The Bloodline System - Chapter 632: Luring The Troops For Annihilation

Chapter 632: Luring The Troops For Annihilation

Chapter 632: Luring The Troops For Annihilation

While this was happening, one particular house that had no mark would occasionally change spots circling around Endric, so no matter how much he checked, he would only spot houses that had already been marked.

This kept happening without any form of sound or noise. It was barely noticeable, so Endric had no idea that it was happening around him currently.

Endric's eyes suddenly squinted after several minutes of fruitlessly running about.


Clasping his hands together, telekinetic energy surrounded him as he ascended into the air.

He rose several hundred feet and stared at the village structure from up above once again.


His eyes roamed about the village suspiciously from up above.

His eyes suddenly widened as he spotted the structure without a mark from up above.


The building suddenly got replaced with another one that had been marked, causing Endric's mouth to open up as he understood what had been happening.

His eyes quickly darted around as he flew forward, trying to find where it disappeared to.

He spotted it at the far west of the village and began flying towards it, only for it to change spot again.

This became an issue as Endric kept spending a lot of energy to fly across the village in a bid to arrive in front of the house before it disappeared again, but the house kept evading him.

It repeatedly appeared and disappeared, making Endric go on a wild goose chase.

"Enough of this!" Endric was finally fed up as he clasped his palms together.


Immense telekinesis energy began to erupt from his being, causing his curly hair to blow upwards and his sweater to bloat immensely.


The moment he spotted the next location where the house appeared, he sent out a wave of telekinetic energy towards that location.


A large blast was heard as Endric's telekinetic energy boxed the house on all four sides, holding it in place.

Endric proceeded to lift both hands, causing the building to start getting lifted off the ground.

"Grrrhhh!" Endric groaned loudly as his muscles turned stiff and the outline of veins popped out on his neck area.

He slowly pulled the entire building towards his direction and landed it right below him.


He instantly bolted in before anything could happen to the building.


Blasting through the door, he found himself in the midst of bright light, and then he felt his body suddenly start descending.

Zzhhiiii~] Bam!

The instant he landed, he found himself in a dark, enclosed space with only one source of light.

A small green glowing gem floating in the middle of this space.

"Welcome Adventurer, I am the Floorie Oracle," 

Endric face lit up with confusion as he heard the voice coming from the gem.


-Region Thirty-Four

Within a mild wilderness-like area, Gustav stood atop a small piece of rock with a communication tool in his hand.

"S-eend ba-ck up... The-rer ma-nyyy of them..." He voiced out with a tone of urgency and fatigue while stretching out his hand and shooting out balls of fire that exploded in the distance.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His voice thinned out, and he suddenly cut the communication while the person on the other side was still talking.

After Gustav cut the communication, a smirk appeared on his face, and he kept the device.

"They will be on their way now," He muttered while bringing out an item from his storage device.


A whitish gorilla-like mask that had two short horns at the top appeared on his hand. It looked quite scary, but Gustav looked interested in it as this would be the first time he would be using this one.


"This is also an ancient type mask that symbolizes strength, brutality, and viciousness. Warlords back in the days wore these kinds of masks since they were the bloodthirsty kind that killed others without a shred of mercy!"


He recalled what the old man who sold the mask to him said about it when he was about getting it a year ago.

'I'm not bloodthirsty,' Gustav scoffed and proceeded to put on the mask.

("But you're about to cause a bloodbath,") The system responded in his head.

"No choice here. This is war. I'm sure they're headed here prepared to die," Gustav stated as he peered into the distance.

From above, it could be seen that a menacing-looking man clad in black pants and a red leather jacket stood atop a small rock with a whitish mask on his face.

Obviously, this was Gustav, and he was currently waiting for the Zaliban troops to arrive here after luring them to this region using their communication device.

He pretended to be a part of them and stated that they were being attacked by another group.

In the next ten minutes, Gustav sensed the hover cars approaching this area and got ready for battle.

As they closed in on his position, he conjured an atomic blade in his right hand.

His muscles bulged intensely as he arched his arm back and threw it out with force.


The amount of force it carried as it flew towards the first hovercar was so immense that it looked like a white streak was cutting across the air.

The hovercar was cleaved into two, causing it to explode, blasting out the passengers within.

Before the Zalibans could understand what was happening, they were already under attack by Gustav.

'Didn't they say there were a lot of enemy troops?' This was the thought running through their minds as they spotted the masked man bolting towards them with immense speed and malicious intent.


A battle broke out as Gustav, and the troops from the Zalibans clashed with each other.

Boom! Boom! Bang!

The sounds of multiple explosions reverberated across the place as Gustav moved like a phantom disengaging different pieces of machinery before they could be set up.



Occasionally multiple cries of agony could be heard as Gustav went about lopping heads and body parts off with his atomic blade.