The Bloodline System - Chapter 665 - Greyscale Pharmaceuticals

Chapter 665 - Greyscale Pharmaceuticals

Chapter 665 - Greyscale Pharmaceuticals

This district was always crowded with people, so it would be impossible to spot one person staring at him. Multiple people could subconsciously stare at him, but this particular one he sensed felt intentional, which was why he turned around.

Gustav proceeded to continue on his way. He didn't really have time to play detective right now since he had to complete his daily tasks and continue looking for Boss Danzo.

Arriving back at the hotel, Gustav moved towards the garage where Fumar was already waiting for him.

"Good morning, boss," Fumar greeted him as he moved into the car.

"Just Gustav is fine," Gustav responded after sitting within the car.

"Alright, boss, where do you wanna go?" Fumar asked with a wide smile while looking back.

'It's like my words are going through one ear and coming out the other,' Gustav said internally while rolling his eyes.

"Greyscale Pharmaceuticals," Gustav responded.

"Alright, boss, sit tight," Fumar voiced out as he turned on the engine.


They zoomed out of the park in a few moments and began heading there.

Behind a pillar by the far end of the garage, a fat body structured man shifted out the side, staring in the direction the car zoomed off in.

His eyes squinted as he kept looking with a dissatisfied expression.


"Boss, I heard you're the same person from a year ago who came first in the MBO entrance tests," Fumar voiced out as he sped through the city.

"Hmm? Where did you hear that?" Gustav asked.

"Small talks from my superiors," Fumar had a look of astonishment as he responded.

"So it truly is you?" Fumar could barely focus on the road even with his eyes widened in astonishment.

He wanted to look back and stare at Gustav once again, but he knew that would be inappropriate, so he maintained his sights on the road.

"Focus on the road. Who I am isn't important," Gustav stated.

"Yes, boss," Fumar responded with a respectful tone.

"But boss, you really went through a lot of changes..." Fumar suddenly started talking again.

Gustav sighed at the back seat as he had to listen to Fumar tut away during their journey.


After some time, they arrived in front of a large skyscraper shaped to look like an upside-down pipette. The sign, "Greyscale Pharmaceuticals," Could be seen above, which meant they had arrived at their destination.

This was a place located on the west side of the city, quite close to the city walls, which barricaded them from the burning sands outside.

Gustav got off the car, ready to move in.

"Boss, I'll wait here for you to finish your business," Fumar voiced out while getting out of the car as well.

"There will be no need for you to do that. You can go, for now, Fumar. I will spend a lot of time looking around the place. I'll call if I need you," Gustav stated before resuming moving towards the building.

Fumar wanted to refute, but Gustav was already at the entrance of the building before the words could leave his mouth.

"Oh, alright then," Fumar mumbled and moved into the hovercar before starting the engine and zooming off.

The instant Gustav went through the entrance, he got the system's notification.


[Daily Task Completed (2/3): Visit Greyscale Pharmaceuticals]


"This one was pretty easy. What was the point of giving such a daily task?" Gustav muttered with a low tone as he moved around on the ground floor of the building.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Gustav could hear the voices of people gathered together in a large group, so he turned to the side to look.

"Hmm?" He spotted a holographic stand on the east side of the ground floor which stated some information.

"Arhkum Potency, first stage serum..." Gustav read out some words.

Right in front of the stand, multiple people were lined up in a queue, and the staff dressed in official medical outfits were attending to them.

Gustav could hear some words like...

-"You know it's just in its first stage of testing, right?"

-"Did you read the terms and conditions of the agreement?"

-"We will not be held responsible for any..."

'So it's a serum test, and these are voluntary test subjects...' Gustav already understood what was going on a few moments after reading the situation.

"Can I help you, sir?" A lady in a medical outfit called out to Gustav from the side.

"No," Gustav responded bluntly and turned around to leave.

Just as he walked a few steps forward, a loud voice was heard from behind.

"To what do we owe the honor of the MBO's most talented youngster visiting our organization today," A strong masculine tone was heard from the other end, matched with powerful footsteps.

The other workers in the vicinity spotted the person who was approaching from the other end, and all started greeting him with respectful looks.

Gustav paused his steps as he heard that and turned around slightly.

"Might you be interested in being our Arhkum serum first subject?" The man voiced out again as he approached Gustav from the other end.

This man had long black hair that reached his lower back area, and he looked no older than thirty years of age with vibrant-looking slanted eyes.

The most surprising aspect was his height. He was twelve feet in height, which was twice Gustav's height currently. His hair which was reaching his lower back area, was the same height as Gustav, six feet in length.

Gustav's face showed no expression as he turned around, "I stumbled into this place by mistake. I was already leaving," He voiced out and resumed walking forward.

As he arrived at the entrance, a big hand reached out to grab his shoulder from behind.

"Come on, even if you stumbled upon this place by mistake, I'm sure fate brought you here. Forget about the serum. How about I give you a little tour of the place?" The massive man proposed.

Gustav turned his head to the side, staring at the palm, grabbing onto his left shoulder, and pulled his shoulder forward, releasing himself from the grasp of this massive man.