The Bloodline System - Chapter 634: Time Candidate

Chapter 634: Time Candidate

Chapter 634: Time Candidate

Right now, he was making plans on how he'd handle tomorrow's meeting.

'If Chief Brisk Ali shows up tomorrow... I could use this opportunity to get rid of him,' Gustav thought while sitting on a sofa within the living room.



A blue-colored aircraft bolted across the air with an MBO emblem embedded on both sides.

It was currently flying above a desert area, heading towards a very high wall of sand up ahead that was being generated by fierce winds.

This wall of sand covered the entire perimeter as far as the eyes could see, and the aircraft headed for it looked like a small dot.


It went through it, withstanding the turbulence within and the wave of sand crashing onto the body. In a few seconds, it phased out from the other side, arriving in a clear area where only mountains, valleys, and small rivers could be seen.

Within the aircraft, Endric sat in the cabin all by himself with a fatigued look. He had taken his glasses off his face, and sand could be seen smudged in between cracks on his skin, parts of hair, his clothes, and even his eyebrows had specks of sand hiding within.

He tapped the watch-like device on his wrist, which displayed a few words.

»Successfully acquired the Ynashria plant «

»Successfully acquired the Follicle nut. «

Endric's mind ran back to what happened days back.


"You will need me for the prevention of what is to come... There is too much information, and just a tiny fragment will cause your mind to explode, so I shall do this instead,"

The talking gem voiced out before flying forward with speed and slammed into Endric's forehead before he could react.

"What the hell!?" Endric hissed in pain, and he reached out to touch his forehead in a bid to try and grab the gem.

However, just as he touched it, the gem sank into his forehead.


A plethora of information suddenly began appearing in Endric's mind as he fell to his knees. He groaned in pain as his eyes widened, "What is going on?" He shouted out.

After a few moments, the information pouring into his mind suddenly stopped, causing him to start gasping for breath as it seemed that he forgot how to breathe earlier.

'That is as much information as your mind can take right now. I will unveil the rest to you later on,' He heard the same voice coming from the gemstone within his mind.


His forehead glowed a green light, and the gemstone phased out of his head and began floating in front of him.

Endric tried digesting the pieces of information that had just invaded his mind without consent. His eyes widened as he grasped a little understanding of what was to come from all this.

"Who... What are you?" Endric asked with a frightful expression.

"Someone who once used to matter, but that isn't important anymore. I have been waiting here for a visitor for at least a thousand years now. The last one who found this place chose not to take on the mantle. It is voluntary after all," The gem voiced out.

"You can decide whether or not you want to. I will send you back to the surface and make you forget everything that has happened here if you choose that... But if not, you'll have to take me with you and listen to my instructions in the coming days. I have the knowledge of multiple universes and can also guarantee that you will have a boost in not only knowledge but power as well.

However, you won't be able to escape being at the center of what is to come. You can't run from it. Instead, you must offer assistance in deterring it when the time comes," The gem explained lengthily.

Endric's face lit up with uncertainty as he contemplated on how to respond to this.

"Are you telling me what I saw is bound to happen on earth?" Endric asked.

"Yes, unfortunately, it's an inescapable fate that has been kept at bay for far too long. The only way to prevent it is by doing exactly as I will instruct you in the coming days. I can't do it on my own, which is why I have waited here for a fated visitor to arrive one day. Without my assistance and yours, the plan of the outworldly to prevent this only has a success rate of twenty percent," The gem voiced out.

"The success rate will increase by a lot with our intervention," The gem added.

"The outworldly? What's that?" Endric asked.

"You will find out with time, but from the stench you exude, I can sense that your fate is tied to this more than any other visitor that has appeared before me in the past," The gem suddenly glowed brighter as it got to this point.

"You have come in contact with the outworldly already. The energy of the outworldly lingers around your being. This makes you even a more perfect candidate, and it also proves that my predictions are correct and things are going exactly as planned," The gem voiced out again.

"I am so confused right now," Endric stated.

"All will make sense soon enough. The outworldly is the only one that is capable enough to prevent what is to come, but our assistance will be needed to make sure they succeed," The gem voiced out lastly before floating forward to land on Endric's palm.

"Do you accept being the Time Candidate?" The gem asked.

Endric imagined the horrors and pictured some of the information that had appeared in his mind earlier.

He gulped down saliva before responding, "I accept," 

"Good, now I'll get us out of here," The gem voiced out and glowed even more intensely.

"Wait... I'm looking for this," Endric voiced out and displayed an image of the second item he was sent to get for Angy.

"You said you were all-knowing... Can you find it?" Endric asked.

"It's right there,"


As the gem voiced out, they teleported towards the massive black mountain in the distance.

Endric's eyes widened as he spotted the Follicle nut at the foot of the massive mountain.