The Bloodline System - Chapter 65 - Brain Tweak Helmet

Chapter 65 - Brain Tweak Helmet

Chapter 65 - Brain Tweak Helmet

"Oh, this is something that will help you in spouting the truth!" Edan pushed the helmet towards Gustav's head and try to put it on for him.

"I won't let you," Gustav shifted his head towards the side causing the helmet to be placed on his neck.

"Behave yourself... I don't have the time to mess around!" Edan shouted out and shifted the helmet towards Gustav who was still moving his head around trying to dodge it.


Edan grabbed Gustav's chin with his left hand and forcefully held his head in place before placing the helmet on his head.

"Nh...Nhhuo...Grhh!" Gustav muttered some incoherent words while trying to move his head but it was to no avail.

The grip was so powerful that he could hardly make noises.

He could already tell what the function of the helmet was but he was powerless to try and stop it.

'No! No! No! No! No! No!' Gustav kept screaming inwardly. He didn't want the secret of the system to be exposed but he wasn't strong enough. This was the brain tweak device and one of its functions was to force a person to answer truthfully to any questions asked.

Even if he decided to transform he wouldn't be able to break through the bonds holding him down.

Even if he could break through the man in front of him was more powerful than he was and that would also reveal his ability.

"Activate it!" Edan said to the man beside him.

The man nodded and clicked on a button behind the helmet.

Crackle! Crackle! Crackle!

The electric sparks on the helmet grew in number and size causing Gustav's eyes to widen in pain.

In a few seconds, his eyes turned listless.

Edan stared at Gustav's expression which looked like he was awake but also asleep.

"The brain tweak device is currently functioning," The man beside him stated.

"What is your name?" Edan asked.

"I am Gustav Oslov," Gustav answered like a robot.

He looked like a puppet at this moment.

"Good it works with no issue, that's the brat's full name," The man beside him confirmed.

"Now tell me what happened in that mountainside three months ago... Tell me what happened from your time of arrival in that forest," Edan commanded.

Gustav whose eyes still looked like that of a lifeless puppet started speaking.

"On that day, I went to the forest to go commit suicide..."


In the neighborhood, more than thirty minutes had gone by and people were still talking about what happened.

Angy was walking across that particular street trying to trace Gustav.

She had been waiting for Gustav to arrive since she saw him leaving his apartment earlier.

Since he said he was going to get some things at the stall that was only three streets away she expected him to have arrived by now.

She noticed the people outside their houses talking to some cops.

'Why are the cops here?' She wondered as she moved closer to check out what was going on.

-"So you can't describe the face of this person?"

-"Officer not only were we distant from the scene, but they were also moving too fast for us to see their figures properly and when they stopped moving, a car arrived instantly to pick up the kidnapper and the boy,"

Angy could hear the discussion between the police officer and one of the people in the neighborhood who witness the crime.

'Kidnapper?' Angy moved closer to listen properly.

-"So from his figure, you could tell that it was a kid,"

-"Yes officer, the boy that was taken away was certainly a teenager,"

-"And from their movements, the boy included, they are mixed-bloods?"

-"They are definitely mixed-bloods, the boy also suddenly appeared just like the man so it's very obvious that the both of them are mixed-bloods,"

At this point, Angy was already starting to have a bad feeling in her heart.

She kept listening feeling like some important information was coming next.

-"So there's no way to identify this boy?"

-"Officer if you were here when it happened you will understand what I mean... Their figures were practically blurred due to their speed,"

-"Hmm, with the way the situation is we might not be able to do anything since we can't get a single form of description,"

-"Officer if I remember correctly... Although they moved quite fast, I'm sure the boy had blond hair... Yes, blond hair. They moved about quite fast but I could at least point out that color!"

Immediately after Angy heard that her mind froze.

'Blond hair?'

Although it could be another person since having blonde hair wasn't exclusive to a single person but Angy knew that only one person in this neighborhood had blonde hair and was also a mixed-blood that surpassed her in the speed she had always been proud of.

She started panicking, "oh my God... What do I do?"

She didn't try to go meet the police because she knew that in this situation they wouldn't be able to do much or do anything at all.

The cops around here were weaker than Gustav so for him to be taken meant there were stronger forces at work here.

She kept thinking of who she could go meet.

She suddenly remembered something.

'He always headed for the Gami Dojo after school to train with his teacher... She's the only one I can go meet,'

Angy remembered asking Gustav why he never came home with her. At first, he didn't want to tell her but after she disturbed him for an answer repeatedly he finally gave in and told her about the dojo.

Angy quickly sped off towards the nearest bus station to hitch a ride.

This was the first time she was feeling so tensed. She didn't know if she would be allowed to enter into the dojo but she had no choice but to try.


Five minutes later Angy alighted from the bus and ahead of her was a huge seven hundred floors story building.

She quickly ran towards it.

The four bulky men in front of the entrance noticed her and called out to her to stop running.

Angy paused her steps in front of them and politely asked for permission to go in.

-"Young girl I don't know who you are and where you have come from so I will explain to you... This is the Octavia group business building, without proper identification you can't get in!"

"Please it's an emergency, I just need to inform a teacher here about her student!" Angy pleaded.

-"I'm sorry but I cannot let you in, call that teacher on your communication device!"

"I don't have any means of contacting her please let me in! It's urgent!" Angy kept begging but the guards wouldn't listen to her.

They asked her to leave but she didn't comply she kept begging and shouting.

Her voice even attracted the people within the vicinity.

Some of them that were coming out from the building had looks of disgust and suggested for her to be thrown far from the premises.

Even with the looks of contempt and disgust, Angy kept begging.

The guards couldn't take it anymore. One of them moved forward to grab her when a voice was heard from behind.

"Falco, what's happening?" A smooth feminine voice made him pause.

The guards turned around and noticed the lady in red walking out of the building.

"Young miss," The guards bowed slightly to her as she walked over.