The Bloodline System - Chapter 639 - Making Next Plans

Chapter 639 - Making Next Plans

Chapter 639 - Making Next Plans


Chief Brisk Ali left arm was instantly cleaved off his shoulder area.


Chief Ali screamed out in pain as his body, along with the chair, fell towards the far left of the room. Blood drizzled out of the empty shoulder area, leaving a red trail on the floor.

Panic spread across the room as everyone eyes widened in confusion.

'Damn, I didn't get him in one strike,' Gustav voiced out internally as he saw that his attack didn't manage to hit the spot he intended to strike.

One bodyguard charged forward towards Gustav the moment the attack hit while the one other had managed to move Chief Ali away, preventing his death, activated his bloodline.

Seeing these two ready to throw hands with him and the guards at the entrance area preparing to barge in, Gustav felt it wouldn't be easy to handle the situation normally, and he knew he wouldn't get away in one piece.

As this thought appeared in his mind, pinkish flames appeared in his eyes...


Activating Yarki, pinkish energy blasted forth from his being, dying the entire vicinity instantly and turning it to a world of pink.

The facility was covered in it and the surroundings beyond the lake.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

Everyone began to fall to their knees under the canopy of this unfathomable world of pink. They felt every fibre in their being submitting to the power and pressure of its will.

The guards outside the building, patrolling around to protect the vicinity, also fell to their knees with confused expressions, not understanding where this power that was causing them to submit was coming from.

Gustav walked past the guards, who were also on their knees, unable to fight against the power of the Yarki.

He arrived in front of Chief Ali, who was also incapacitated on the floor with a look of terror written all over his face.


Gustav reached to pick him up and lifted him above the ground before conjuring an atomic blade again and stabbing out.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Gustav stabbed him multiple times, ripping through his gut and piercing out his back before slicing horizontally, causing all his stomach contents to fall out.

Chief Brisk Ali breathed his last, and Gustav proceeded to casually fling his body away amidst the terror strike gazes of everyone within the room.

'What is he doing?' Everyone couldn't believe their eyes.

'Is that even Akeem?' They all wondered.

'We're doomed,' This thought appeared in their heads as well when they spotted Gustav turn around to stare at them.

Meanwhile, Lydia had tears rolling down her face.

'That... Cannot be Akeem... Who is this man?' Her mind raced as she tried making eye contact with Gustav, but even the eye muscles were a bit affected by Yarki, so she couldn't stare at him properly.

Gustav was a bit sorry for Lydia, but his time playing Akeem had come to an end, and he was grateful for her assistance because this would have been a lot tougher without her.

Of course, he couldn't tell her this as it would only break her heart more.

Gustav calculated the amount of time he had spent and realized he only had a few more seconds left. Getting to this point, he charged towards the entry point and blasted straight through.


[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]


He sped above the surface of the lake water and instantly arrived on the other side.

His blurry figure blasted across the distance, leaving afterimages. It only took a few moments before he was out of sight.

In the next three seconds, the encompassment of the Yarki disappeared, causing everyone to return to normal.

They felt the dominant pressure disappear as well and regained control of their body movement.

A blaring alarm went off at this point, but the deed had been done. The entire meeting room had descended into chaos.

Checking on Chief Ali was the first thing they did, but he was already too far gone. It was impossible to raise anyone from the dead, even with the latest science and technology.

Everyone turned to stare at Lydia at this point, who had a look of despair and emptiness on her face. She was still on her knees, unable to believe what had just gone down.

"Akeem... He cannot be Akeem," She muttered to herself.

"Who was that man?!"

"Leader Timothy, this is on you!"

"How could your daughter bring in a person to cripple us!"

The other leaders within the room immediately began pointing fingers and blaming Leader Timothy and his daughter, Lydia.

It turned into a mess, and even Leader Timothy was unable to come up with a way to appease them, especially after knowing the situation was about to become dire for them.

The consequences of losing one of the three governing bodies were not something they would be able to handle in a time like this.

"Let's all calm down; we have to keep this under the wraps and make sure what has happened today doesn't leave this room," Sir Timothy tried speaking, only for his voice to be drowned by the other leaders who were still poking their fingers at him.


Two hours later, Gustav had arrived in a region far from where the whole situation had gone down. He had successfully assassinated one of the three governing bodies within the Zalibans, so the third objective was one-third complete at this point.

He checked his Yarki and noticed that only thirty percent of energy was left from it.

He had kept it active for longer, and the Mixedbloods bodyguarding Chief Ali was one rank above his which contributed to its fast depletion as well.

He was just glad the job had been done, and now he only had to worry about dealing with the other two groups. The Routilias and Gildans. He wouldn't be able to use Yarki again till the next day since it took about a day to recharge when the energy wasn't depleted.

This was considered fast because if Yarki ran out of energy, it would be a herculean task to recharge it.

Gustav proceeded to find a hideout in the time being before making plans for the next mission.

He had already been hearing stories about how the others were doing, and at this point, he could say the second objective was almost complete.

He had also reduced the number of troops the Zalibans had when he was still right under their noses.

He transformed back into his normal look, finally leaving the persona of Akeem so the dude could finally rest in peace for real.

He had no doubt that if Akeem was watching from the afterlife, he'd already been cursing Gustav so much for using his identity twice to carry out the operation. Especially when this time, the success of the operation came at a great cost for the Zalibans.

Gustav wasn't in any way sorry for what he had done. If they weren't a part of the corrupt groups who started the civil war, he wouldn't have a reason to come after them.

Lots of innocents had lost their lives due to their reckless decision. Even Akeem wouldn't have had to die if such people were not in power, so he felt it was only fair if the people pulling the strings from the shadows also suffered a casualty. After all, they were always in their comfort zone, not having to face the consequences of what they had unleashed upon the city.

After lodging into a hotel room within this region, Gustav proceeded to begin making his next plans.

"Compared to the other two, the Routilias have barely suffered any casualties since we began the second objective," Gustav muttered.

However, he knew the reason for this was mostly because the Routilias hardly sent out their troops for head-on battles.

They liked to attack the other groups secretly in hiding. Most of the battle occurrences with their troops were in the middle of the night, where they used the ambushing strategy.

Due to this, Gustav barely had information on them, and they had managed to reduce their casualties compared to the other two groups due to this.

The only reason why they suffered casualties some of the time was because they had to assist their accomplices, the Zalibans and the Routilias.

At times there would be a joint battle where the squads from the three groups would battle against squads from the three opposing groups.

"If they won't come to us... Then I'll have to go to them," A glint appeared in Gustav's eyes as he voiced this out.

They had already cut down the numbers of the other two groups to their satisfaction. Only the Routilias were left, so Gustav felt the best way of handling it now would be to find their strongholds and attack them.

Thinking up to this point, Gustav began to make plans while mapping out the territories the Routilias controlled within the city.