The Bloodline System - Chapter 664 - Inconsiderate Tasks

Chapter 664 - Inconsiderate Tasks

Chapter 664 - Inconsiderate Tasks

The city also seemed to have a licensed and registered brawl organization called 'The Peasants Battle.'

Here people went to watch fights between ordinary people and bet against who would win. Anyone at a legal age could join since it wasn't against the law.

Gustav found many interesting things about this particular district and understood why it was truly a business district.

He just hoped he would be able to find Boss Danzo on time.

First of all, he decided to check his daily tasks for the day.


[Daily Tasks (1/3): Take down five hostiles]

[Daily Tasks (2/3): Visit Greyscale Pharmaceuticals]

[Daily Tasks (3/3): Sprint across the surface of the second tallest building in the city three times]


'You sure have it in for me today... What's with the hostiles?' Gustav asked the system in his head.

("Not my fault... Auto-generated remember kikiki,") The system voiced in Gustav's head with a light chuckle.

'How am I supposed to take down five hostiles? What if no one shows me any hostility today?' Gustav asked with a frustrated tone as he felt the system was too inconsiderate with this daily task.

("Not my problem. Make people get hostile to you and beat them up or something,") The system responded with a fake yawn afterward.

Gustav; "..."


Gustav moved out of the penthouse to complete the daily tasks and decided to start with the third one first.

Since there wasn't any rule against using mild Mixedblood abilities that didn't cause destruction, he felt there wouldn't be an issue completing that.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav sped across the streets of the city towards the area where the second tallest building was located.

It was quite distant from the Faviola Relaxation Palace, but Gustav couldn't make use of his ride prepared for him.

He imagined calling Fumar to take him on a ride to where the second tallest building was located and, after arriving there, telling Fumar to wait while he got down from the car and proceeded to run up and down the building thrice. After that, he would go back into the car and tell Fumar to drive him back to the hotel.

It all seemed silly to him. What would be his explanation for why he only drove here to run up and down a building three times?

Although he wouldn't need to explain to anyone, he felt it would be better if he just ran there himself.

'Hmm, I'll have to do something about my speed skills later,' Gustav thought as he ran across the road swerving from side to side to dodge the pedestrians.

Gustav was a bit worried because Sprint and Dash happened to have maxed out their level some time ago.

The system didn't give him any hints on whether this was the limit for them both or not, so he didn't know what to do about them. The level of his speed would be close to being stagnant for a long time if this was the limit.

His speed would only increase based on the level of his bloodline rank, which was currently slow in increasing right now.

The only reason he wasn't too worried was the fact that he could still add attribute points to speed, so even if it was going to improve slowly, making use of Sprint and Dash at the level they currently were would still multiply his speed level, making him faster than normal.

'This can't be the limit, right?' Gustav asked internally, but the system didn't respond.

Gustav decided not to push it. He would find out eventually.


Lots of people on the side of the road had their clothes flapping from the outburst of wind as a dark streak cut through their midst.

There were gasps of astonishment since some of them could spot the figure and realized it was a person. The Mixedbloods, in particular, was able to tell and felt whoever that was would be very powerful due to the fast speed.

This was because many mixedbloods who were even more powerful than Gustav were unable to move this fast. However, in a fight, that didn't mean Gustav would win. Many powerful mixedbloods were able to react to speed quicker than theirs.

Gustav arrived at the building after twenty minutes of running across the city.

"Starry Sky Properties!"

A firm and colorful sign could be seen at the top area of the four hundred and thirty storey building.


Gustav didn't need to join Sprint and Dash together to run across the surface of the building.

Small tapping sounds reverberated across the vicinity as he ascended across the surface of the building amidst the stunned gazes of everyone.

It only took about thirty seconds to run across the smooth-surfaced window panes and run back down.


Gustav came back around and ran across it again. The people working within the building were at a loss as to what was happening.

It was only close to two more minutes to complete his three times scaling across the building, and at this point, someone was about to call the cops, but then they realized it wasn't happening again.

Gustav was already gone.


[Daily Task Completed (1/3): Sprint across the surface of the second tallest building in the city three times ]


Gustav stared at the notification in his line of sight as he paused his running at a particular street close to the hotel area.

"Now to complete the second... Only the crazy one will be left after this," Gustav muttered with a sigh as he tapped on a device that displayed the map of the city.

He checked for where Greyscale Pharmaceuticals was located. He walked along the side of the road headed back towards the hotel, which was just two turns away on the other street.

"I can tell Fumar to drive me there," Gustav thought out loud as he disengaged the map.

He suddenly felt eyes on him and turned around.

"Hmm?" Gustav mumbled after looking around and only see regular pedestrians moving around just like him.