The Bloodline System - Chapter 667 - I Know Where You Can Find Him

Chapter 667 - I Know Where You Can Find Him

Chapter 667 - I Know Where You Can Find Him

Arching his arm backward while holding onto one, his muscles bulged immensely as he gathered a lot of power into his arm before flinging it out.


While the first projectile was traveling towards the one moving southwards, Gustav had already turned to the east to fling out the next one with force as well.


He repeated the same actions in the rest of the directions and proceeded to deactivate Combination since he didn't have a lot of energy points at the moment.

Puchi~ Puchi~ Puchi!

Loud piercing sounds rang out along with screams as three of the four dark figures got stabbed through by the flying projectiles.

The force at which Gustav threw it caused their bodies to be lifted across the air as it stabbed into them and slammed them against a wall, pinning them to it like they were being crucified.

The last one turned into a puff of black smoke for an instant causing the projectile to phase through him, so he was safe.

He arrived in front of a hovercar up ahead and was about to go in when Gustav's figure blasted through two hundred feet in nearly an instant, arriving behind him.


Gustav grabbed hold of his neck before he could get in and slammed him against the ground three times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dark figure instantly passed out after the third slam amidst the stares of the pedestrians walking along this street.

Gustav ignored the panicked glares of everyone and dragged the dark figure back to the alleyway where the rest of his comrades were laid out as well.


[Daily Task Completed (3/3): Take down five hostiles]


The notification for completion of the third daily task appeared in Gustav's line of sight, which he ignored in the meantime.


Gustav dropped him right beside the others in the crater and turned to the side to move towards the first dark figure who was bleeding out while sticking to the wall.

Gustav punched his face, destroying the holographic mask.

The smoky face created by the holographic mask instantly dissipated, and a woman's face could be seen.

She was bleeding from her nose, and a look of fear was displayed on her face as she stared down at Gustav while coughing out blood.

"I would ask who sent you, but I think I already know," Gustav voiced out and turned around to start walking along the alleyway like he was returning back to where he came from.

The other dark figures stabbed to the wall were also conscious turned their faces to the sides to see where Gustav was headed.

Close to the end of the alleyway, he suddenly paused his footsteps and squinted his eyes before turning towards the left.


Gustav dashed forward with his arm arched backward and threw a punch at the wall.


As his fist tore through the wall, a loud shriek was heard along with the crumbling of that side of the building.


As Gustav pulled his arm out of the hole on the wall, a short fat man could be seen in his grasp, lifted above the ground.

His face was bleeding as he kicked desperately, trying to free himself from Gustav's grasp.

"Please, spare me. Spare me!" He cried out while holding onto Gustav's hand.

This man was the same man he had met the day before in the hotel, trying to prevent the teenagers from getting a room.

"Why did I not expect this?" Gustav chuckled as he voiced out.

He had forgotten that people always tried to take revenge when he put them in their place.

"I..." Just as Gustav was about to speak, the blaring sounds of sirens rang out as the cops arrived on the scene.

He turned to the side as he spotted them getting off their vehicles.


"Hold it right there!"

They surrounded the vicinity in a manner of seconds while inspecting the scene.

"Get a paramedic over here," One of them voiced out while standing in front of one of them who was stabbed to the wall.

"Sir, drop the hostage," One of them voiced out while approaching Gustav with a massive cannon-like weapon.

Others also followed beside him and pointed out weapons at Gustav.

"Hostage? What are y'all on?" Gustav asked with a cold look as he turned around to stare at them.


Minutes later, the whole situation was sorted out after the fat man confessed to sending the Mixedbloods goons after Gustav.

The cops apologized to Gustav for suspecting him to be the culprit that initiated the whole situation, to which he just scoffed at and proceeded to walk out of the alleyway.

"I ain't the one with masks... Why are the authorities so dumb?" Gustav said out loud as he passed by the side of a cop.

None of them could hold it against him for saying that since they nearly arrested him.

The culprits were apprehended and all taken away for treatment first.

Gustav arrived at the end of the alleyway and tapped a small device that displayed a holographic image of Boss Danzo.

He was thinking of going back to ask the cops to search for him, but he just crossed it out and turned to the side to keep moving.


A hovercar suddenly stopped by his side, causing him to stop his movement and put away the device.

"Hmm?" Gustav mumbled as he turned to the side while the door of the hovercar opened up.

"Big brother Gustav," A loud shout was heard from within as Gustav spotted the same teenage boy he saved yesterday dressed in school uniform.

"Hey," Gustav greeted half-assedly while turning to the front to leave.

"Come join me for a ride," Damien suggested.

"I'm busy right now, maybe next time," Gustav responded while moving forward.

"I saw the picture just now. Are you related to that person?" Damien suddenly asked before Gustav could get too far.

Gustav paused his footsteps and turned around while squinting his eyes.

"He is someone I'm looking for, why?" Gustav voiced out with a suspicious tone.

"Oh, you're looking for Mr. Eldorado.... I know where you can find him,"