The Bloodline System - Chapter 652 - Mug House

Chapter 652 - Mug House

Chapter 652 - Mug House

"Yes... She's a special class, so it's normal for her to be that fast, especially with her original bloodline even though bloodlines are sealed at the time," Gustav responded.

Mill also couldn't believe his ears. He hadn't returned to camp in a while since he was already in his final year, so he had no idea that the first years were currently known as the mixedbloods with the highest potential since the start of the MBO camp.

"How is that even possible?" He muttered with a disbelieving look remembering the times when he was a first-year as well.

It was very difficult to scale through those landscapes with sealed bloodlines, so he couldn't understand how someone would spend such a short period scaling through every single one of them.

"Wait... By the way, you said that she isn't the fastest in completing the morning routine, is she?" This realisation dawned on Fiona as she asked.

"No, she isn't," Gustav answered.

"E.E comes in quicker, so does Chad and Aildris. It takes them about an hour to complete theirs," Gustav added.

"An hour?!"


The reaction on their faces was truly filled with shock as Fiona and Mill voiced out.

"You still haven't mentioned yourself. How long do you take to complete it?" Mill inquired about who could be the fastest, if not Gustav.

"I'll leave that to your imagination," Gustav said with a dismissive tone.

Their reactions were already over the top, so he didn't want to reveal that he spent around forty minutes scaling through those landscapes, and the only person that came close to reaching his speed was Elevora.

Now that he thought of it, Elevora would train harder and get stronger in camp. When he returned, he might not even be the number one anymore, and a spar might be required.

Gustav smiled as he thought of that. He was interested in throwing hands with Elevora anyways, so it might be a good opportunity.

Thinking about how Elevora's strength was close to his without any support like the system, Gustav knew she was truly talented, and there was even a chance she would be given her first mission ahead of time.

It was quite guaranteed that she wouldn't be spending up to four years training in camp before she became a full-fledged MBO officer.

The special class cadets would, in fact, not spend that long since the MBO could see how much potential they had.

Just as Fiona was about to ask something again, a hovercar arrived in front of the coffee shop.

"They're here," Before anyone came out of it, Gustav already voiced out.

Mill and Fiona looked towards the windowpane area and focused on the hovercar parked down after hearing Gustav say that.

Darkyl, Felgro, and Ildan came out of the hovercar in the next moment and looked up at the second-floor area of the building.

Darkyl smiled as he spotted the three of them sitting around a table close to the window area.

They moved in and joined Gustav and the others around the table.

"Hey, how come you three came together?" Fiona asked with a look of suspiciousness.

"You won't believe I coincidentally jammed into the two while driving along the ridge that led to region fifteen," Darkyl responded.

"And both of us met each other on a crossroad in region twenty-two and decided to continue traveling together," Ildan voiced out while gesturing at Felgro.

The squad laughed at it after hearing that, as it seemed like a string of coincidences.

After the small exchange of words, Gustav finally addressed them.

"Let's listen to the info Mill has for us," He stated.

Mill brought out a small spherical metallic object with a small diamond in the middle.


As he activated it, the device shot out rays of light, which formed a holographic image of a man sitting in what seemed to look like a booth.

He was dressed in a scarlet and blue-colored outfit with a black flame mark on its back area. He looked quite meek with his oblong-shaped facial feature and white hair.

"This is a place within Region two called the mug house," Mill narrated as the picture displayed changed into another.

In the next picture, this man still sat in the booth, but it had been taken from another angle, and one could now see that a person sat in front of him, and a board game was placed on the table in their midst.

This person looked like a young girl whose jaw hung slightly loose and shifted to the side with spiky metallic-looking objects protruding from her chin area.

She seemed disabled, and the man in front of her had a smile on his face as he played the board game with her.

"It's a place where people with untreatable disabilities due to genetic disorder are kept and properly taken care of by employed medical workers," Mill kept explaining. At the same time, the picture changed, showing other booths where the man could also be seen playing board games with others as well.

The different people in the pictures with him all had genetic disabilities of some kind that not only made them weird looking but also prevented them from being able to stand, sit, eat, close their eyes or do some normal things that people would be able to.

This man was Chief Brad Voltan.

"I made my research on his appearance here and found out that he comes to this place once a month to visit these genetically disabled people," Mill continued explaining.

"Also, I found out that he finds this place. The care being given to those people is only maintained because of the funds he gives," Mill added while darting his eyes around to see the expressions of everyone.

Everyone tried to retain their poker faces, but it was quite obvious that they were affected by this piece of information.

Only Gustav's facial expression remained unchanging as he stared at projection while waiting for Mill to continue with the dissemination of information.