The Bloodline System - Chapter 640 - Endric's Arrival

Chapter 640 - Endric's Arrival

Chapter 640 - Endric's Arrival

He wanted to make sure this was completed in a span of two days, so he decided to do extensive research on their facilities so he'd know the ones to attack and the ones to leave out.

Gustav always liked when a plan fell into place. He didn't just want to go there and attack without knowing what he was dealing with, so sourcing for information was always the first step for him.


-The MBO Camp

Within a lab, a group of five stood in place, staring at a holographic projection of the internal structure of a mixedblood.

Since they weren't scientists or doctors, they couldn't tell precisely what they were staring at, but it was obvious that it was bad.

No one there was well versed in science except the middle-aged-looking man in a medical outfit who seemed to be pointing some things out to them.

As he mouthed off some words, they all opened their mouths down with awestruck expressions.

The projection would occasionally change, outlining some parts within the internal structure of this mixedblood that look heavily damaged.

"Dr. Levi, are you saying she'll lose her bloodline if nothing is done?" Falco was the first to voice out after understanding the whole situation to a certain extent.

"She's already losing it..." Dr. Levi responded.

"And Endric is responsible for this?" Glade voiced out with a rageful tone.

A red aura was beginning to gather around her as her eyes turned red.

"Well... According to the whole backstory, he regrets what he did," Dr. Levi stated.

"Regrets? Can that cure Angy?" Falco, too began to turn extremely angry as he voiced out.

"No, but he has done the needful necessary for the cure to be created," Dr. Levi replied.

Everyone had a slightly confused expression after hearing that.

"What do you mean by that, Dr. Levi?" Aildris inquired.

"He'll be here any minute now," Just as Dr. Levi finished speaking, the entrance to the Lab slid open, and Endric walked in.

His outfit was currently looking dusty, along with the glasses on his face. It was obvious that he wasn't just coming from anywhere, and whatever he had undergone couldn't have been anything simple.

"Dr. Levi, I got them," Endric voiced out as he approached them while pulling off his glasses.

"What are they doing here?" Just as he voiced this out, Glade's eyes turned red, and she began walking towards him while shooting out a menacing glare.

"Everyone, keep calm; I think Dr. Levi was trying to tell us something earlier," E.E stated while walking towards Glade and holding her back.

"Endric has just returned from a mission within the Fariola Desert," Dr. Levi began speaking.

"The Fariola Desert?" They all had looks of astonishment after hearing that and scrutinized Endric again.

They had all heard about this location and knew just how dangerous it was, so it was quite surprising to them that Endric completed a mission there and came back in one piece.

"But what does this have to do with anything?" Falco asked.

"It has to do with everything because this mission he embarked on was to acquire the nearly extinct ingredients needed to create a cure for Angy's ailment," Dr. Levi explained.

Upon hearing that, the place turned silent again for a while as they stared at Endric once again.

At this point, Endric already knew that they had figured out what he did to Angy since they were all here.

He arrived in front of them and paused his steps.

"Look, I know what I did wasn't right. I regret my decision, and I made amends for it by embarking on this mission. You all have to believe me; I really have changed," Endric voiced out.

Falco wanted to say something when Aildris held onto his shoulder from behind and shook his head.

"It's alright, Endric," Aildris voiced out as he walked forward and stood opposite Endric.

"But when did this happen? And how?" Aildris asked.

"It's been up around five months now... *Sigh* it's a long story, but I was foolishly obeying the orders of someone I'm not allowed to mention," Endric stated.

They all had looks of curiosity upon hearing that, but with this confirmation they knew, Endric had performed this action before his supposed change.

"Whose orders were you obeying?" E.E voiced out from the side.

"I'm not allowed to mention," Endric responded as he pictured the image of someone in his head.

"Why?" Aildris asked.

"Because... I'm not. Big broth... I mean Gustav, made me vow not to reveal this to anyone. I can't disobey him," Endric revealed.

"Oh... Gustav knows about this?" E.E asked.

"Yes, he knows about the person and has decided to handle it himself, but he has no idea about what I did to Angy because her body only started reacting to it seriously after he left," Endric explained properly to prevent them from misunderstanding.

"Typical Gus," E.E wasn't surprised that Gustav knew about what was up with Endric and didn't tell them.

"He always liked handling things himself anyways. I'll give him a piece of my mind when he's back," E.E said with both a playful and serious tone.

"Are you kids done playing police with your interrogations? If so, allow the kid to bring me the items so I can begin preparing your friend's cure," Dr. Levi stated from behind.

A wry smile appeared on Aildris and E.E's faces as they moved to the side to leave room for Endric to walk through.

Endric arrived in front of Dr. Levi, who was standing in front of a massive laboratory table and began handing him the items he got from the desert, with the exception of the gemstone he found in the deserted village.

"This should only take a couple of hours," Dr. Levi voiced out as he began arranging all the materials needed for Angy's cure on the laboratory table.

At this point, everyone decided to leave in the meantime and come back the next day when it would be done since it was currently nightfall.