The Bloodline System - Chapter 643 - The Power Of Perception

Chapter 643 - The Power Of Perception

Chapter 643 - The Power Of Perception


The greenish contents completely flowed into her body before E.E pulled the syringe out of her neck.


Angy's body began vibrating at this point as her eyes turned green.

She seemed to be in pain as she screamed out repeatedly and kept vibrating.

"Angy? Are you okay?" Falco questioned as they let go of her.

"Is she supposed to do that?" Glade asked after seeing that Angy didn't respond to Falco's question.

"I don't know," E.E responded.

As everyone began to worry seeing Angy reacting this way, the veins protruding all over Angy's face suddenly began to recede.

As it receded, her ashen-colored face also began to regain its original color.

"It's working," Endric voiced out with a tone of astonishment as they all witnessed this.


-Region Thirty-Seven

Gustav stood atop a fifty storey structure dressed in a Black jacket that covered him from head to toe.

He spread out his perception, and it covered the entirety of the building along with the surroundings spreading across a radius of over seven hundred feet.

He closed his eyes and focused on different parts of the building.

Perception was not only for sensing movement in his surroundings. His perception had improved to the point where he could use it to hear things from a distance as well if he focused on doing that.

-"No, boss, it ain't that way, you got to put it in like this..."

-"Nah, I can't do that,"

-"Sir Kuma is more powerful than Commander Lycan,"

-"Did you see what happened in the last operation? I would have been skewered if it wasn't for Rilo,"

-"Arike, bring the documents to my office,"

Gustav could hear people having conversations all across different floors. It was quite tasking because he wasn't hearing any discussion that was particularly piquing his interest, but he still had many more floors to check.

He continued to scan across the floors, using his perception to its full ability.

After several minutes had gone by, Gustav's ears finally picked up on a conversation around the thirtieth floor that piqued his interest.

-"The R forces are embarking on the mission have been handpicked already,"

The instant Gustav heard these words, he focused his perception on this part of the floor.

This was finally a conversation worth listening to.

-"How many squads are embarking on this mission?"

He could sense a total of three people cooped up together having this convo.

-"About four of them,"

-"Which brings up the number of troops to a total of eighty?"


-"Isn't that too many?"

-"The higher-ups gave the go-ahead so, why not,"

-"They're attacking a place within Region Thirty-five that belongs to the Gildans,"

-"So it's a plan to weaken them?"


-"Where exactly is this place within Region Thirty-five?"

Gustav kept listening to them talk about this until all the information had been revealed. These three began debating about it, and Gustav couldn't find any more point to listen to, so he finally withdrew his perception and left it at a minimal amount around him.

After taking note of everything that had been mentioned, Gustav proceeded to activate silent steps and dashed towards the edge of the rooftop.


There was no sound of his footsteps like he had sound cancelation beneath his feet as he ran forward.


He leaped across the street from the edge of the building landing atop another rooftop before repeating the same actions till he had passed by multiple streets.

Gustav left the region in a few minutes and arrived at Region twenty-six.

He kept traveling using his quick speed and powerful legs to leap across buildings.

Gustav wasn't just traveling across the regions; he was also taking note of the structural and road outlines on the ground.

About Thirty minutes later, he arrived in region thirty-five and proceeded to go around the region, checking different areas.

After he was done doing research, he found a hotel to stay in and booked a room for a day.

Gustav sat in his room making plans on how to make the most of the information he had gathered today.

'Eighty is a bit too much...' He thought.

'I could use Yarki to cause them to submit for about forty seconds, but it ain't sensible to use Yarki in situations like this. What if I find myself in a pickle where I truly need Yarki?' Gustav felt it wasn't sensible to make use of his trump card anyhow.

Falling into a situation out of control where there is no option is when he preferred using Yarki. If it happens to be situations like this that he initiated, he would like to handle it normally.

Gustav decided to call in the calvary at this point.

They had been away from each other for almost two weeks, and everyone had achieved a lot of success in where they were situated.

Gustav proceeded to use the communication tool to contact Fiona and Darkyl.

"Fiona, Darkyl... I need you both. Find your way to Region Thirty-five as soon as possible," Gustav voiced out.

"Understood," They both answered together before Gustav disconnected the communication.

He didn't want the entire squad to make their way over. He felt these two were enough since the troops weren't all that powerful anyway. They only had a large number.

Now the only thing left was to plan how to properly ambush the troops and the route to make use of.

During the last day, Gustav did research and found two locations where the Routilias resided. He proceeded to find his way to the first in region twenty-four but didn't get any tangible information even after infiltrating their midst.

The second one happened to be the building he was standing atop in region thirty-seven.

Gustav wasn't spotted by anyone; neither could they sense him because he was masking his presence.

Using the rooftop made it even easier since he could spread out his perception and peek in on conversations.

Now he finally had the chance to deal with the Routilias, and his next step would be finding and assassinating one of their governing bodies after he completed this task.