The Bloodline System - Chapter 625: Finishing The First Objective

Chapter 625: Finishing The First Objective

Chapter 625: Finishing The First Objective

'That's why they have the guts to carry out the escape operation... Miss Aimee ain't there,' Gustav came to this realisation.

"Miss Aimee... They're planning to break Jabal out," Gustav disclosed.



After some minutes the call with miss Aimee ended. Gustav had explained to her everything Jabal said and she told him the situation was going to be handled.

Gustav moved towards Jabal's headless body and stuck his fingers into the bloody neck area.


[Requirements For Bloodline Acquisition Has Been Met]

[Analysing Host compatibility with 'Energy Beacon Bloodline']

[Compatibility level: 84%]

[Does host wish to acquire this bloodline: YES/NO]



[Bloodline Extraction Will Begin]

[Extraction Process: 0/100]



Gustav only waited for about thirty seconds before it was done.

[Energy Beacon Bloodline Successfully Acquired]

After this was done, Gustav proceeded to spend the rest of the day channeling his bloodline and meditating after cleaning his room of Jabal's corpse.

The others spent time together sharing conversations but Gustav stayed on his own all through.

He recalled it had been more than a month since he left the MBO camp and hoped everyone was okay there.

If there was a way to contact them he would have tried to but he could only imagine how they were training day after day especially Angy.

'They will undergo a lot of improvements before I get back,' Gustav thought with a smile.

The day went by and the next day they began their journey to region twenty six just as they had planned.

Gustav had fully recovered his energy and was now a little stronger than before after the level up. 

It took them only an hour to get to region twenty six and they immediately began heading towards the next location where the advanced firearms were kept.

Unlike the previous times, they had no plans of Infiltrating using the identity of the Red Jackets. These other locations were relatively smaller and easier to get rid of so Gustav felt they didn't need the get up.

The only threat Gustav saw were the rest of the three strongests guarding each location but he didn't really see them as threats anymore since he had an entire capable team of Falcon ranked mixedbloods with him.

Initially Gustav felt it would have been better if he was the only one sent on the mission but now he was glad a squad was formed on his behalf. It had made things easier.

They arrived in front of a two storey shard structured building and the operation began.


About an hour later another explosion rocked the vicinity, bringing down the entire structure and affecting the neighbouring ones.

Gustav and his team were already quite a distance from it.

Standing atop a tall structure, Gustav stared at what was left of the building which was just a pile of rubble now.

The entire squad were standing around him staring at the havoc they had wreaked.

The Red Jackets guarding this location weren't high in number so it was quite easy to take care of them. They slaughtered every single Red Jacket before blowing up the building along with the advanced firearms stored there.

They already knew that no Red Jackets were to be spared. Everyone Gustav came into contact with were mercilessly slaughtered especially when he recalled what they did to the couple who helped him.

The Red Jackets had no one to report to or ask for backup from so Gustav's squad went all in.

Gustav extracted a few bloodlines he found interesting before the destruction of the entire structure.

"Three down... Two more to go," Gustav stated before turning around to leave the vicinity with his squad.


In a flash three days went by. Within these three days Gustav and his squad had successfully wiped out all the locations where the advanced firearms were kept.

Every single Red Jacket along with all of Sahil surbodinates had been erased from the city.

It had only taken them a week to complete the first objective given to them by the MBO.

During the last three days, the powers within the city were already starting to catch wind of the disturbance happening across the regions.

The problem was, they also had no idea of the location for the storage of the firearms so none of them could interfere on time.

With this the supply chain of advanced firearms had been interrupted so battles were getting more difficult and unpredictable.

The powers in the city tried sourcing for another way to get advanced firearms but Gustav and his squad were on it.

Besides Sahil group which had been uprooted, the others smaller groups who had been secretly distributing were all annihilated by Gustav and his squad as well during the last three days.

At the moment Gustav and his squad were having a meeting on the second objective they were going to complete.

"I suggest we leave the assassination plans for last and deal with reducing the power of their troops first," Fiona voiced out.


-The MBO Camp

"You two still can't get through to her?" 

Within a group of five the dark skinned young lad with a bushy afro hair voiced out.

"We can't... She won't see us still," The green skinned girl in their midst voiced out in response.

There was a brief silence as the rest of them digested the information that had just been disclosed.

"Those who sighted her recently mentioned that her skin was starting to get discolored," The other girl in their midst voiced out.

These five were, Aildris, Falco, E.E, Matilda and Glade.

"Her skin is getting discolored? Is she suffering from an ailment or something?" Falco voiced out with a very worried expression.

Everyone had the same worried expression on their face as they heard that as well. They couldn't understand what exactly was wrong with Angy since she wouldn't open up to them.

"Unrelated but has anyone noticed Endric has been missing in camp lately," E.E voiced out.

Everyone stared at him as he stated this. E.E had a suspicious look of contemplation after saying this.

"It's a bit weird that he suddenly disappeared after this whole Angy situation began,"