The Bloodline System - Chapter 631: Mysterious Structural Exchange

Chapter 631: Mysterious Structural Exchange

Chapter 631: Mysterious Structural Exchange

He paused at that point in the air and stared down at the village with his eyes squinted.


He noticed a small change in the outline of the village structure, which was a bit different from how it looked the day before.

Endric had done this yesterday. He levitated above the village to have an aerial view of the location.

He thought he would find a clue after performing this action the day before, but it turned out to be fruitless.

However, staring at the village from up above, he recalled a small difference between yesterday and today.

The house at the edge of the village had changed spots with the one right beside it.

They looked quite similar, but Endric recalled one had a part of its roofing chipped off by the side, which was what made him squint his eyes, seeing the difference.

"The structures move?" Endric voiced out with a look of contemplation and looked around more to see if he would observe any other difference.

Truly just as he had thought, a few houses had changed position from their initial spot the day before. He only noticed these ones because they each had something he could use to differentiate them from the others.

He felt there could still be more that had changed positions, but he couldn't spot them because of the similarities with other structures.

Presently, the two things that baffled him were how such an event occurred without him suspecting anything and if these changes were related to whatever could help him escape from this place.

Endric slowly descended after scrutinizing the environment for another fifteen minutes.

He landed back on the ground with a contemplative look on his face as he tried to figure things out.

After a few moments, he walked towards the house at the edge of the village. 

Arriving before it, he walked in and looked around. The interior design of the place was just as poor-looking as the day before.

A wooden cane chair was positioned in the middle of what seemed to be the living room. A mat spread in the room, and some artistic crafts were made using grasses and leaves placed on the walls.

He moved around and didn't find anything of interest. It was exactly like it was a day before, except the house's position.

Suddenly, a thought drifted into Endric's mind.

'I didn't notice when these houses changed positions. If this happened, while I was moving from place to place, checking different houses, there's a possibility that I might not have checked a place,' Endric eyes squinted with a hint of suspicion as he walked out of the house.

Since the houses changed position, he could have been tricked into checking a house that he had checked before if positions had been changed before his arrival there. 

In other words, the clue to leaving this place was in a structure he hadn't checked yet but was fooled into believing he had checked everywhere.

As this thought ran rampant in Endric's head, he once again activated his telekinesis and levitated above the village.


He flew towards the start of the village with speed and landed right in front of the first house.

Before going in, he gathered telekinesis at his fingertips and slashed out twice.

Shii! Shii!

Two long lines appeared on the wall of the house before he went in.

He checked everywhere within the structure and came out after a few minutes of not discovering anything. From there, he proceeded to the next house and did the same thing before going in.

Shii! Shii!

Two long visible lines appeared on the wall of the structure. He went in and checked this one out as well before coming out after about a minute.

This same action kept repeating itself as Endric moved from one house to the next after it and then the next and then the next after that one as well.

As he continued this, he made sure to mark the structures before going in.

There were around four hundred houses in the deserted village, so this would take some time to finish up.

Within two hours, he had managed to finish checking over a hundred houses, but he still had around three hundred left to go.

During this time, Endric confirmed the initial speculation he had before he began this.

When he came out of some houses, he found out that the one next to him was one he had checked before. He wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for the lines he carved on the walls of every house he had already checked.

He proceeded to continue checking the houses carefully, slowly closing in on the middle section of the village.

-Three and the half hours later

After over five hours of checking through the village, Endric finally arrived at the last house close to the outskirts of the village.

In a few minutes, he finished checking it and came out with a frown on his face.

"That's three hundred and ninety-nine houses. Where's the last one?" He muttered with a confused tone as he turned around to stare at the village.

So far, he had checked every house he came into contact with while moving through the village, and he made sure to count them as he came out of the ones he checked.

Now he couldn't understand how he missed one house. It didn't make sense to him.

Endric turned around and dashed across the village, trying to spot if there were any houses that didn't have the mark he placed on the walls.

He randomly moved about the place, not understanding how he would miss an entire house.

Moving about the place, the only houses he could spot were the ones he already left marks on, which meant he had checked them already.

What Endric didn't know was, as he dashed across the place from above, it could be seen that houses were disappearing and appearing in other spots while another house in another appeared there.