The Bloodline System - Chapter 644 - Concentrated Force

Chapter 644 - Concentrated Force

Chapter 644 - Concentrated Force

Now he finally had the chance to deal with the Routilias. His next step would be to find and assassinate one of their governing bodies after he completed this task.

Meanwhile, at the moment, he had plans to ambush Routilias' squads that had a mission given to them to visit region thirty-five.

Just like they planned on ambushing a location that belonged to the Gildans in the dead of night, Gustav planned to ambush them also in the dead of night before they arrived there.

It was planned to be an unexpected attack with a large number of Routilias which would not only leave the opposition stunned and astonished but would also leave them unable to react and outmanned, so winning the battle would be easy.

Even though they would be in enemy territories, the opposition would definitely not be able to send out reinforcements so fast, which meant the Routilias might get away with it and with little casualty as well.

At this point, Gustav recalled all the routes that led to the outskirts of region thirty-five and made his decision on where the group was going to be ambushed to stop them from ambushing the Gildans and also bring down their numbers.

Gustav had decided at this point that none of them would be returning alive.

Gustav rested and waited after making a few more plans that included traps and a diversion to make sure the Routilias passed by the route he planned to make use of.

About two hours later, Fiona and Darkly arrived at his room door, and he let them in.

Both of them greeted respectfully, and it was around evening at this time, which meant only a few hours were left before the operation.

As they got in, Gustav instantly went straight to the point, explaining why he needed them here and how they'd be going back to the groups he instructed them to join after they were done here.

"Squad leader, they're eighty of them... Are you sure you don't want the others joining?" Darkyl asked.

"That won't be necessary... I will be taking care of most of them; I just need you two to watch my back," Gustav disclosed.

("Never knew a day would come when you would say those words,") The system chipped in his head.

'Shut up...' Gustav responded bluntly in his head, not dwelling on the system's words as he continued speaking to his subordinates.

Fiona and Darkly stared at each other for a few moments before smiling and nodding.

They knew better than continue remaining worried since Gustav sounded so confident at the moment. It had already been about three weeks since they arrived here, and so far, Gustav hadn't made any wrong calculations, so they had all come to trust him whenever he said things would be fine in any situation where he made adequate plans.

Gustav explained to them how the mission would be carried out and the objective of not leaving a single person alive.

After they both understood properly and knew their role in this, all they had to do next was wait.

At nightfall, all three of them set out.

Fwwhhiiii~ Fwwhii~

During the dark of night, purplish glowing massive wings flapped in the sky, carrying an angelic-looking figure that could barely be seen along with it as it streaked towards the outskirts of region thirty-five.

Gustav, on the other hand, barely caused any attention as he bolted across rooftops clad in a black and whitish gorilla mask.


He was able to keep up with Fiona's speed as he leaped across several rooftops in a single leap and kept traveling towards the outskirts of the region as well.

Fiona happened to be lifting Darkyl in her arms as she flew across the skies since he was slower than Gustav and herself.

In a manner of minutes, they closed in on an area that led to a dead-end, but it wasn't actually a dead end. Close to the end of the street where the last building was located, there were three massive tunnelways that led to the outskirts of region Thirty-five.

The moment one arrived on the other end of the massive tunnelways, they'd be heading towards another region.

The one in the middle happened to be the only one that led to region thirty-six. The other two lead to different regions, and there was literally a mountain-like blockage reaching as high as the skies preventing a scale over.

Only Fiona and Gustav could manage to arrive at the top, but it might not be worth it due to the weather occurrences that usually happened at the top. Passing through the tunnel actually made things a lot safer when leaving the region.

"There's no guarantee that they'll pass through here, but this is where we need them to pass through," Gustav voiced out as he landed right in front of the middle passageway.

He said this because there was an alternate route to get into region thirty-five through thirty-six.

Gustav walked forward amidst the stares of Darkyl and Fiona behind and arrived two steps into the massive tunnelway in the middle.

It was so big that Gustav only looked like a dot at its entrance.

Kom! Kom!

He knocked twice on the side of its wall, noting the sturdiness.

'It won't fall so easily... I'm not sure there are enough explosives,' Gustav thought with a slightly worried look.

After thinking for a few moments, Gustav came up with the best way to handle it.

'I'll just focus the explosives on a particular area. If the force is concentrated in one side, that part will crumble for sure,' Gustav said Internally and turned around to face both of them.

"Follow me," He stated and turned back around to head in deeper into the tunnel.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes and stared at different parts within the tunnel, looking for the best area where the explosives could be placed.

"Plant your explosives on this side," Gustav voiced out and pointed at a particular part of the tunnel roofing area.