The Bloodline System - Chapter 649 - You're Not Ready Yet

Chapter 649 - You're Not Ready Yet

Chapter 649 - You're Not Ready Yet

"Yes. The outworldly must be someone close to them, just like you. I sense a force of calamity as well as embers of the outworldly energy around that silver-haired horned girl even more," The gemstone voiced with a worried tone.

"You mean Angy..?" Endric inquired with a tone of realisation.

"The outworldly must have been around her a lot... She carries more of the embers of the outworldly energy. However, I currently cannot sense the presence of the outworldly in this domain," The gemstone stated.

"But there's no one close to them that is also close to me..." Endric was a bit confused as he tried to figure out who it could be.

"Truly a person is missing from the group, but he isn't close to me... I... Ruined our relationship," Endric voiced out with a tone of guilt.

"Hmm? And who is this person to you?" The gemstone inquired.

"He is... Was... I don't even know. We're related by blood, but I don't deserve to call him brother," Endric voiced out with a tone of regret as he lay on his bed.

"Ah, I see... Related by blood," The gemstone voiced out with a tone of understanding.

"Yes, but we're not close, so he can't be the one," Endric responded with a dismissive expression.

"Besides, is the outworldly not supposed to be a mixture of two personalities? He doesn't have two personalities." Endric voiced out.

"Are you sure?" The gemstones asked.

"I have never seen him exhibit a different behavior since he changed more than a year back and became more powerful compared to his former weak self... And turned colder... And hated everyone... Killed... Became the most influential cadet during the test phase due to his prowess... Became number one strongest first-year mixedblood in the space of six months..." The more Endric voiced out these achievements, the more his face turned stunned, and he paused before

"It doesn't seem like two personalities. It just seemed like he changed... He can't be the one, right?" Endric voiced with a tone of disbelief.

He seemed quite perplexed at this point, and his face looked like a lot of things were running through his mind.

"We will find out," The gemstone responded.

"Where is this person you speak of?" It proceeded to ask.

"Oh, big bro... I mean, Gustav is currently on a mission. He probably won't be back till after three months' time," Endric responded.

"I see... Pending his return, we shall do research, and I will impart knowledge upon you..."


-Region Thirty-Five

The night had gone by, and Gustav, along with the others, passed their night at the hideout.

Fiona had her own room where they had lodged while Gustav and Darkyl took a room for themselves. However, just as always, Gustav stayed on the rooftop the rest of the night channeling his bloodline.

The destruction of the eighty-plus troops sent by the Routilias was currently being investigated. The investigation was ongoing on the site, and Gustav had sneakily gone over to check earlier, but he wasn't bothered because they had cleaned up their act well enough.

They only needed to complete a few more similar objectives, and they'd have run down the numbers of the Routilia troops by a lot.

As Gustav saw the sun rising, he stood to his feet atop the rooftop with a smile on his face.

"I took a shorter time than expected reaching the second step..." Gustav muttered as he sensed his strength increase.

He was now the second step Falcon ranked. Gustav had to be the quickest mixedblood in history to go from the first to the second step of Falcon rank so quickly beside Miss Aimee.

Their speed of improvement seemed to be around the same level since Miss Aimee was still legendary among all mixedbloods across every generation of mixedbloods, reaching a high level of strength at such a young age.

Gustav was a little satisfied with his progress, but he knew this was nothing compared to the strongest level, which he had only four years left to attain.

It looked very impossible, but Gustav knew he had to try his best.

"I'll have to travel to several locations to do more research on Humbad after this," Gustav hadn't forgotten the second mission.

It was a bit stagnant since Miss Aimee provided information the last time, but he had ideas of places to check for research.

However, his current situation was one in which he put himself to increase his rank within the MBO since it was quite necessary.

He had decided to continue with the Humbad research after checking on Boss Danzo in Burning Sands city.

The most important thing right now was to complete the mission here as soon as possible, get his rewards and hopefully increase more in rank.

'You said over time you'll give me more information on what is to come and why I need to complete the two five-year quests you issued,' Gustav voiced out internally to the system.

("Yeah, but of course, you'll have to complete some objectives first and reach a certain level of strength to get a piece of information revealed,") The system responded.

'In other words, you remain unhelpful in making me understand what I'm up against,' Gustav said in his head.

("No... If I were to reveal all this to you, I can guarantee that even with the bravery points you have gathered, you will still get scared out of your wits,") The system added.

'Hmph... I don't see any point in being secretive. It's better I know early, so I become more prepared,' Gustav argued.

("That's why these objectives will be issued for you to complete. Completing them proves your readiness to a certain level which will also prompt me to reveal a piece of information as well,") The system explained.

'And I still haven't completed any of them?' Gustav asked.

("None whatsoever... Just patiently continue with your endeavors for now. Believe me, you're not ready yet,") The system stopped speaking at this point.

Gustav was left to ponder about their dialogue for a few seconds before he finally decided to head into the building.