The Bloodline System - Chapter 659 - Burning Sands City

Chapter 659 - Burning Sands City

Chapter 659 - Burning Sands City

Within a bustling city shrouded in a sandy fog, a massive pearl-shaped star could be seen high up in the sky, burning with fiery and dazzling yellow flames.

Even though the city was shrouded in a sandy-colored fog, it didn't hinder visuality. It only disturbed the colorization of the air, and wind could be seen moving from time to time, contrary to normal places across the world where the wind was invisible.

The city was well structured with many tall buildings and good roads. Some places oozed with small fiery energy at different points, and when a vehicle in movement made contact with these points, they would disappear and appear in another location.

Even though the city was quite large, it was surrounded by a massive layer of sand. Not ordinary sands but golden-colored sands burning with yellow-colored flames.

The view from above was one where the city seemed to be situated right in the middle of vast lands of flaming sands.

The sands were ablaze and never stopped burning, but at the same time, they were perfectly fine and not being disintegrated.

The blazing sand-covered lands were at least four times larger than the city situated within.

This city was called... BURNING SANDS.

According to legends, during the descent of the meteors, which were suspected to be chunks and parts of the destroyed planet Humbad, a massive piece of flaming meteor fell on this part of the earth which was initially a desert.

The entire desert was set ablaze, and the sands kept burning even when the government tried to quench the flames using such different methods.

What they noticed after this continued for months was the color of the sands change. The sands became golden in color and gave off a weird energy circulation to the surroundings.

The government found a way to take some pieces of these burning sands to test it and realized that it carried energy within. They found a way to harness the energy, and in the current age, the creation of healing supplements and drugs for bloodline boost came from this breakthrough.

Without the proper equipment, it was impossible to even get a piece of sand and harness the energy within, so only the government could do this because a normal person would burn to ashes coming into contact with the sands.

The city created within was known as one of the best places for a soothing vacation, according to many tourists.

Being cascaded in the warm energy from the sands surrounding the city added to longevity and was particularly soothing to the body.

It had been rumored that a lot of sick mixedbloods with one incurable ailment or the other had undergone change after visiting this city, so it usually has a lot of people trying to visit.

However, Burning Sands city always limited the number of tourists visiting their city, so it was quite hard to unless you visit were lucky or had connections.

This didn't mean they didn't have a high population but compared to other well-known cities across the world, they had the smallest amount.

One couldn't walk on the sands surrounding them, so the only way in and out of the city was through flight. Only within the city would one find land vehicles, and these vehicles only operated within the city.

No one ever went out of the city through land vehicles unless they were trying to commit suicide because it would result in an explosion.

Within the city's central airport, a young male dressed in a red jacket and jean pants could be seen walking out of the airport along with many others who had just arrived in the city as well.

He had dirty blonde hair with an extremely charming face and a well-crafted jawline. His build was quite buff with a muscular six feet tall frame.

His eyes darted across the place with a look of intrigue and sharpness.

"So this is Burning Sands city," Gustav muttered as he walked at a leisurely pace while looking around.

Gustav breathed in with a slight look of delight, 'The air sure is flavourful...' he thought.

He had already seen the reason why it was called Burning Sands while on the aircraft earlier.

This city was literally on the other side of the earth, far from his original city, Plankton city.

"Sir over here," Someone voiced out up ahead after spotting Gustav's figure.

A long hovercar similar to the build of a limo but looking even more luxurious was waiting up ahead.

"Are you the one?" Gustav asked as he arrived in front of the car.

"Yes, I'm your assigned driver Fumar. You must be sir Gustav. Nice to meet you," The Young looking male chauffeur voiced out politely, reaching out to shake Gustav.

Gustav received his handshake and voiced out," Just Gustav is fine,"

After saying this, he moved into the car through the wide-open side door.

"Oh alright, sir Gustav," Fumar voiced out as the door closed by the side, and he moved towards the front to get in.

The people in the surroundings couldn't stop staring at the luxurious-looking lengthy hovercar.

Whispers of how expensive it was and how Gustav was probably some rich kid could be heard from the background by people who wouldn't mind their business.

Others just stared at it with admiration as it drove away and went back to their business.

Gustav couldn't help but wonder what exactly was the energy from the sands because he could feel his body taking in the energy lingering in the surroundings as he breathed in.

His organs even seemed to be enjoying the energy-filled air he kept breathing in. He could tell that if he remained in this city and continued his training here, he would be so much faster and stronger than his peers.

The energy from the burning sands was even said to even unlock hidden potentials, and being exposed to it has changed the internal structure of so many people, Slakovs, Humans, and Mixedbloods alike.