The Bloodline System - Chapter 635 - Who Is The Outworldly?

Chapter 635 - Who Is The Outworldly?

Chapter 635 - Who Is The Outworldly?

Endric's eyes widened as he spotted the Follicle nut at the foot of the massive mountain.

He turned around, and it dawned on him then that they had teleported away from the village.

Even though they were at the foot of the mountain, the terrain was still so high that he could see the outline of the village below in the distance.

It was as if he was standing on a tall platform with the way the houses looked like lego toys.

Endric turned back around and picked up the follicle nut before storing it in his storage device.

"What's that light over there?" Endric proceeded to ask while pointing at the light several miles towards the west.

"Hmm, that's where the forgotten souls of Abedum linger," The gem voiced out.

"Forgotten souls of what now?" Endric raised one eyebrow in confusion.

"My kin. The ones who sacrificed themselves for the greater good, but the world has become forgetful of them," The gem stated as an air of melancholy spread about the place.

Endric still had a look of confusion upon hearing this and stared in the direction of the pillar of light that was still shooting from the ground towards the sky.

He couldn't see anything besides just light particles, but according to what the gem had disclosed, there were supposed to be souls floating within the pillar of light.

Endric was still just a thirteen-year-old kid, so a lot of things didn't make sense to him, and this was one of them, but he couldn't dispute the fact that he had truly found something mysteriously powerful along with it came secrets that if remained unchecked would lead to immense doom.

"Are you ready to leave?" The gem asked after a brief period of silence.



Endric's mind returned to the present as he held out his right palm. Resting on his palm was the same green gemstone, but at the moment, it was silent, and it wasn't glowing.

The gem had teleported them out of the weird village, and he found his way to the takeoff point where an aircraft was awaiting him.

And now, they were finally on their way back to the MBO camp.

He was eager to get back as soon as possible so Dr. Levi could make the cure for Angy, but at the same time, he had a feeling that things would get crazy in the future.

As he recalled a piece of information the gemstone downloaded into his brain, his eyes squinted, 'It says I've made contact with the outworldly... Just who could the outworldly be?' Endric wondered.


-The MBO Camp

While Endric was on his way back, something crazy was happening within the camp.

Fwwwhiiii~> Bam!

A series of whooshing and blasting sounds reverberated across a waterfall area within the camp as a silver streak could be seen cutting across the air at immense speed.

"Angy, stop!"

At the side of the waterfall, a girl whose entire body was covered in a liquid silver armor voiced out and jumped in front to try and stop the movement of the streak.


Nobody saw what happened properly, but all they witnessed was the streak blasting past the girl covered in liquid silver armor, and she was sent flying across the place like a weightless sack of potatoes.

The Silver streak, who was Angy trying to leave this area, had just sent Matilda flying with her armor caved in on the chest area.

Glade, who was also by the side, threw out her sickles, causing them to spin across the air, trying to hit the silver streak, but it was all to no avail.

"Angy, wait!" Glade voiced out as the silver streak spun around and began heading towards the direction of the waterfall up ahead.

At this moment, a purplish vortex opened up in front.


Due to her speed, she ran straight into it, appearing far behind. Noticing that she had been teleported away from the waterfall area, Angy's paused her steps and looked around.

E.E, Aildris, and Falco had arrived on the scene and were currently encircling her.

They could now see how wretched-looking she was. Hair all messy, the outline of black veins all over her face and the other open parts of her body, her partly ashen skin color, and her eyes that looked reddish.

Their jaws hung loose as they saw the way Angy was currently looking.

Angy gritted her teeth and growled as she prepared to bolt out of the encirclement.

"We only want to talk," Falco voiced out. However, the moment he did...


Angy had already dashed forward while his mouth was still opened from voicing that out.

The motion of everything surrounding her turned super slow as she ran through the middle of E.E and Aildris.


The moment she sped past them, a vortex opened up in front.

Angy quickly tried to pump the brakes here and slanted her body a little backward while planting her feet on the ground to break her fast speed so she could avoid the vortex.


The moment she slowed down to turn towards the left, the entire vicinity suddenly turned grey.

The colors surrounding them disappeared in an instant turning this place into a grey and dull colorless world.

Angy eyes squinted as she turned around to spot Aildris with his eyes opened, displaying all the colors in the world within his irises.

She suddenly felt her body turn very sluggish as she swerved towards the side to dodge the vortex.

However, the moment she did that, several dark arcs flew towards her with speed from behind.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve! Boom! Boom!

Even as her speed had slowed down, she was able to dodge every single one of them. They would occasionally slam into the rocky grounds with flowing water moving in between the small pieces of rock protruding from it.


Blast sounds rang across the place as several long marks would be cut into the ground after contact was made.