The Bloodline System - Chapter 661 - It's A Demand

Chapter 661 - It's A Demand

Chapter 661 - It's A Demand

"I'll be closeby, sir, if you wanna go anywhere else later?" Fumar voiced out as Gustav got off the car.

Fumar had given Gustav his contact information, so Gustav could call him when he felt like leaving the hotel later.

Gustav knew he would probably need that since he wouldn't be really making use of his abilities within this city, but he could also tell that he might have to break a few laws later on and properly make use of his abilities if things weren't going his way.

Gustav got off the car and walked towards the entry point of the hotel.

"Get out of here, Kids! I will contact your parents immediately if you don't leave!" A loud masculine voice immediately drifted into Gustav's ears the moment he arrived at the reception area.

"What's wrong with you? I paid you, didn't I? Refund my money then!" A younger masculine voice stated with a tone of rebelliousness.

"We don't do refunds! You and your little girlfriend, get out!" The former voice resounded again.

"I'm not leaving till I get my money back, you fat red pig!" The younger masculine voice resounded again.

Some people had already gathered around the vicinity staring at the commotion with awestruck expressions. Even when the security tried dispersing them, they ignored them.

In front of one of the counters, A man dressed in tight blue suiting with a big and round body seemed to be in a heated argument with a teenage-looking boy who seemed no older than fifteen years of age.

The boy had a 5'7 tall build, just like Endric with scruffy black hair, while the man he was in an argument with was about 5'2 in height but visible rows of fat could be seen outlined on his suit. It wasn't that the suit was tight. It just happened to be that the man was oversized.

Behind the boy was a young girl who looked like she was no older than fourteen or fifteen years of age. Her eyes shone embarrassment and shyness as she looked around and spotted the people watching them.

She tugged on the boy's shirt while looking down with an embarrassed expression, "Let's leave," she kept voicing out, but he ignored her.

The boy kept on arguing with the man who happened to be a staff here due to not being refunded after paying for a room.

The man who obviously refused this youngster the room also stopped the workers behind the counter from refunding him.

'Ah, conflict. It never gets old,' Gustav said internally as she stood behind a queue on one of the counters three places towards the side.

("No, it never... Especially when you're around,") The system voiced out in his head.

'Hey, what do you mean by that?' Gustav stated in his head with a tone of annoyance.

The system ignored his question and answered with a light giggle instead.

'Tch,' Gustav moved forward and arrived in front of the counter after the people ahead of him were done.

"My room has been booked already..." He began explaining to one of the receptionists who tapped on the holographic display in front of her, checking for Gustav's information.

-"If you and your little girlfriend want to commit immorality, go to another place! We don't allow such acts between kids here!"

-"Who are you calling kids? If you don't let us in, then refund my damn money, you pig!"

-"Leave before I tell the security to drag you both out of here!"

-"I dare you to do it and suffer the consequences! Refund my money!"

-"This organization doesn't do refunds..."

They seemed to still be in a heated argument. Meanwhile, Gustav got his room number and key card. After being given the directions on how to head to his room, he turned towards the left and began walking forward.

He was walking right towards the area where the whole argument was going down.

Unlike everyone who avoided that area in particular, Gustav walked through with a poker face like all the scene playing out wasn't evening happening.

As he passed by the side of the two and arrived right beside the young girl, he heard her voice out the boy's name again.

"Damien, let's leave," she voiced this out while pulling his sleeves which affected him, pointing at the man.

The boy suddenly swung his elbow backward subconsciously to free his grasp, which in turn, headed for the girl's eyes.

Gustav turned towards the side with speed and reached out to grab the elbow right when it was only a few centimeters from her face.

"Uh," The boy exclaimed as he felt the grip on his elbow and turned around.

He spotted the dirty blonde hair, a stunning looking young man behind him, and felt his face was a bit familiar.

The girl already flinched backward, but she knew if it wasn't for Gustav grabbing onto the elbow, her eyes might have sunk in by now.

"Be careful, kid," Gustav voiced out as he let go of his elbow.

"Thank you," The girl voiced out in appreciation.

"Oh my goodness, Ciri, I'm so sorry," Damien apologized as he realized what would have happened.

"It's okay, let's just leave," She responded shyly. She couldn't handle all the glares shooting at them from the people in the vicinity.

He nodded in response and turned around to give the fat man a piercing glare.

"Are you sticking up for them, mister? Why don't you learn to mind your business?" The fat man in front voiced out just as Gustav moved to the side to leave.

Gustav, who was already leaving before, paused his feet as he heard that.

"Hmm, I was gonna let it slide before but now..." Gustav muttered as he turned around and began walking towards the man with a cold look.

"Since you said that, how about I stick up for them just like you assumed," Gustav's face looked so cold at the moment that the fat man subconsciously shrank back when they made eye contact.

"Refund the kid's cash since you ain't giving them a room. Don't be a thief," Gustav voiced out while looking down on the 5'2 fat man.

"We cannot do that, sir. It is against..." The man suddenly turned respectful as he began voicing out, but Gustav cut him short before he could complete his sentence.

"It's not a request... It's a demand," Gustav voiced out before grabbing hold of the man's collar with his right hand and lifting him up to reach his eye level.


The people in the vicinity had looks of awe as they stared at the way Gustav lifted him up effortlessly.

"Refund it," Gustav voiced out again.

"I could sue you for..." The fat man was speaking again when Gustav cut him short.

"It would be very unwise to test my patience. Do you wanna see which one comes first?" Gustav asked.

"What?" The fat man, who was still kicking in mid-air due to still being lifted, had a confused expression on his face as he voiced out.

Gustav leaned closer to his left ear and whispered close to it, "Your death or the arrival of the cops. You wanna test out which one comes first?"