The Bloodline System - Chapter 642 - You'll Be Fine

Chapter 642 - You'll Be Fine

Chapter 642 - You'll Be Fine

Endric quickly reacted, sending forth a telekinetic wave blast from his being.


The disruptive and powerful charge blasted across the surrounding, causing Angy to be sent flying first while also causing the trees in the vicinity to get uprooted.


The grounds ruptured as spiderweb-like cracks formed across it, with Endric being the epicenter of this destruction.

The instant Endric landed back on his feet, so did Angy after doing a few backflips across the air.


The ground blasted open as she moved one foot, causing a deep footprint to appear on it while she blasted forward with immense speed.

She instantly arrived in front of Endric with her hand outstretched as she tried to grab him.


Her hand slammed into the telekinetic barrier surrounding Endric, which prevented her from making contact with him; however, due to the immense speed, the force still catapulted Endric backward along with the telekinetic barrier surrounding him.

Endric couldn't even properly react to her speed, but he conjured the barrier the moment he sent out the telekinetic wave, so he was able to prevent Angy from touching him.

However, Angy looked displeased as she stood in place after seeing Endric land on a tree branch a few hundred feet behind in one piece.

She grunted with a look of rage and sped forward once again before leaping with her right palm thrust backward.


She pushed them out the moment she arrived in front of Endric.

Endric got blasted backward as the force of Angy's palm strike managed to pulverize the entire tree in parts and sawdust-like particles, but he was still unscathed.

Swoooosh! Bam! Swoooosh! Bam! Swoooosh! Bam! Krryyyccch~

Angy repeatedly sped forward and kept sending out palm strikes from different angles towards Endric, but even though the force affected him and he couldn't properly register her speed, his concentration was still raised to the max, giving him the ability to maintain the telekinetic barrier.

Cracks would occasionally appear in the air like it was =solid but would be mended in nearly an instant.

Endric was wondered when she got so fast.

He was barely given the chance to try anything, but he managed to later conjure a telekinetic board and leaped atop it to lift himself high up.


His body ascended with speed above the forest-like area while Angy reacted by speeding forward again and running along the surface of the tallest tree in the vicinity.

The silver streak blasted through the branches, causing lots of leaves to fall off as she arrived at the top in barely an instant and leaped off.

Endric, who was ascending in the distance, had already reached a height of four hundred feet which was more than two hundred feet above the tree Angy had just jumped off.

His eyes widened as he spotted Angy's body flying towards him from the southeast side.

Endric proceeded to push his palm forward, since this time, he was able to see her coming.


Angy blasted through the telekinetic attack with her fist and kept cutting through the air before arriving in front of the shocked Endric.

He was about to conjure another move, but Angy was just too quick for him and had already grabbed onto his neck, pushing them both off the telekinetic board due to her body still carrying a lot of force from the leap.

Holding onto her hand with his right hand, Endric finally decided to try a close combat attack and repeatedly punched her gut area while their bodies fell from the sky.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Angy repeatedly slapped his hand away in a very fast motion as she saw through his attacks with ease.

Her arm arched back, and her fingers straightened out as she prepared to stab into Endric with them.


The moment she was about to stab forward while their body was already descending in between two trees, a large purplish vortex suddenly opened up beneath both of them.

Angy eyes widened as she spotted it, but there was nothing she could do to prevent herself from falling into it since she had no flight ability whatsoever.


The moment they arrived on the other side of the vortex, a palm was already being stretched out.


Angy was grabbed by the neck by Aildris, who quickly pinned her down against the ground.


A loud sound was made as her back sank into the ground. Angy began struggling to free herself when Matilda and Glade also appeared by the sides and held her hands down as well.

Falco proceeded to hold onto her legs while E.E caught onto Endric and placed him on the ground.

Endric, at this point, was breathing profusely as he turned around to stare at Angy like she was a monster.

Close to a year ago, he could easily deal with her, and now she had become this powerful. He had no idea that her bloodline just happened to be peaking due to the Illness, and it hasn't even reached its full potential yet.

'I could have dealt with this easy, but you didn't want help,' He heard the voice of the gemstone in his head.

'I wanted to deal with it using my own strength. I don't need your help for now,' Endric responded internally.

'That's good thinking. You will improve better if you rely more on your power than mine,' The gemstone voiced in his mind before keeping quiet.

"You did well," E.E voiced out and patted Endric's shoulder before moving towards Angy's pinned-down body.

A green-colored syringe appeared in his right hand as he moved to Angy's left and knelt down.

Angy was acting like a rabid dog at this point, trying to bite everyone since she couldn't move her body, but Aildris's grip on her neck was strong enough to prevent that.

E..E stared at Angy's discolored face with a look of pity before squatting, 'You'll be fine,' He said internally before stabbing the cylindrical green colored syringe into her neck.