The Bloodline System - Chapter 64 - Successful Kidnap

Chapter 64 - Successful Kidnap

Chapter 64 - Successful Kidnap

The voice sounded really familiar to him.

The person had appeared behind him almost in an instant.

Gustav's face darkened, 'I didn't even sense his approach even though he's within my range of perception,'

"For your own good you shouldn't move," The person spoke again.

'This is the same guy from the forest?' Gustav recalled.

Now that Gustav wasn't as weak as he used to be, he could sense how dangerous this person was.

He now understood that if the system didn't teleport him home, there was no way he would have managed to escape.

[Sprint has been activated]

Gustav wasted no time in activating sprint.

He didn't have to think twice about it.

All, his senses were telling him right now was, "Run!"

Gustav crossed over one hundred and fifty feet in one movement after taking a step forward.

Wind blew fiercely as his figure streaked across the street.

Instead of running towards the neighborhood, he was running towards where he was coming from.

Gustav turned his neck around to look back as he crossed the two hundred feet.

"Uh?" Immediately after turning around

he saw a palm covering his entire line of sight.

"This time I won't mess around with you!" The voice sounded out again as Gustav's vision was blocked completely.


It was way too fast for him. Even though he was currently using sprint, this person was like ten times faster.

Before Gustav could even react to the grip his body was lifted in the air.

"Don't blame me for doing this... You're a disobedient kid!"

Those words drifted into his ears before he suddenly felt his body descend with speed.


His head slammed into a very hard surface causing him to pass out immediately.

The person who had done the deed grabbed Gustav by the head and lifted him.

On the street, a man in a tight fitted black bodysuit and a half green mask could be seen lifting a boy off the ground.

The ground had cracks across the surface and a small pool of blood could be seen in the middle of the cracks.

The man was currently holding onto Gustav who had blood smeared all over his face and blood kept streaming down his head.

His eyes were closed and his arms were stationed on both sides of his body without making any movements.

It was obvious that he had passed out.

'Did I use too much power? He passed out pretty quickly,' The man said internally as he stared at Gustav while still lifting him above the ground.

He was really feeling a sense of urgency and wanted to get things done as quickly as possible.

'We'll fix him with healing meds... Time to get out of here,' After he came to this conclusion, he pressed a green button placed on the left side of his head.

The people on the street currently were surprised to see what was happening.

They only saw both of them appear out of thin air due to their speed and before they knew it the boy's head had been slammed onto the hard ground causing it to split open.

A black car that was similar to the length of a limousine drove into the street in mid-air and stopped before the man holding onto Gustav.

The doors opened up and he threw Gustav in before entering himself.


The car blazed across the street after turning around.

In a few seconds, they were out of sight.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"What's happening?"

-"Who was that boy?"

-"He looked familiar but everything happened too quickly, I couldn't catch a glimpse of him very well!"

-"We need to call the police!"

Voices of the people that witnessed the scene could be heard.

Truly none of them were closer than five hundred feet from the scene of the incident.

Apart from that, it didn't even take up to one minute before the scene ended so they were not able to see Gustav's face.

This street was only two streets away from where Gustav's apartment was located so it also happened to be among where he protected during the night.

Had they seen him clearly they would have recognized him.


-Thirty minutes later

Inside a dimly lit room, a person was strapped to a long bed-like chair.

A black cover cloth was placed on this person's head and metallic hands that extended from the bed-like chair held onto the person tightly preventing any chance of escape.

At the left corner of the room, two men in tight fitted black bodysuits stood side opposite each other.

They seemed to be in a discussion and the man wearing a half-green mask held a purplish and blue helmet.

This helmet had some aqua-colored stones embedded all over its surface which crackled with electricity.

"We can't waste time in projecting and watching his memories since it happened three months ago," The man in green mask spoke with a tone of urgency.

"Boss Edan I can only suggest that we make use of the truth function and ask him specific questions to make our interrogation faster!" The other man suggested.

"Let's go with that, we don't have the time to be sorting through his memories... We'll ask him specific questions about that day! Although he might become a vegetable due to his young age, we will have to risk it... No matter how powerful she is, she won't be able to trace who turned him into a vegetable!" The man with the green mask known as Edan agreed.

After concluding, they walked towards the person strapped on the chair.

After arriving before him, Edan grabbed the piece of clothing and pulled it off revealing the face of a blonde teenage boy.

The teenage boy who was obviously Gustav stared at the man with a cold look.

"Good thing you're awake now, looks like the healing med worked just fine... If you had just listened and didn't run I wouldn't have had to crack your skull open!" He said with a slightly bitter tone.

"Who are you and What do you want? Why are you after me? Why did you break into my apartment?" Gustav threw a series of questions at the man with a look of wariness.

"You don't need to know who I am... All I want is for you to tell me what happened three months ago in that forest mountain area... I'm sure you already remember me from that day..." Edan spoke while bending down to stare into Gustav's eyes.

"Now tell me what happened to the mountain, there is no way you didn't witness what happened since you were in your school uniform it means you were there the whole night... Especially after I found out your residential address is far from that place... I don't even care about how you evaded me during these three months, all I want to know is... What happened in that mountain region?" Edan stared intently at Gustav as he questioned.

Gustav stared back at him for a few seconds before speaking.

"Beats me, I have no idea about what happened to the mountain," Gustav said with a look of certainty.

"Why kidnap me when you should be calling an Orologist to investigate?" Gustav asked with an irritated expression.

"Oh, you're not meant to answer until after wearing this..." Edan replied while raising the helmet.

"What is that?" Gustav suddenly became wary upon seeing the helmet cackling with electricity at the top.