The Bloodline System - Chapter 645 - Constructing A Wall

Chapter 645 - Constructing A Wall

Chapter 645 - Constructing A Wall

He proceeded to bring out the explosives left in his storage device and handed them over to both of them.

"I'll go make sure our guests only follow this route. Make sure to cluster the explosives in that particular spot," Gustav instructed and dashed forward into the far ends of the tunnelway.

"Understood," Both of them voiced out, but Gustav's figure had already disappeared into the distance.

The tunnelway was well lit with glowing and floating lights up above.

Fiona felt this was truly the best course of action, planting all the explosives at one particular area because she recalled that some hovercars had alarm systems in them that allowed to sense when an area was rigged with explosives.

This reduced the risk of that happening since they were all in one spot and would probably explode before they arrived there.

While they were busy with this, Gustav arrived on the other end of the tunnelway in about six minutes of running. It was close to midnight at this point which was the time where the Routilias said they'd be traveling here.

Gustav stared at the wilderness-like area and the roads leading to different places that seemed to be an intersection between the regions.

The paths were dimly lit, but Gustav could see properly even into the distance.

He turned towards the left and activated Dash before charging onwards once again.

In a few more minutes, Gustav arrived in front of a path that came from up ahead that led to the region thirty-five. Behind, he could see the first buildings spotted upon entering the region.

Turning around, he blasted off and arrived about two hundred meters before the first building by the right side of the road.

Gustav's body began to bloat as he activated something.

[Kilapisole Alien Transformation Activated]

His skin turned greenish as he turned into a massive round figure with two heads and multiple long blade spider-like legs.


Icicle-like rocks suddenly began protruding from the ground, making a straight line along the middle of the road and blocking it.

It rose and kept rising, sticking together and protruding out of the ground endlessly.

The iro silk created a long wall that stretched on and stretched on for up to a mile until it hit a block, and Gustav didn't stop there. The walls created out of the iro silk continued to grow taller and taller until it was even higher than the forty-story building behind.

This area happened to still be far from where there was a lot of activity within the region from the people dwelling there, but some of them could still spot the massive diamond-colored walls that had risen above the ground and wondered how it appeared there.

After this was done, Gustav felt a bit out of breath and slightly weak, but he still climbed across the wall he created as quickly as he could in his Kilapisole form since he was like a gigantic spider.

Arriving atop the wall, he moved towards the far-right and transformed back into his normal form.

Gustav proceeded to sit atop the wall on an iro silk protruding out in a horizontal format and regain his energy while waiting for the Routilia troops to arrive.

His recovery was quite fast since he still had system energy points.

Using the Kilapisole took energy directly from his body. However, so long as he still had system energy points, he would get rejuvenated quickly. Still, if the system energy points get used up completely, Gustav would only be able to fight with his internal energy.

It didn't take a lot of waiting before Gustav sensed speedy movement up north.

He could see flickering lights in the distance, and even without activating God Eyes to get a closer look, he already knew that the Routilias had arrived here.

He proceeded to contact Fiona and Darkly at this point.

"Are the preparations done?" He asked while standing to his feet atop the wall.

"Yes, squad leader," Fiona responded.

"Good... We'll be getting visitors soon; activate the timer," Gustav voiced out and cut the communication.


He proceeded to leap off the wall. His jacket flapped intensely before he landed on the ground and sped back towards where he came from.

Meanwhile, the Routilia troops arrived in front of the massive spiky Icicle structured wall. Their vehicles stopped right in front, and some of them got off with confused expressions on their faces as they stared up.

They were dressed in blueish and white striped colored tight skinned leather-like uniformed outfits.

"How did this get here in the middle of the road?" One of them voiced out and walked towards the wall.

Of course, he was met with no answer as the others also gazed at each other with confused looks.

They turned to the sides to see if they could go around it, but all they could see was the wall stretching as far as the eyes could see.

One of them decided to call back to the command center to report this unexpected situation, but the commander in charge of this objective stopped them.

"Let's try going around first. Some of you go left, while the others follow right with me," He voiced out while getting back into the hovercar he just came out of.

There were around thirty vehicles, and they all separated, turning to the sides as the half moved along the right side of the wall while the other half moved along the left side.

This continued for minutes, and they realized the wall went on for longer than they expected.

Realizing that if they reached the end of the wall, they wouldn't be able to go in through the route that led to region Thirty-five, the commander communicated to everyone to stop and turn back around.

They all drove back to the initial starting point.

"We will have to make use of the alternate route.... The trio tunnelways," He voiced out in the communication devices.