The Bloodline System - Chapter 653 - You're Hesitant

Chapter 653 - You're Hesitant

Chapter 653 - You're Hesitant

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


After the brief silence, Mill resumed speaking.

"I tried to trace his residence from there but I couldn't. It's like he leaves no traces behind whenever he leaves," Mill stopped talking after getting to this point.

The table was turned silent once again for some time as everyone turned to stare at Gustav waiting for him to say something.

"You couldn't track him... Hmm," Gustav muttered with a contemplative expression.

He proceeded to bring out a device and tapped on it.

An holographic map of region two was displayed and he proceeded to zoom in on it.

"If I am right, you're referring to this location," Gustav said while pointing at a particular part of the map that seemed to be close to the outskirts of a small forest area.

"Yes," Mill nodded.

"Then the areas to search would be, here... Here... Here... Here and here," Gustav instantly pinpointed places on the map he suspected might be Chief Brad Voltan's residence.

The areas he had pinpointed were roughly calculated by Gustav but with his intelligence Gustav was sure that one of these five places would be the area where he resided in.

The others looked at the areas and realised that they were a bit secluded from normal areas and there were direct routes up ahead which would easily lead to the Mug house.

Based on the two Gustav had assassinated so far, the governing bodies liked to stay in secluded area filled with luxury.

Based on the maps none of these areas looked luxurious but they still seemed a bit secluded.

However Gustav could tell there was something different about this one so he wasn't all too keen on the luxury which was why these areas were suspected.

"We're five so we can spread out to investigate each area," Fiona voiced out.

"Precisely," Gustav responded.

"Darkyl check this area... Fiona here..." Gustav began to share the areas where each person was supposed to check.

After he was done he gave a command, "Don't act without sending out a communication first. The moment any of you find him, let me know first," Gustav voiced out.

They all nodded in response and stood to their feet to leave this coffee shop.

Gustav moved over to the counter area and paid dropped a wad of cash on it before waving at and turning around to leave as well.

The entire coffee shop had been empty this whole time with just the five of them within.

When Gustav picked this place as the meeting spot, he told Mill to book the place for only the five of them to stay and chat.

They found out how much money the owner made daily and proposed to double it if the shop was closed for normal customers and only open for them.

The owner agreed and also left them alone to meet in seclusion.

As they arrived outside, Fiona called out to Gustav to speak with him in private.

They moved towards the side while the others began moving towards the location they were sent to inspect.

"Are you sure we should kill this one?" Fiona asked.

"That's what the mission says so why not?" Gustav responded with a question of his own.

"Sqaud leader, I'm sure you heard the part where Officer Mill mentioned that Chief Brad is the reason why a home for the genetically disabled is still running," Fiona voiced out.

"Yeah so? What about it?" Gustav's expression remained unchanging as he responded with a question again.

Fiona's mouth hung open out of speechless seeing Gustav's uncaring attitude. She felt he'd be a little bothered by it but from the looks of things he didn't care.

She recalled the time where they took destroyed the main hideout of the Red Jackets. The Vulcans had appeared there and Gustav didn't mind going on with the initial plan of obliterating the entire place with the planted explosives.

At this point she realized Gustav might just be as cold and uncaring as his teacher, the one and only Demon Queen.

This put a bit of fear in her heart as she hoped history won't be repeatedly based on the tales she had heard of the demon queen.

"But all those genetically disabled what's gonna happen to them if we kill him?" Fiona voiced out with a big sigh.

"The mission comes first before anything else. If we do successfully complete the mission, the war ends and people stop dying unnecessarily," Gustav responded with a dismissive tone.

"Is there no other way? We can just leave the disabled without their source of care," Fiona asked.

"You come up with a good alternative and I might agree to it. If you don't have one, you might as well keep quiet and proceed with the task," Gustav voiced out bluntly before proceeding to move forward, leaving Fiona standing in place with a bothered expression.

After some time she also took her leave and began moving towards where Gustav assigned her.

Gustav picked the area within the small forest since the Mug house was located on the outskirts of the forest.


He sped towards that location with speed.

("Are you truly going to assassinate him? Not that I care but you seem to be on the tenterhooks about this one,") The system voiced out in his head as he sped towards the location.

'He has to go for all this to end. I care about completing the mission than anything else. Not for the MBO but for the continuation of my plans, I don't care about anything else,' Gustav responded dismissively.

("Did you forget I live in you? You can lie to everyone else but not me,") The girlish voiced of the system resounded in his head with a snicker.

Gustav; "..." 'I'm not lying about anything,'

("You're hesitant because you're finally seeing someone with power who is genuinely doing some good and according to your mission, you have to kill such a person.") The system stated.

'For all we know it could just be a ruse. Just because it looks like he's good doesn't mean he is,' Gustav responded back internally with a scoff.

("But you know very well that those who pretend to do good, display their acts for the world to see while those who do it for the sake of truly doing good don't expose their good acts,")