The Bloodline System - Chapter 660 - Problem With Boss Danzo?

Chapter 660 - Problem With Boss Danzo?

Chapter 660 - Problem With Boss Danzo?

Gustav could tell that the reason why Mixedbloods didn't come here to train was that it was hard to get access into the city, and even if they did, training couldn't be done here extensively.

Also, there was no telling how it would affect their anatomy, but so far, every report about the city was quite good.


As they blazed through the streets of Burning Sands city, Gustav looked around.

It was just as advanced as Plankton city, and there were some spectacular sights to see as well.

The blazing checkpoints in the city were actually called dimensional stars. The moment contact was made with the dimensional stars, the object that made contact with it would be teleported to another part of the city.

Plankton City had Teleportation circles and rings, while Burning Sands had dimensional stars. Plankton city was more advanced since it made traveling easier for even pedestrians due to the teleportation circle.

The dimensional stars only worked with a certain mass of object, and normal-looking humans/Slarkovs/Mixedbloods were out of the equation.

Gustav kept looking out the window at different shapes, structures, and even the floating rail up above.

He spotted the massive star-shaped pearl, blazing with dazzling flames in the sky again.

He had no idea what it was, but he knew it couldn't just be a pretty object.

It definitely would have some kind of use, but that was of no importance right now. Gustav was more concerned with arriving at his destination to begin his search for Boss Danzo.

He recalled the call he received from Boss Danzo three days ago.


"Boss Danzo," Gustav exclaimed the moment the call connected.


-"My boy... Skkkrrryyysshghh... A... Problem... Skkkrryyysshhghh..."

For some reason, the communication from the other side didn't sound so clear. For every word Boss Danzo said, there would always be a glitching sound in between, which cut off part of his sentences.

"Boss Danzo, I can't... Can you repeat what you said?" Gustav voiced out since the whole statement started to sound confusing from breaking off several times in between.

"Skkkrryyysshhghh... I said... Skkkrryyysshhghh... Problem... Skkkrryyysshhghh..."

Then suddenly, the call was disconnected.

"Boss Danzo? Boss Danzo?" Gustav kept calling out, but there was no response.

He proceeded to try connecting again, but it wasn't going through.

He could tell that something was wrong somewhere because one word kept being repeated when the sentences were being cut off, 'Problem.'


After continuously trying to get back to boss Danzo, Gustav could not do so and had to find the communication center within the second base.

He asked for the last call position to be traced, and according to the tracking system, it came from Burning Sands city.

Gustav sighed in relief as he confirmed that boss Danzo was still in Burning Sands. He proceeded to ask for a more accurate lock-on position within the city, and he was pointed towards a section of the city.

"Tokwan district," Gustav muttered as the car arrived within a particular part of the city that was filled with multiple business buildings.

This area was practically a market square and was always busy, filled with people moving to and fro.

According to the more accurate lock on the position of the call, this was the area where Gustav received a call from Boss Danzo.

He had no idea what was going on, but he hoped boss Danzo would be alright.

Tokwan district covered quite a large area since it was a business district. Still, Gustav was ready to comb through looking for Boss Danzo.

However, his first plan was to settle down in one of their hotels first off before he started his endeavor. He could also meet to police to find Boss Danzo for him, but he felt his search might be more efficient than relying on them.

There was no MBO base or Tower in this city, but there were still MBO officers deployed here from time to time to keep the situations relating to mixedbloods under control.

The crime rate relating to mixedbloods wasn't very high due to the city barely letting tourists come here, but it still happened occasionally. Sometimes, the Mixedbloods culprits escaped with the crime due to the low number of MBO officers here.

This couldn't really be blamed on the MBO since the people in power controlling the city regulated the number of officers being sent here and also refused the MBO proposal to build a tower here just like Plankton City.

The Officers being deployed here could only make do with what they had. Gustav wasn't even coming here as an officer, or he might have been denied access.

He came as a tourist, and the MBO sponsored his trip because, why not. The higher-ups in the second base felt he needed the vacation after both of his accomplishments in the last few months.

He could stay for as long as two months here before returning back to duty, but at that time, only a few weeks would be left before he returned to Camp.

They advised Gustav to refrain from using any destructive abilities within the city due to the uptightness of the city laws.

One of the laws banned mixedbloods from battles and using bloodline abilities in public areas to ensure order.

More powerful Mixedbloods had the power to bring down buildings and destroy areas, so the leadership of the city wanted to avoid such things happening.

The moment Mixedbloods were caught exchanging attacks with abilities, they would be charged with felony.

And even within secluded areas, if Mixedbloods were caught battling, there would still face minor consequences.

The hovercar stopped right in front of a building, two hundred and fifty-one stories high.

The building looked quite icy colored with reflective window panes and beautifully designed compared to the rest of the buildings in the vicinity.

One could see the sign above that read, "Faviola Relaxation Palace,"

This was the only hotel within the Tokwan District.. It was also one of the most luxurious hotels within the city, said to be rated ten full stars.