss Danzo looked like a weak middle-aged man, which was why he took the crowd by surprise when he managed to defeat some of the most powerful fighters in the underground fighting club.

He was known for his finishing move, which consisted of an unbreakable ten-hit combo. The moment he unleashed this move, it was guaranteed that on the tenth hit, the opponent would lose their life because the final hit was a lethal strike.

He rose through the fighters rankings due to his feats, becoming one of the crowd's favorites who big moguls bet on during his night fights.

Boss Danzo had gone by the name Mr. Eldorado this whole time.

According to Damien's information, so far, the underground fights had seasons and periods where they occurred, and only people with deep-rooted backgrounds and status were able to attend.

Even though it was illegal, they had viewers online as well that tuned in from their houses to watch. Normal people had no idea where the fight matches took place and those who did never revealed it.

Gustav couldn't wrap his head around why Boss Danzo would be doing this, but he was sure that something was definitely up somewhere.

Now he just had to focus on finding him.

"Why are we here?" Gustav asked as they got off the car.

The building right in front of them was the 'Greyscale Pharmaceuticals,' where Gustav visited this morning.

"We have to meet my grandfather first. He will have information on the next fight as well as the location," Damien voiced out as he moved forward.

It turned out that the location for fights changes at times, so they couldn't just visit anyone since there was a probability that the next fight wouldn't hold there.

Also, unless there was a fight held at a certain location, it would be impossible to see boss Danzo.

"Your grandfather works here?" Gustav asked as they moved in.

"Well, you can say that, but he's more like the owner," Damien chuckled while voicing out.

"The owner?" Gustav was quite surprised as they headed towards one of the corridors.

They arrived at the elevator area and got teleported to the last floor in a few moments.

They arrived in front of a long corridor that led towards one large door at the end. Two men in medical outfits could be seen coming from up ahead.

One was a gigantic thirty-year-old looking man with flowing black hair, while the other was a middle-aged-looking man approximately six feet in height with short blue hair and glasses.

The gigantic man, about twelve feet tall, was the same man Gustav met when he arrived here in the morning, Sir Zil.

They seemed to be engaging in a conversation as they walked down the corridor, and it was at that moment that Gustav arrived with Damien.

"Grandfather," Damien voiced out with a look of delight.

"Hey kid, you're back, and you are with company," Sir ZiL voiced out as Damien continued walking forward.

"He's your grandfather?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of confusion as he stared at Sir ZiL.