The Bloodline System - Chapter 633: Causing Panic

Chapter 633: Causing Panic

Chapter 633: Causing Panic


Occasionally, multiple cries of agony could be heard as Gustav went about lopping heads and body parts off with his atomic blade.

Shin! Shin! Shin!

Gustav deflected three beams shot out from cannon-like weapons with immense speed as he slashed across the place.

"Take him down!"

There would be screams like this, along with a large number of Zaliban troops dashing towards Gustav at the same time in a bid to take advantage of their higher numbers.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn't keep up with Gustav's speed. With just a single movement, he escaped their encirclement and bombardment of attacks and arrived behind them one after the other, cutting them down.

Since they were about fifty in number, it took Gustav some time to get rid of all of them.

By the time he had annihilated every single Zaliban troop here, the command center had been alerted already.

More troops were being sent here after one of the Zalibans here reported that they were being slaughtered before Gustav could get to him.

Gustav wasn't worried that they were sending a more powerful group here.

It would take around fifteen to twenty minutes for them to get here based on his calculation which was more than enough time for him to get out of here.

It wouldn't be wise for him to engage with them any further, so he decided this much killing was enough for today.

With that in mind...


Gustav activated Sprint and darted away from the scene, disappearing out of sight in a manner of seconds.

-Twenty minutes later

Several Zalibans troops could be seen on the scene. They had looks of astonishment and confusion as they looked around, spotting the numerous corpses scattered around the place.

Headless corpses and some limbless. The air in the entire valley area was filled with a metallic smell, and the ground was dyed in fresh blood.

They could tell that the battle must have been gruesome. Still, they couldn't understand which group would be capable of annihilating the entire troops. But, looking around, they also couldn't find any corpse from the enemy side.

"Impossible! There is no way the other side suffered no casualty," One of them voiced out after a Zaliban came to give the report that every corpse here was that of Zaliban troops.

They double-checked and confirmed that this truly was the case.

This confirmation implanted panic in the minds of everyone. 

'Does this mean the opposing side was so powerful, the troops couldn't even take one enemy down?' Thoughts similar to this began appearing in their minds.

The worst part was that there was no information regarding the enemy force. The group where the opposing force belonged wasn't mentioned, so this made things even more puzzling as they had no idea who was responsible for this.


While the Zalibans were conducting their investigations, Gustav was back in region thirty-two. He went back to taking the form of Akeem and moved towards Lydia's apartment.


In a flash, three days went by again.

During these days, Gustav had spent his time luring the Zaliban troops to different locations to get rid of them.

He would randomly visit regions and use the communication tool to contact the command center within that region, asking for backup.

This way, he was able to fan out the troops and keep them predicting so they wouldn't send out a large number.

Fifty to sixty was already a large number. However, Gustav could still handle this much force, especially at a period where they weren't so well equipped like they used to be.

The unavailability of advanced firearms caused their troops to be severely weakened compared to before. 

The Lanzis and Routilias were also experiencing this same situation. The Routilias barely sent their troops out to participate in battles but to support the Lanzis and Zalibans, who had been experiencing serious battle losses in these past few days, they had to send out troops as well.

However, they experienced the same fate as the other two. Their troops nearly got annihilated completely by the opposing force.

This resulted from Fiona, Ildan, Darkyl, Felgro, and Mill participating in these battles.

The Vulcans and Darilias only had serious casualties when these five weren't involved in battles. But, of course, it was impossible for them to be everywhere, so the Vulcans and the other two groups would still experience losses in other areas from time to time, but so far, the opposing three groups had suffered way more casualties than they had in the last five days.

In just these five days, Gustav and his squad had managed to cause a scare in these groups as they couldn't understand where the powerhouses suddenly appeared from and began supporting the Vulcans, Routilias, and Gildans.

The Gildans, in particular, didn't get any boost in strength. Still, whenever their troops were sent to battle any force from the Zalibans in regions closer to Region Thirty-two, they would always find a masked man intervening in the battle, helping them take down the Zaliban troops.

So far, Gustav and his squad were close to completing the second objective, and presently the groups were holding an emergency meeting on how to handle the current predicament.

They could see the tide of the battle shifting, and it wasn't in their favor. They initially had the upper hand over the other three, but now they couldn't tell what was happening, so they came together to strategize.

Meanwhile, during these three days, Gustav kept playing the role of Akeem and Lydia had no idea that the culprit was living right under her roof. The next day would be the day Gustav would be meeting the higher-ups based on how Lydia set it up for him.

He has occasionally managed to fool Lydia that they made love on the past nights while drugging her.

Gustav wasn't worried that the drug might have an adverse effect on her because she was a Gilberk rank mixedblood. This was high rank enough to be immune to the adverse effects of overdosing sedation.