The Bloodline System - Chapter 636 - Negative Thoughts

Chapter 636 - Negative Thoughts

Chapter 636 - Negative Thoughts

Suddenly, as Angy swerved towards the side once again, another vortex appeared in the direction she was headed.

She tried to move quickly to dodge entering it, but on both sides, multiple attacks were incoming, leaving no room.

At the moment where Angy was about to go through the vortex, she suddenly leaped into the air.


But just as she did...


The air spiralled around her, and Aildris suddenly appeared in front of her in mid-air.


He instantly grabbed her by the hand and teleported away again, appearing in the middle of E.E and Falco.

Falco's entire body was full of dark tattoos, and his face had weird black marks across them, with both eyes looking extremely dark. He had been the one sending out the arcs of darkness towards Angy all this time. They coordinated the attacks well so they could trap her and catch her before she would escape again.

E.E lowered his hand and turned around to stare at Angy, who was struggling to free herself from Aildris's grasp. Aildris's grasp was too strong for her since he was the number three strongest first year on camp, so she couldn't free herself.

"Angy, talk to us! What's going on?" E.E voiced out as he moved closer to her.

"Let me go!" Angy shouted out while still trying to free herself.

Falco also moved closer, along with Glade and Matilda, who had recovered from the hit she received from Angy earlier.

"What's going on with you? Why won't you see us or speak to us?" Falco asked as well, causing Angy to keep quiet as silence reigned in the vicinity.

"We're only here to help... You don't have to hide what's going on from us," Aildris said while closing his eyes.

Everywhere returned to normal at this point. The surroundings turned colorful once again, and Angy felt the pressure bearing down on her disappear.

Although she was silent, her mind was presently being plagued with a lot of thoughts.

"Talk to us, Angy. We are here for you," -Glade said.

Her head was getting rowdier and rowdier as she heard them speak.

"Angy, what's going on?" -Matilda.

"Come on, Angy, we've come so far for you to start hiding things from us," -Falco.

Listening to them show concern began to trigger memories in her head of Dr. Levi's disclosure on her condition.

'You'll never be able to work side by side with him!'

'This is the end for you! Drop out of camp!'

'You were never worthy to be by his side, so leave!'

'Betrayal! The same way your kindness betrayed you, these friends that are showing concern will do the same!'

"Angy, talk to us... Gustav said to make sure you're okay. I can't disappoint my friend," -E.E.

'You're only wasting your time by being here! Your bloodline would be gone before he arrives back! You'll never get to see him again!'

At this point, her mind was spiralling full of negative thoughts. Her eyes began to turn whitish as weird energy surrounded her, causing her hair to float.

"What's going on?" Glade voiced out as she noticed the change.

"Hey, Angy... Angy..." Aildris kept calling out to her while shaking her body, but there was no response.

"Angy!" Falco shouted out as he placed his palm on her shoulder.

But at that moment...

"Leave me alone!"

Angy screamed out with a loud voice as the energy blasted forth from her being, and she dashed away.


Her speed at this point was so insanely fast that all of them were still being sent across the air by the time she disappeared into the distance.

Aildris was barely affected, but he was quick enough to react to her speed, so she ended up getting away.

Spiralling across the air, he stabilized his body and landed several feet behind with a huge frown on his face.

"She has gotta be suffering from a serious ailment," He voiced out while walking forward.

E.E also landed on the ground after opening a vortex behind his spiralling body earlier and appearing on the ground. Matilda and Falco were the only ones who landed on the ground roughly.

"How was she even able to do that? I thought she needed to run around for some time before she could use the kinetic discharge, and it is also supposed to work in her highest speed form," Falco stated while lifting himself off the ground with a slightly pained look.

"That discharge was significantly weaker compared to when she uses it in her highest speed form but did you guys notice that she moved faster than her highest speed form without activating it?" E.E voiced out with a suspicious look.

They all could tell at this point that whatever was wrong with Angy was definitely related to her bloodline, but they still had no idea what was going on.

Just as Falco was about to ask what their next step would be, they heard footsteps from the forest area towards the left and turned around.

"This is happening because she's experiencing an extreme high right now. When her bloodline reaches its highest potential, it will be snuffed out from within, and she'll turn into a regular human,"

Everyone stared at the middle-aged-looking man who had just spoken. He was dressed in a medical outfit and had a monocle on his left eye.

"Dr. Levi?" E.E instantly recognized the doctor.

"What are you talking about?" Falco asked with a confused expression.

"I found out that you five have been digging around for Angy's recent behavior. Follow me, I'll explain everything," Dr. Levi voiced out and turned to head back into the forest area.

They all looked at each other for a few moments before following after him.


-Region Twenty-six

Currently, Gustav had just arrived in region twenty-six with his fake fiance Lydia. He was clad in the Zalibans troops outfit, and they were currently headed towards a facility within this region within a hovercar, and Lydia was sitting right beside him.

Today was the day Gustav would meet with the upper echelon within the Zaliban group, and he had already made plans.