The Bloodline System - Chapter 651 - Finding The Residence

Chapter 651 - Finding The Residence

Chapter 651 - Finding The Residence

However, they could not find traces of Gustav no matter how much they tried.

Gustav was always perfect at escaping. For the past twenty-four hours, they were not able to catch onto him.

Although he had to travel to the far end of the city, which was where the last region was located, to find him, Gustav didn't mind since he completed the objective.

The Routilias were also trying to keep it under the wraps, just like the Zalibans that they had lost one of their three governing bodies.

Each group didn't want the other to know that a key member of their group was gone, which also meant reducing their assets and overall strength.

Hiding this information even gave room for Gustav to exploit his options. If both groups had made this information public, the third group would catch on to the fact that the governing bodies were being targeted.

However, since it wasn't revealed and the two groups affected acted like nothing was wrong, the other group would not be alarmed as well.

The only reason why the leaders of all three groups held emergency meetings occasionally was due to the fact that they were starting to lose to the other three groups.

This made them wary, causing the leaders to hold meetings and make plans, but even with this, none of the other two revealed their losses.

Although the last group, Lanzis, was starting to suspect something after both groups mentioned that they couldn't input a lot of resources into the battles like they used to.

They had all lost a lot of manpower, but the Lanzis still held on because they still had all their three governing bodies.

Meanwhile, the Zalibans and Routilias were starting to think it was high time they hung the flag up, but they didn't know how to put this out there.

To balance things, Gustav was already making plans on how to assassinate the third person on their list, Chief Voltan Brad.

This was the name of one of the governing bodies in the Lanzis group.

The Lanzis had several bases across the city, so Gustav knew it would take some time before he could gather the information needed and make plans to get rid of him.

At the moment, this was all that was left for them to do. The moment Chief Voltan Brad was successfully assassinated, it would mean they had completed their mission here.

Gustav had called back the rest of them, and currently, everyone was together waiting for Gustav's next command.

He had dealt with the other two himself, so he couldn't tell if he would need them or not.

However, he was glad everyone was here at the moment. If the final objective was a tough one where he'd need their assistance, they'd be available.

About three more days went by, and as expected, Gustav made use of this time frame to dig up a lot of information about where Chief Voltan Brad could be staying.

Even though the city was quite small, it still homed over two hundred thousand people, so finding just this one place was still not an easy task.

Gustav also shared his squad across multiple regions where the Lanzis bases were situated to gather information.

On the fourth day, Mill communicated to Gustav about a piece of information he heard which related to Chief Voltan.

This information wasn't about where Chief Voltan resided in particular. Instead, it was about where he was last seen.

Everyone from Gustav's squad had a copy of Chief Voltan's facial holographic display. So each of them had been sneaking around and asking about him in the location Gustav went to.

None of them had any luck since, till this day when Mill found out where he was last seen.

Mill was currently in Region two, so the instant the information about where Chief Voltan's last seen was relayed to him, he began traveling towards there.

Gustav was around somewhere in the middle of the city, so making his way down to region two would take some time.

Gustav communicated with the rest of the squad and told them to meet him at region two as well.

Now that they had a clue investigating together would make things faster.

In a couple of hours, Gustav arrived in region two and instantly moved towards the rendezvous point he set up for them.

Mill and Fiona were already waiting for his arrival and the arrival of the rest.

They stayed within a coffee shop on the second floor of a ten-story building within a public area.

The others were still on their way, so Fiona engaged both of them in small talk while they waited.

"It's been years since I was in the MBO camp... Y'all still go on morning routines?" She asked.

"Last time I checked, yeah... I've been away for over three months now, so things could have changed," Gustav responded.

"Things never change in the MBO Camp," Mill chipped in with a reminiscing look.

"Back then, my set would spend only three hours scaling through the landscapes," Fiona decided to brag a little as she voiced out with a smile.

"We only spent around two hours when we got used to it," Mill voiced out as well.

"Oh nice," Gustav responded to both of them and nodded.

"What about your set?" Fiona decided to ask.

She knew his set was the youngest in the MBO camp at the moment, but she was still looking to see if they were better than hers back then when she was still in the MBO camp.

"It takes some time to get used to, so I don't think any of them can go lower than the two hours mark yet," Mill said with a dismissive expression.

Gustav stared at him at smiled.

"Even Angy doesn't spend any less than one hour thirty minutes scaling through the five landscapes," Gustav revealed.

"What? Are you serious?" Fiona couldn't believe her ears.

"Yes. She's a special class, so it's normal for her to be that fast, especially with her original bloodline even though bloodlines are sealed at the time,"