The Bloodline System - Chapter 647 - Cleaning Them Out

Chapter 647 - Cleaning Them Out

Chapter 647 - Cleaning Them Out


He took a kick to the chest, which felt like he was being smashed by a moving mountain as his entire body catapulted towards the wall of the mountain up above the tunnelways.


His entire body lodged a few inches deep into it as blood flowed out of his body, and his eyes turned blurry.

'What sort of monster is that? I was taken out... In one hit..?' These were his last thoughts before he passed out.

The lingering echoes of his subordinates' screams also rang faintly in his ears before everything turned dark.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

One of the troop members kept shouting out as they spotted the manslaughter that was happening upfront.

But the mountain was still vibrating from the impact of the blast that had just happened even though chunks of rocks had stopped falling within the tunnelway.

It didn't seem safe, so the drivers hesitated before turning around to head back in.

However, Fiona flapped her wings once arriving in front of a hovercar and swinging her left-wing out.


A purplish arc of energy slashed forward, dividing the hovercar in half and slicing a troop member sitting in the middle in half along with the car.

This told them that whatever was up ahead was something they couldn't handle, so the remaining troops quickly turned around and decided to retreat.

Darkyl, who had just finished dealing with a bunch of troops behind, charged forward with darkness oozing out from his being.

The entire tunnelway in front was instantly covered in darkness, making the drivers and everyone within, blind. They made use of their lights, but the darkness was so thick, they couldn't see in front.


Sounds of flesh ripping apart along with screams could be heard close by, causing all of them to look around with panic-stricken faces.

Darkyl was attacking several troops at the same time because this darkness was his domain, and he could be everywhere at the same time within it. He literally becomes omnipresent within the darkness.



Screams filled the place as sounds of flesh ripping continued to reverberate across the place. They never could see him coming; they only found their throats slit open before they could understand what was happening.

Darkly was moving around, slaughtering as many as he could while Fiona dealt with those that were still behind and hadn't gotten into the tunnel.

Some hover cars up ahead were able to drive past the range of the darkness even though they couldn't see, giving them the chance to escape.

There were about six of them.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

Gustav, who could see through the darkness with the help of God Eyes, had spotted them and bolted across the tunnelway with immense speed.


He streaked past the six hover cars and appeared right in their fronts.

Two Atomic blades appeared in his right and left hand, respectively.

Dashing forward again, Gustav swung the Atomic blades twice at the first one by the left, cutting through it and spinning around to decapitate the driver.


The moment the car was cut through, all the driver could see was a milky-colored blade slicing past him with fast speed, and his vision began spiralling.

Gustav didn't stop there and jumped away towards the side, slashing out repeatedly to destroy the next hovercar.

The others behind began shooting at him with the hover cars weapon's system.

Gustav swerved several times across the place, and one of the hover cars took this opportunity to drive forward and tried to hit him.


Green skin appeared on Gustav's body as he jumped back with speed.


A massive icicle-like rock shot out from his initial position, piercing straight through the hovercar from underneath.


This attack accurately also struck the driver, piercing through him and hanging him on the tip of the icicle-like rock along with the hovercar.

The others who were still alive had looks of shock as they recognized the unique structure of this icicle-like rock.

They remembered the wall that had prevented them from heading to region thirty-five through their initial route.

The feeling of doom washed over them as they gulped down saliva while staring at this masked man in a black outfit.

They knew such a thing couldn't be pulled off by an ordinary person.

Some of them turned around to run while some of them still tried attacking Gustav since they felt this was the only way they could get away from here.

Gustav dashed forward and tanked all their attacks while also sending out his.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom!

The sounds of collision and explosion reverberated across the place for a few more minutes along with screams before everywhere finally turned silent.

The only thing that could be heard was the occasional fire flickering sounds due to the explosions that had occurred all across the place.

Gustav, Fiona, and Darkyl met up once again at the entrance of the tunnelway.

Darkyl and Fiona sustained a few injuries due to the numbers. It was quite impossible to dodge all the projectiles, but they had managed to complete tonight's objective.

Gustav, however, was unscathed except for his clothes that seemed to have taken some damage due to the fiery explosions that occurred multiple times.

"Good job," Gustav said to both of them.

"Let's go," He voiced out before dashing forward.

Darkyl held onto Fiona's arms as her wings sprouted out of her back, and she flapped them.


The glowing purplish wings flapping across the sky created a glowing streak that cut across the sky beautifully.

While on the ground, dark afterimages were left in Gustav's trail as they travelled back towards their hideout.


-The MBO Camp

"How do you feel now?" Dr, Levi voiced out within the laboratory as he stared at Angy's frame.

"Like everything that went on for the past two months were terrible nightmares," Angy voiced out with a slightly frightened expression.

"Oh, I can assure you that everything that had happened so far was real,"