The Bloodline System - Chapter 63 - Familiar Voice

Chapter 63 - Familiar Voice

Chapter 63 - Familiar Voice

[Slash has been activated]

Gustav's claws tore four deep gashes across the jaw area of the serpentine mixed-breed causing its head to tilt upwards as it screeched in pain.

Blood kept jetting out but Gustav didn't stop there.

As his left arm was already swinging from the side with a follow-up attack.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

Gustav's claws furiously slashed across the neck and face of the serpentine mixed-breed.

Dark purplish blood splattered across the place as he kept slashing non-stop.

Cuts that were deeper than thirty inches could be seen all over its upper body.

Claws mark that made the internal part of its head visible.

Gustav suddenly jumped up while raising both arms before swinging them down with full force.

His claws from both paws formed a white visible arc of light as it came down upon the head of the serpentine mixed-breed.


The head of the serpentine mixed-breed was cleanly severed in two.


Half of its head fell to the ground as purplish blood jetted out from its incomplete head like a fountain.

Gustav's body was already bathed in purplish blood but he wasn't bothered.


He growled again and grabbed the body of the serpentine mixed-breed.

He lifted it by the neck and brought it towards his face before taking a bite.


Gustav bit the rest of its head off causing more showers of blood.


<You killed a Savarinia Serpent mixedbreed>

<7000 EXP>


The notification brought him back to reality as he stopped himself before taking another bite of the Savarinia Serpent mixed-breed.


[Another Beast Transformation Bloodline Found]

[Does host wish to add Savarinia Serpent Transformation to beast Transformation Bloodline]



Gustav stared at the notification for many seconds while still holding onto the neck of the serpentine mixed-breed.

He could taste the blood of the creature in his mouth and surprisingly it tasted good.

He already guessed that this was because of the bloodwolf transformation.

He felt disgusted by the fact that he would look like that if he transformed to the Savarinia Serpent mixed-breed but upon thinking about it for a few more seconds he concluded.

'Its scales are capable of reflecting and sending back ninety percent of any physical attacks, it can shoot out a deathly toxic beam from its mouth... Its only flaw is its appearance,' Gustav analyzed.

He was only able to cut the scales open with the power of the bloodwolf and atomic disintegration combined.

It didn't work for the bull transformation because he was using fists.

The compounded force was easier to bounce off even when he coupled it with atomic disintegration while for the bloodwolf, his claws were able to cut fast and deep enough with the help of atomic disintegration to penetrate the scales.

The scales were responsible for bouncing off physical attacks but when it was cut through, its ability to perform that function was discarded.

Gustav had already analyzed all these after his first exchange with the serpentine mixed-breed.

'No matter how disgusting... Power is still power!' Gustav concluded.

He never knew when such power would come in handy so decided to go accept it.

'Yes!' Gustav called out in his mind.


[Extracting Savarinia Serpent]

<Extraction process: 1%>



Around midnight Gustav got back to his apartment.

He immediately went to the washroom to take a bath after removing his pants.

Sshhhsss! Sshhhsss!

The sound of dripping water could be heard inside the bathroom.

Gustav stood underneath the shower as he analyzed the previous battle.

The water falling on his head gave him a cool and refreshing feeling which made him take note of some things that he didn't think of earlier.

'To think it would still take me that long to defeat a level 3 mixed-breed even after I have increased in strength,' Gustav said internally.

Now he understood that not everything was all about being high-leveled because originally he should be able to defeat this mixed-breed with ease yet it took him time and he would have even been defeated if he didn't know what to do.

He now understood that different kinds of bloodlines abilities could really give boons to the owner.

A level 4 mixed-breed might not be able to defeat the Savarinia Serpent mixed-breed due to its attributes.

He had decided not to be careless when facing any creature with a bloodline because there were a lot of bloodlines out there. There might be some that gave the owner ridiculous boons which could help them in defeating creatures higher ranked than them.

Gustav finished taking his bath and went back to the living room.

He moved towards his reading chair after putting on pajamas.

'Hmm? My web board is about three inches away from where it used to be,' Gustav stared at the circular web board on his reading table with a contemplative look.

'I'm pretty sure it was three inches towards the left before,' Gustav was able to notice this minor detail.

He suddenly became cautious and started checking around his apartment.

He checked every part of his room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, e.t.c.

After checking everywhere and seeing nothing else looking suspicious Gustav moved back to his living room.

'Maybe I'm just imagining it...' Gustav held his chin as his suspicion eased up a bit.

'The security measures of this area is pretty bad so maybe I should put personal security measures in place,'


The next day Gustav woke up by his usual time. He finished preparing and headed for school with Angy.

Of course, Angy kept questioning him about the night before and whether he even left his apartment.

She knocked severally and stood in front of his apartment till around eleven in the night before her mother called her to come back to the apartment.

Gustav only told her he left for his work earlier and she didn't need to bother about it.

Gustav didn't even mention anything about killing another mixed-breed. He decided it was better kept under the wraps but he also figured Angy's father should receive a report.

Angy kept staring at him weirdly inside the bus thinking he was telling a lie but after seeing the serious expression on his face she didn't know what to believe.

'Should I tell him, I heard sounds coming from inside his apartment yesterday night?' Angy wondered internally.

She didn't get enough time to ponder about it before they got to their destination.

Gustav wasted no time in getting off the bus and bidding farewell to Angy.

Angy decided to throw it to the back of her mind and head towards school.

'I'll argue about this with him later,'


The school was pretty much lively today but boring to Gustav.

All of his classmates were excited about the upcoming exchange event.

Some perverted guys were already thinking about how they would get hook-ups with girls from the other schools.

It was a three days event which meant, accommodations would be put in place.

Also, in their free time they would be able to mess around and do whatever they liked.

Gustav only shared their enthusiasm for the event because he was going to be traveling past the border.

'Oh I forgot to ask Angy if their school was also invited,' Gustav remembered this and decided to ask Angy later.

The day went by uneventful again but Gustav was already plotting something internally.


Just like that, another three days had gone by and it was Monday again.

During this time the wariness Gustav felt when he entered his apartment the other day, had faded away. But even with that he still decided to install security protocols in his apartment.

Gustav was walking towards his apartment from the stall with two boxes in his hands.

Miss Aimee gave him a free day because of the security protocols he wanted to install in his apartment.

He got to a corner in the second Street and was about to turn left when he suddenly felt a sense of dread.

He paused and looked left and right repeatedly but couldn't see anything around him.

He turned around, still, there was nothing.

Just as he wanted to step forward, thinking it was a misinterpretation of his perception...

"Don't move kid!"

He heard a voice behind him.