The Bloodline System - Chapter 624: Jabal's Revelation

Chapter 624: Jabal's Revelation

Chapter 624: Jabal's Revelation

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Nevertheless they were glad it turned out alright and now Gustav had given them a day of rest before they headed to their next place of operation... Region twenty six.


Hours later Gustav was sitting in a small room channeling his bloodline while Jabal was tied up on a chair in front.

Jabal had pleading eyes as he tried over and over to break free from the constraints but it was to no avail.

His mouth was also sealed shut so he couldn't speak. He could only stare at the face of this young lad in front of him who seemed to be meditating with an unbothered expression.

Gustav suddenly opened his eyes as a notification rang out in his head.


[Quest Complete: Keep Jabal alive for 24 hours]


[+5,000,000 EXP]

[+10 Attribute points]

[Hover Level Up]

(Float in mid air for up to ten seconds or transfer to an object)


As Gustav stared at the rewards he nodded in satisfaction. It would have taken him some time to level Hover up since he only used it at specific times. The rewards were satisfactory to him.

He was only halfway from getting to level 48 now.

'So what was the hidden punishment for failing this?' Gustav asked the system.

("You really wanna know?") The system responded with this.

'I do,' Gustav answered.

("-5 attribute points,") The system stated.

Gustav; "..." 'You really had me thinking it was something more... You little...' 

Gustav couldn't find words for how he felt at the moment after finding out that the hidden punishment was nothing of real consequence.

The system snickered upon seeing Gustav's expression.

Gustav stood up from the bed and moved towards Jabal to take off the tape covering his mouth.

"Any last words before I send you to join the rest of your surbodinates?" Gustav asked as he squatted in front of him.

"You! How did you..? You're the same person who abducted boss! How are you able to become different people? You're just a kid how did you best my surbodin..?" Jabal threw out questions consecutively with a look of disbelief.

"You got the opportunity to say your last words and this is how you decide to use it? You're gonna die with a mind full of unanswered questions," Gustav stated as the atomic blade appeared in his right hand.

"Wait! Please wait!" Jabal shouted with a loud tone before Gustav could swing out.

Gustav hand hovered in mid air as he raised one eyebrow.

"Please spare me! I have a piece of information for you that concerns boss," He stated with a trembling tone.

"Oh? Nah I ain't interested in someone I already caught," Gustav voiced out as he raised his hand again.

"Please wait, I promise it's important information about how we planned his escape from the MBO," Jabal quickly stated before Gustav could swing out one again.

"Hmm?" Gustav was a bit interested after hearing this.

"I know you're an MBO officer. I found out when I discovered where boss was taken to after you abducted him. We already planned his escape and I can tell you how to prevent it if you let me g..." While Jabal was speaking Gustav suddenly cut him short.

"It doesn't matter... The MBO is not so incompetent as to allow such a thing happen," Gustav stated but just as the words left his mouth he became unsure of the statement.

He remembered the MBO has been pretty incompetent so far but at the same time he wanted to believe it would be impossible for them to break Sahil out since he was in the second base.

"Looks like you're just a newbie... You have no idea how many corrupt officials are in the MBO and how many boss had relationship with. This was how he was able to escape getting caught a lot of times as well. I can assure you they will be able to successfully get him out but if you can let me go I'll tell you how to stop that from happening," Jabal voiced out.

A look of contemplation appeared on Gustav's face as he heard everything Jabal had said. It wasn't new news that the MBO had corrupt officials in their midst so Gustav didn't really doubt Jabal's statement. 

And now it really made sense how Jabal was able to get away most times since he could be getting inside information anytime the MBO was onto him.

Sure Jabal was very smart and had good getaway methods but the MBO was a force to reckon with across galaxies so it didn't make sense that an ordinary advanced firearms distributor was kept slipping from their hands.

What Gustav didn't understand now was how Jabal didn't know the MBO was onto him when he was the one sent to catch him this time.

Gustav shook all these thoughts off for now and stared at Jabal.

A smirk suddenly appeared on his face.

"I really don't care... I've already completed the mission by catching him. If the MBO looses him now, that's on them," Gustav voiced out.

"But..." Before Jabal could say another word, Gustav right arm swung out with immense speed.

"Guurrrggkkkyyll!" Jabal eyes widened as he lost feeling in his neck area.

His vision spiralled repeatedly as he spotted his headless body getting farther and father away from him before everything darkened.


Jabal head hit the side of the wall and ricochetted off before landing on the floor.

Both the wall and the floor became stained with blood.

Gustav moved to sit on the bed with a slightly conflicted look, ignoring the strong metallic stench that was slowly filling the room.

"Yeah I have to call her," He voiced out while bringing out a communication device.


A holographic projection of a beautiful lady with ash colored hair appeared a few moments later.

"Hey kid, what's up?" Miss Aimee asked from the other side.

"There's a problem... Are you still at second base?" Gustav asked.

"Nah I left yesterday, what's wrong?" Miss Aimee responded and asked when she noticed the look of urgency in Gustav's eyes.