The Bloodline System - Chapter 650 - Mission Almost Complete

Chapter 650 - Mission Almost Complete

Chapter 650 - Mission Almost Complete

Gustav was left to ponder their dialogue for a few seconds before he finally decided to head into the building.


Jumping over the ledge, his body descended across the northeast side of the building.

His jacket flapped in the wind as he landed on the first balcony area there.

Only a small thumping sound was made as his knees bent forward a little before he straightened himself.

The door to the balcony area was opened, and Darkyl's figure, along with that of Fiona, could be seen in front.

They seemed to be arguing about something, but their mouths hung open when they spotted Gustav standing at the balcony area. Of course, they had witnessed his landing.

"Squad leader," They both voiced out together respectfully.

"Hmm, what's up," Gustav responded as he walked forward.


"Darkyl keeps comparing your speed to mine," Fiona voiced out at the same time Darkyl said nothing.

"Oh," Gustav had a bit of interest on his face as he exclaimed.

Darkyl had a wry look on his face as he stared at Fiona.

"He says you're faster than I am," Fiona stated.

"Hmm, and what do you think, Fiona?" Gustav asked.

"I'm faster," Fiona answered bluntly with a look of confidence.

"You are... But it depends on the situation," Gustav said in response before walking through their midst towards the main room.

"Huh?" Darkyl exclaimed.

"Haha, I told you, Darkyl," Fiona voiced out with a victorious look.

Darkyl squinted his eyes and walked in along with Fiona.

"But squad leader, what do you mean by depends on the situation?" Darkyl asked.

"On a normal speed level, she's faster... If I decide to crank it up, I can go faster than her highest speed for some time," Gustav explained.

"What?" Fiona exclaimed with a look of disbelief.

"Heh, I told you, Fiona, squad leader, is faster," Darkyl had a smug look on his face as he voiced out while folding his arms.

"Squad leader, I do not agree. I'm faster," Fiona said with a tone of confidence.

Gustav smiled at this response, "Having the power to fly doesn't necessarily make you faster," He stated.

"Then how about a race," Fiona suggested.

"Are you sure? Your confidence level might plunge afterward," Gustav smirked after voicing out.

"Yes, let's do it," She responded confidently as well.

She had decided not to back down on this even though Gustav's tone of confidence made her feel a bit drawn aback.

Flying was her thing, and she wanted to show that there was something Gustav could still lose at.

Right now, Gustav looked perfect in their eyes, and there was literally nothing he wasn't skilled at. Fiona felt like if she was able to beat him in this, her morale would be boosted a bit.

"Alright then. We'll have our race after we complete the mission," Gustav stated.

Fiona smiled and nodded.

"Alright now, I will reveal my plans to get hold of the Routilia governing body we're after," Gustav voiced out.


About thirty minutes later, Gustav concluded his meeting with both of them.

He had let them in on his plans to infiltrate and find out information on the movements of the group so they could keep ambushing them.

During the phase where this was ongoing, he would find the location of Chief Tim Olton, the governing body from the Routilia group that they were told to assassinate.

Gustav reckoned it might take some time to find out the location, which is why they'd spend the time in between ambushing the Routilia troops and weakening them further.

They couldn't storm the Routilias bases because, unlike Sahil hideouts, these were actually official bases.

They weren't structured to be in hiding, so they were built quite standard with a lot of Routilias Personnel stationed around the premises every time.

There were only two of their main bases in the city, so the number of officials they had was a staggering one.

Even though they couldn't ambush them, this made it easy for Gustav to collect information since there were only two main spots.

After the trio had decided on their next move, they went on to rest and prepare.

In the meantime, Fiona and Darkyl didn't have to go anywhere, but Gustav would have to be moving around and gathering information without getting caught since he would be infiltrating.

Gustav left the other three to remain in the groups they enlisted to and keep reducing the opposing side's strength.


In a flash, one week had gone by again, and the current week would make it one month since they had embarked on this mission.

During this one week, Gustav and the others had achieved the second step of the third objective.

At this moment, all three opposing forces siding with the world government, the Zalibans, Lanzis, and Routilias, had the number of their troops cut down by up to half along with resources.

With the rate at which they were losing forces, no citizen was willing to get recruited as a troop member there anymore. Even though there was a lot of hunger due to the ongoing civil war, people still valued their lives.

Especially when the other groups who weren't suffering as many casualties were still open to recruiting troops.

The state of the civil war had dampened a lot due to this, and battles had been decreasing in number lately.

The city was slowly starting to turn peaceful, and it wasn't as bad as it used to be in the past when Gustav arrived here.

During the last one week, Gustav had weakened the forces of the Routilias and finally managed to find Chief Tim Olton.

Just a day ago, he successfully and gruesomely assassinated Chief Tim Olton amid the protection of several guards more powerful than he was.

Chief Tim Olton was not so cautious as the other leader Gustav killed the first time. The lack of caution made it even easier for Gustav to infiltrate and do the deed.

Once again, this caused a big uproar within the group, and they sent out forces to investigate and go after the killer.