The Bloodline System - Chapter 638 - Finally Making A Move

Chapter 638 - Finally Making A Move

Chapter 638 - Finally Making A Move

Gustav proceeded to tell them how they were trailing a group of Vulcans back to their hideout after being suddenly ambushed by them in region twelve, where they were patrolling.

In this situation, he made Luicuis the scapegoat, saying he instructed them to give chase, not knowing they were walking into a trap.

After giving chase to an entire region, the next thing they knew was that they were surrounded and ambushed by a number that exceeded theirs four times.

They were all carted away, which was where the whole situation began, where they began killing them one after the other.

As Gustav got to this point, everyone had looks of astonishment on their faces, not expecting that such a thing could have happened.

Vice Leader Furlan, in particular, found it hard to believe that someone as promising as Lucius from what he had seen in the reports would meet his end in such a way.

Gustav resumed explaining and told them the Vulcans seemed to be testing something, and they ended up being used as guinea pigs.

He later escaped due to a situation within the facility that caused the power system to overload, bringing about a blackout and a chance to be free, which he took.

Getting to this point, Gustav paused once again as he sensed a group approaching the facility.

«Chief Ali Has Arrived!»

The voice of an AI reverberated across the place as a holographic monitor popped up, displaying a man being followed by four other hefty men who seemed to be his bodyguards.

In a few moments, the sound of the entrance door sliding open drifted across the room, and the same man displayed on the monitor walked into the place.

There were already Zaliban troops guarding the entrance, but he still came in with two of his guards and left two by the entrance to increase the already tight security.

Gustav's eyes followed the guards as he sensed the force of their immense energy as they walked in behind Chief Ali. He was a bit surprised to find out the level of their strength and realized he would really have to proceed with caution at this point.

Chief Brisk Ali was looking exactly as pictured in the holographic projection when Gustav had the mission briefing.

He was a brown-skinned middle-aged-looking male with a black dotted forehead and grey-colored short hair. He seemed quite chubby with his long black and gold striped robes covering his entire figure.

A look of seriousness could be seen on his face as he arrived by the side of the seat prepared for him, opposite the group leader.

One of the guards pulled the seat back, allowing him to get in front of it before pushing it back forward for him to sit.

"Welcome, Chief Ali,"

They all greeted him except Gustav, who was still standing in place staring at him.

Gustav had analyzed all three of them within this brief period of time. He already knew that Chief Ali was a weak mixedblood who had already stopped channeling his bloodline a long time ago. He seemed to be encompassed in so much riches that he could care less about being physically powerful.

After all, money and influence was considered a great power in society as well.

His bloodline rank was nothing to worry about, and Gustav couldn't even consider him dangerous in any way, but his guards were a different case.

Outside the walls, he could also sense the other two bodyguards at the entrance were just as strong.

"Is this why you have called me here?" Chief Brisk Ali voiced out with a repressed tone while pointing at Gustav.

"Yes, Chief Ali. Relax. The kid is in the process of explaining everything. He will be disclosing a crucial piece of information soon," Sir Timothy stated.

"Hmph! I hope it's truly something worth of my presence," Chief Ali voiced out while staring at Gustav.

"Ah yes, I will continue now," Gustav said and coughed twice like he was clearing his throat.

His aim was to act intimidated, which he was able to depict well enough for the Chief and his bodyguards to see him as a wuss.

This would subconsciously cause them to lower their guards.

Gustav continued his explanation from there, voicing out the stuff he had cooked up about what he witnessed in the process of escaping the facility.

Gustav's eyes darted around the place as he narrated while beating around the bush, causing everyone's curiosity to be piqued, including Chief Ali.

The two guards were standing right on the sides of Chief Ali with their piercing gazes being shot forward.

One of them seemed to be entirely focused on Gustav while the other one was looking around the room.

All this time, Lydia had not said a word. She let Gustav handle all the talking like he had told her before.

"Chief Ali, this is precisely the reason why you're meant to be in this meeting today..." Gustav paused and held his storage device in his hand like he was about to reveal something.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Gustav's hand at this point, waiting for the revelation.

All of a sudden...

[Gravitational Manipulation Has Been Activated]

A strange gravitational force blasted forth from Gustav, causing everything within the vicinity to suddenly become a lot heavier.


Groans and creaking sounds rang out as the leaders suddenly fell face flat on the table. Lydia instantly fell to her knees as the tremendous pressure pushed down on her shoulders.

At the same time this happened, Gustav's right arm shot forward with speed as an Atomic blade was conjured in his hand.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

The combination skill still gave him the ability to activate more than one power simultaneously.


His elongated arm traveled across the table and slashed out in a diagonal format.

The two guards, besides Chief Ali, were able to react to Gustav's fast speed and reached out to pull Chief Ali towards the side. Still, due to the Gravitational manipulation hindering their movement, they weren't quick enough.


Chief Brisk left arm was instantly cleaved off his shoulder area.