The Bloodline System - Chapter 646 - Falling Into The Trap

Chapter 646 - Falling Into The Trap

Chapter 646 - Falling Into The Trap

"We will have to use the alternate route... The trio tunnelways," He voiced out in the communication devices.

Some of them here knew of the other route, so the instant the trio tunnelways were mentioned, they looked towards the east, which was also the same direction Gustav disappeared into before they arrived here.

They were still in a dilemma on how this massive wall appeared here, but if they wasted any more time, it would affect their night mission, so the commander in charge of this mission wanted them to get over to region thirty-five as soon as possible.

"Sir, don't you think this is a bit suspicious?" One of the troop members walked over to the man in charge and voiced out before he could get into the hovercar.

"How so?" He asked.

"This wall appearing here on the route that is supposed to lead to region thirty-five, and there happen to be only one route left that can lead us to there. I think we should abandon the mission this night and make proper inquiries before embarking on it again to be sure we're not walking into a trap," The troop member suggested.

"You think I didn't think of this? Haha, no, we're not abandoning the mission," The commander voiced out.

"This is not the style of the Gildans. If they knew we were coming for them, they'd send out forces to stop us. Besides, we can't go back with failure. You're just an ordinary member, so you won't understand the consequences," He added with a glare before moving to enter his vehicle.

The troop member had no option but to move towards the hovercar, he stepped down from.

The commander communicated with all the troop members while driving towards the area where the trio tunnelways were located.

"Be on the alert as we go in... Activated the weapon systems of your vehicles," He commanded as they approached the tunnelway.


Meanwhile, Gustav had arrived back in the middle tunnelway that led to Region Thirty-six a few minutes back.

He inspected the area where the explosives were clustered on the ceiling area, which was well around fifty feet high.

"Good," Gustav nodded his head and turned around to head back to the entrance area where Fiona and Darkly were waiting.

"Hide yourselves... They'll be getting here soon," Gustav stated and proceeded to leap towards the mountain wall above the tunnelway.


A small cracking sound was made as he dug his fingers into the wall and stuck to it.

Fiona and Darkyl moved towards the sides, hiding behind the small rocky bumps.

They all focused on the tunnelway ahead.

In about two minutes, Gustav could sense the approaching convoy up ahead within the middle tunnelway.

The timer of the explosives also seemed to be in line with the approaching convoys. Gustav calculated the speed of the vehicles and could tell that it would explode the moment the vehicles on the second line got to that area.


The hover cars moved with speed, and the instant the first two who were moving side by side arrived at the area where the explosives were placed above, the alarm system within went off.

However, it was all too late because they weren't able to stop the vehicle, neither were they able to alert the others in time.

The moment they phased past and the vehicles on the second line arrived at that spot...


A massive explosion set off.

The middle tunnelway was instantly covered in bright red flames and fumes.


The entire mountain trembled from the force of the explosion, and cracks appeared on some parts.

Bam! Fwwhii~

Several more blasting sounds rang out as parts of the tunnelway ceiling collapsed in large chunks, falling onto some of the hovercars. While the hovercars closer to the point of the explosion were sent flying out through the entrance of the tunnelway.

Some exploded into bits while some spiralled repeatedly across the air and crashed up front, causing a lot of damage for the passengers within.

At this point, a quarter of the Routilias troops were either seriously injured or dead.

The commander, who happened to be in one of the hovercars in the middle, jumped out before he could get crushed by a large chunk from the tunnelway ceiling.

The massive chunk smashed the hovercar, which weighed nothing less than fifteen thousand pounds.

Even though parts of the ceiling in the tunnelway collapsed, it didn't block the entrance area completely, so there was still space for a drive-through.

Some of the hovercars far behind had stopped their movements upon seeing the blast up ahead and even turned around to avoid getting hit by the shockwaves from the blast.

Parts of the ceiling were still cracking, so the commander leaped towards a hovercar and landed atop the roof, letting it carry him through the rubble.

"We're under attack! Arrgghh!"

A loud voice was heard from the communication device within the hovercar.

The commander instantly became alarmed, but he couldn't tell them to turn around because of the dropping chunks of rocks falling from above.

The hovercar, along with the others behind, moved with speed and precision, occasionally swerving left and right to avoid getting hit as they sped forward.


The moment the commander was standing on the hovercar, phased through the fire cover-up ahead, and went past the entrance of the tunnelway, he spotted several hover cars destroyed in the distance.

His eyes widened as he spotted the figures clad in dark outfits slaying some of his troops, who were already laid out on the ground.

This was also when he spotted several hovercars by the side, slashed in half, which was something the fire couldn't do.

Just as he activated his bloodline, the figure cloaked in a black outfit wearing a whitish gorilla-like mask bolted forward.


The figure was so quick that his right arm was still being arched backward with circular yellowish-colored energy spiralling around it when the figure flew across the air with his leg outstretched.