The Bloodline System - Chapter 648 - Space Canyon

Chapter 648 - Space Canyon

Chapter 648 - Space Canyon

"Oh, I can assure you that everything that had happened so far was real," Dr. Levi responded bluntly.

Angy held her head with a look of pain and disappointment while looking down and recalling everything that had happened.

She was currently sitting on a kind of medical board, and it seemed Dr. Levi was checking her to be sure she was completely fine now after taking the cure.

E.E, Falco, Aildris, Glade, Matilda, and Endric were all in the vicinity as well, standing by the sides.

"It's not your fault," Dr. Levi said while tapping onto her left shoulder area.

"The ailment also messed with your mental state. It was all part of the process, but now you're completely okay," He added.

Angy pursed her lips while still staring at the floor.

Falco moved closer to her and sat right beside her.

"All that matters now is you're okay now," He voiced out.

"I can't believe I'm capable of feeling so much hatred... My thoughts, my head, every emotion was consumed by the feeling of hatred," Angy muttered with panic-stricken eyes as she recalled all that had happened when she was still infected.

"Dr. Levi said it affected your mental state. That must be why," Glade voiced out as she sat beside Angy and held her hand in a loving manner.

"It was me... I... I... Wanted to shred him to pieces," Angy's voiced out her thoughts which scared her to the core.

Endric, who was standing up ahead, walked over to Angy's position and stood in front of her.

"It was all my fault. You had every right to act the way you did. I nearly destroyed your future hopes. Anyone would have hatred towards someone who did that," Endric stated with an apologetic look.

He didn't seem mad in any way. Instead, he looked remorseful.

Angy raised her head and stared at Endric with an apologetic look as well.

"I'm so sorry, Endric. I'm sure Gustav will hate me when he comes to hear of this," Angy voiced out and placed her face in her palm, hiding the look of regret in her eyes.

"He will understand," Falco said while rubbing Angy's hair.

"There's no reason for him to hate you. You were sick," Matilda voiced out from the side.

E.E and Aildris also moved closer to comfort Angy as well. Which made her cheer up a little as she kept apologizing to everyone, Endric included.

But at this moment, she came to an understanding of herself.

'I felt it from the very depths of my soul, the hatred. If not for my feelings towards Gustav, I would have killed Endric already. There is darkness within me,' Angy said internally with a slightly troubled look, but she managed to mask it well enough to not make the others worry.

Angy could tell that if she ever turned to the dark side, she would become an unthinkable murderer because the thoughts flowing into her mind during the phase of the sickness were thoughts she was scared to even think about at the moment.

After Dr. Levi finished his check-up on Angy's internal structure, he announced that she was now completely okay and her bloodline was returning to normal, albeit strained.

Angy noticed that her body did feel a bit weird inside, but it was barely noticeable. Surprisingly, her bloodline even improved, according to Dr. Levi, but that was something she would be checking out on a later date because she had to currently had to rest.

Endric returned to his room after everyone had parted ways.

"I sensed the lingering energy of the outworldly on every one of your group. It would seem the outworldly once resided in this vicinity secluded in a space canyon from the outside world," The gemstone floated out of Endric's storage device and began voicing out.

"What? Every one of us?" Endric thought as he pictured all six of them, E.E, Aildris, Falco, Glade, Matilda, and Angy.

"Space canyon? What's that?" Endric added as these terms also made him confused.

"The space canyon is like a breach within a universe. The creation of a small world inside another world but still being able to link both worlds to each other in a way that makes it look like the other world is still a part of the original world. Entry and exit points are created and linked to the original world. Without those, it is impossible to get access to the small world," The gemstone explained lengthily.

"A little confusing, but I think I understand... Are you saying this isn't even the real world?" Endric's eyes widened as he came to this realisation.

"Yes. This world is artificial but at the same time real since it is linked to the original earth and also made in its image," The gemstone added.

Endric had a look of astonishment written all over his face at this moment. He began playing scenes of everything that had happened here since he arrived in his mind. It was impossible to tell that this wasn't even the real world.

If Gustav was here at the moment, he would now understand why no matter how much he ran forward trying to leave camp, it was impossible. He would always find himself circling around even though he never turned to the sides while running.

This was why the camp had no edges, no walls whatsoever. It was impossible to reach the end because, at a particular point, the laws of the place began to force you to change direction unknowingly.

"Wow," Endric muttered.

"The Mixedbloods of this era have come a long way. It takes a lot of power to pull this off, and they managed to make one which such a big landscape," The gemstone voiced with a praising tone.

"They must be quite the powerful ones in this era, but even them cannot prevent what is to come," The gemstone said with a tone of foreboding.

"You say you could sense the energy of the outworldly around the group I was with earlier," Endric muttered.