The Bloodline System - Chapter 641 - Scape Goat

Chapter 641 - Scape Goat

Chapter 641 - Scape Goat

"We have a problem," Matilda voiced out from behind as they walked out of the laboratory.

Everyone turned to stare at her waiting for her to explain.

"How do we get Angy to take the cure? We can't even get close to her," She added.

"Hmm, this is indeed true. If she decides to stay all day indoors, there's nothing we can do about it," Falco held his chin while speaking.

"We need to find a way to get across to her and make her take the cure," While Aildris said this, he turned around to face the direction of Endric, who was following behind them.

Endric paused his footsteps as he spotted everyone staring turn around to stare at him as well.

"Why are we all staring at him?" E.E voiced out in confusion since he only followed Aildris's actions.

The others, too, didn't know why.

"Endric... How did your last meeting with Angy go?" Aildris asked with a mysterious tone.

Memories drifted into his mind after hearing the question Aildris posed.

"It... Wasn't nice," He responded with a crestfallen expression.

At this point, plans began to formulate in Aildris head.

Everyone waited for Aildris to speak again since he and E.E practically became the leaders of the group since Gustav left.

They had been the ones keeping the others in check and making sure everyone was okay. Nobody had qualms with this since they couldn't argue that these two were the most mature and sensible people here right now.

"You will be a scapegoat," After a few more moments of waiting, Aildris finally voiced out.


Just like that, the day went by in camp, and the next morning the cadets had risen from their beds once again to start their morning routine.

Endiric had been gone for about two weeks now, so returning to the confines of camp felt refreshing for him. He wasn't breathing sand every day, neither was he struggling to see the road ahead of him.

He had gotten so used to the stress of untimely movement within the dark of night whenever the device alarmed him of an incoming weather turbulent activity that might endanger his life.

Right now, the camp seemed so much safer and better for him, so he didn't care that his bloodline would be sealed again and he'd have to run more than a mile.

He was glad things were back to normal, but at the same time, he knew he had to perform the task given to him by Aildris after the morning routine was over.

Since he was determined to make sure Angy got better, his job wouldn't be over if she didn't get the cure.


Around eight am in the morning, the routine ended, and Endric moved towards the girls' special class residence along with Aildris, E.E, Glade, and the others.

They seemed to have taken permission, so they were allowed the chance to go in for a few minutes.

In a few moments, they arrived at the top floor and instantly headed towards Angy's room area.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

"Angy, we know you're in there, open up," Glade began knocking after Aildris confirmed he sensed presence within.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

"We just want to check up on you," She continued banging, but there was no answer.

This continued on for about five minutes, and they realized that it was gonna be like the last time where she wouldn't respond to anyone.

Realizing this, they all turned to stare at Endric.

No words needed to be said as Endric felt their gazes and walked forward.


He breathed out before proceeding to bang on the door with a higher force than Glade.

"Hey, failure, I know you're in there! Hahaha, I finally got rid of the pest plaguing my brother's life,"

Angy, who was within her room sitting on the floor with her back rested on the left wall, froze as she heard the voice and the words.

"Yes, I am glad I went through with poisoning you. A person such as yourself, a goody two shoes, doesn't belong in this place. You're useless. You can't protect yourself; how are you gonna be able to protect anyone hahaha!" Endric laughed like a maniac as he spoke in a loud tone.

Angy froze as the words stabbed into her heart. Her face displayed a myriad of emotions as memories began appearing in her mind.

"Yes, this spells the end for you. A worthless vermin like you will never be able to walk side by side with someone as great and powerful as my brother. You're an ugly creature, and he definitely deserves way better than you. I hope you enjoy watching him on the News one day seeing him become very famous and powerful with a better female companion on his right hand,"

The others in the vicinity felt this was taking it a bit too far, but they all wanted results, so they didn't butt in, hoping Endric's words might solicit a reaction from her.

Within the room, Angy began to tremble with rage, anger, despair, and disappointment as the words continued to stab deep into her.

"I am responsible for snatching your dream away from you, haha I'm right here if you wanna go again,"

"I only spared you the last time. What happened before will not repeat itse..." Before Endric could complete his sentence, the door suddenly blasted open, and a fierce wind blew across the vicinity.


Everyone raised their hands up as cover as the wind threatened to blast them away.

Their uniforms flapped intensely, and the next thing they knew after the wind stabilized was, Endric had been blasted away through the opening in the wall that was staring back at them.

"Quick, after them," Aildris instantly understood what had happened and shouted out.

E.E quickly reacted by conjuring a vortex quickly for everyone to jump in.

Endric, who was being carted away by Angy at immense speed, felt his body breaking through several solid objects.

Only after he adapted to the speed did he notice that Angy was slamming him through trees as she bolted across the camp.

Endric quickly reacted, sending forth a telekinetic wave blast from his being.