The Bloodline System - Chapter 663 - The Nightless City

Chapter 663 - The Nightless City

Chapter 663 - The Nightless City

It might take weeks, and he didn't want so much time gone before he found Boss Danzo seeing as he might be in trouble.

Gustav proceeded to scan from building to building one at a time. It was a long and arduous process, but his brain and eyesight were functioning so fast that he only needed to stare at a person for 0.1 seconds to scan their face and figure out if they were what he was looking for or not.

It took over two hours for Gustav to scan this area of the districts. Checking every person within the buildings, streets, and even public roads.

At this time, it was already nightfall but surprisingly, even though the skies were still bright.

Gustav looked up, staring at the star-shaped flaming pearl up in the sky. It was still dazzling with immense flames radiating like an artificial sun in the sky. The light from it prevented the city from entering nightfall like it was supposed to.

Yes, the time displayed that it was night, but the skies were still as bright as ever due to the radiating light from it.

The burning flames of the sands surrounding the city also acted as light to prevent any form of darkness as well, so Burning Sands city could be classified as a city that never sleeps since it was twenty-four hours daytime.

Gustav's crimson and green-colored eyes zoomed in on the massive star-shaped pearl in the sky.

He could already see the energy readings accumulating by the side of his line of sight, which depicted that the floating structure had an immense amount of energy.

Gustav kept zooming his eyesight on it, wanting to see through it since he was intrigued.

His eyes felt like it was in flames as his sight phased through the flames.


A sizzling sound began to ring out as Gustav's sight continued piercing through the dazzling flames, heading for the surface of the main structure.

His eyes looked extremely strained as his forehead creased up and his face squeezed. He gritted his teeth in pain and continued trying to seer through it.

Just when it looked like he was close to phasing through, Gustav suddenly closed his eyes.

Pant! Pant! Pant!

He breathed in and out profusely as blood dripped out the sides of his eyes, rolling down his cheeks.

Gustav opened his eyes after deactivating God Eyes, which was completely strained and reddened. It was obvious he had sustained some injuries trying what he did earlier.


He cleaned the trails of blood left across his face from his eyes.

[Regeneration Has Been Activated]

"It nearly fried my eyes," Gustav muttered as his eyes began healing up.

He was curious about what exactly this floating mass of flaming pearl in the sky was, but he wasn't ready to completely ruin his eyes this night because of it.

If his eyes took in more damage, it would take longer to heal.


Within a structure where different monitors displayed different parts of the city, officers moved around the place.

"Sir, I spotted a person on the rooftop of Faviola Relaxation Palace," One of the officers clacking on a holographic keyboard voiced out.

"Give me a clear picture," The officer who seemed to be in charge voiced out from behind with his hands locked together behind him.

A large display of a building on a holographic screen appeared up ahead, which was three times bigger than the rest.

Gustav could be seen squatting atop the spiky pole that shot out from the middle of the rooftop.

"What is he doing?" The officer in charge behind asked with a confused tone as he spotted Gustav's eyes glowing.

The others in the room had confused looks as well since they didn't know what they were looking at here.

"Reference his face and get me a database on this young man," The man behind commanded.

In a manner of seconds, Gustav's face was scanned and searched up on the city's database as they tried to bring up information on him.

Trrooinnn! Trrooinnn! Trrooinnn!

Lots of words began piling up on the screen as the AI displayed flashes rearranging the words appearing.

Information Locked

A loud robotic voice was heard next.

Everyone stared at the screen with a look of confusion.

The multiple other officers clacking on the holographic keyboards tried as much as possible to get through the firewalls blocking the piece of information on Gustav, but it was all futile.

"Sir, we can't get through," One of them voiced out.

"Hmm, he hasn't really committed an act of felony just yet. Watch out for the young man and report any suspicious activities of his in public. I'll deal with the issue of his information myself," The man stated and proceeded to walk out of the room.


Meanwhile, at this point, Gustav was back in his room making plans for the next day on what part of the district he was going to check out next.

There were practically four sections for him to check out, and he had scanned through one already. He was hoping he would be able to check everywhere within the vicinity in the next two days and find Boss Danzo.

The longer time he spent, the more anxious Gustav got since he practically had no information on what was going on.

"First night in the city even though it's not a night. Let me stroll around for a bit," Gustav muttered as he changed out of his outfit and wore a black hoodie.

Donning the hoodie on his head, he walked out of the penthouse.


The next day arrived in a flash, and Gustav once again was up since early in the morning.

Last night nothing interesting happened, but he did get to witness the splendor of the city better from down there.

He saw some street acts, closeby bars, and even some virtual reality gaming activities added with bets.. The city also seemed to have a licensed and registered brawl organization called 'The Peasants Battle.'