The Bloodline System - Chapter 666 - This Is Perfect

Chapter 666 - This Is Perfect

Chapter 666 - This Is Perfect

"I'm busy, maybe next time," Gustav voiced out before walking out the entry point.

"Oh bummer," The massive man voiced out with a slightly disappointed look.

-"Did he just refuse Sir Zil's offer?"

-"Oh damn, that kid must be really something to refuse a tour offer from him,"

The officials were surprised as they saw Gustav moving further and further away from the premises.

"I guess I'll have to repay my debt to you some other time," The massive man who was known as Sir ZiL smiled as he voiced out and turned around.

It would seem the ceiling wasn't high for no good reason. If this structure was built in a normal way like others, Sir ZiL's head might be brushing the ceiling from the moment he walked in.

It was obvious that he was a mixedblood because only mixedbloods would grow this tall without having anybody defects.

Normal humans would have internal defects if they grew to this height. Although treatable, they would never be as bulky as this man who had the width of a tree.

Gustav, who was already quite a distance from the premises already squinted his eyes as he turned around.

He couldn't understand why but the massive man gave him a kind of uneasy feeling.

'Is there any reason why you sent me there?' Gustav asked inwardly.

The system still didn't respond to him, which he found quite suspicious.

'I don't have time for this right now. I have to find Boss Danzo,' Gustav voiced internally before moving around the vicinity.


Hours later in the afternoon, Gustav was headed back towards the hotel.

He had finished scanning through another section of the city, the area where Greyscale Pharmaceuticals was located.

Gustav was heading back once again with disappointment after not finding boss Danzo in this area as well.

After this, he had two more sections to cover, but he wanted to head back to the hotel in the meantime. He had spent a lot of energy points making use of God Eyes, so recuperation was necessary.

Gustav kept thinking about how he'd easily find Boss Danzo if he had unlocked Life Signs Tracking before Boss Danzo left.

He had stored the life sign pattern of everyone he cared about, excluding Boss Danzo because Boss Danzo was already gone before he obtained the power.

He couldn't help but sigh as he walked through the same alleyway that led to the street where he sensed being watched.

Gustav closed in on the end of the alleyway, which led to a broad road with good visuality but then he suddenly paused his footsteps.

"About time you showed yourselves," Gustav smirked as he voiced out.


Seven dark figures suddenly phased out of the walls of the buildings by the sides.

Gustav turned around at this point, and the visible look of joy on his face could be seen as these dark figures walked towards him.

'I was starting to worry about how I was going to complete the third task... This is perfect,' Gustav said internally.

These dark figures wore a hoodie and holographic masks, subtly revealing a smoky face to hide their real looks.

They turned to the sides to stare at each other, which depicted they were surprised to see, Gustav being in high spirits even when he was being ambushed by seven people.

"Come on... I don't have all day," Gustav said while turning his neck violently sideways, which made popping sounds.

He clenched both fists tightly, and they made the popping sounds as well.

"It's been three weeks. I need the practice," Gustav's expression suddenly turned cold once again as he voiced out.

At this point, all seven figures phased forward like phantoms conjuring different abilities as they attacked Gustav.

Gustav slid backward first, dodging the fist of flames thrown at his head, and kept slanting further backward to dodge the rest of the attacks.


His palm slapped the ground as he suddenly spun around with his right leg stretched out.


His leg crashed into the face of the first one sending the dark figure flying and kept swinging towards the next one beside him.


The second one scattered into a black burst of smoke for a moment, causing Gustav's leg to phase through him.

'Interesting... Maybe since I didn't get the last one, I might be able to get this one,' Gustav thought as he leaped upwards the moment he regained his balance.

A massive six-foot ice-shaped scythe swept underneath his feet as his body ascended.

Several attacks were thrown into the air while his body was still in mid-air.

Gustav repeatedly spun across the air as his arms turned brownish red becoming more muscular and larger.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

The instant after he activated Partial bull transformation, he proceeded to use Size Manipulation next.

The group down saw the massive shadow looming over them and tried to move away as fast as possible.


A humongous brownish-colored fist slammed down in the middle of the alleyway, flattening three of the black figures in one go and causing winds to blast across the vicinity.

Krrrycvhhhh! Bang! Bang!

Several window panes were broken due to the impact as a small crater formed in the middle.

The other dark figures who managed to get away before it touched down stared at each other for an instant before suddenly dashing out in all directions.

One could tell that underneath the guise of the holographic mask, they had panicked expressions.

They didn't know that they were coming after a monster.

The three who got flattened had already passed out in the crater with blood-soaked bodies.

As the four left dashed in different directions to prevent Gustav from catching them all, Gustav proceeded to merge Sprint and Dash in that instant.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

The four running in every direction suddenly slowed down in his line of sight.

Gustav proceeded to reach down and pick up broken parts of the ground shaped in spiky ways.