The Bloodline System - Chapter 626: Exposure

Chapter 626: Exposure

Chapter 626: Exposure

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"It's a bit weird that he suddenly disappeared after this whole Angy situation began," E.E added.

Everyone had looks of contemplation upon hearing this. E.E's statement was looking like a speculation that made it seem like Endric was connected to this whole issue.

"Angy has stopped attending morning routines... I'm sure she has been given several warnings already but she's ignoring them," Matilda stated.

"And this whole epistle just happened to start the period Endric also dissapears from camp... It's does look connected," Falco voiced out.

"I remember about two weeks back she visited the lab for a check-up and I later came to find out that Endric went together with her," Glade eyes squinted as she disclosed.

"Something is definitely up and Endric is related to it... We need to get to the bottom of this and find a way to get through to Angy as well," Aildris stated.

"Yes Endric is related to Angy's current predicament," They suddenly heard someone voice out from up ahead.

It was a feminine figure walking in between the trees in this vegetative like area.

Everyone turned around to stare at the feminine figure approaching.

"Vera?" Glade voiced out.

E.E eyes squinted as she approached their position. With what she had just said, he believed she knew more about this than they did.

"How do you know that?" Falco was the first to ask the instant Vera arrived in front of them.

"The other day when you guys tried getting through to Angy together... I was there," Vera began narrating.

"After you all left, she came out of her room and I was hiding at the corner so she didn't spot me. She left the residential area to a secluded part in camp and I followed her," Vera paused as she got to this point.

"Then what happened?" Falco seemed impatient as he asked for Vera to continue.

"Nothing happened..." Vera response caused them to stare at her with confused expression.

However before anyone could say something she continued speaking, "...But I did overhear her speaking to herself about an incident that happened which involved Endric. She looked nothing like her angelic self when mentioning it. Her eyes looked murderous," Vera seemed to be replaying the footage in her head due to the myriad of expression on her face as she spoke.

"What is the incident?" Aildris asked.

"She didn't specify... She only mentioned a little since she was speaking to herself but I clearly heard the mention of Endric being the culprit," Vera responded while shrugging her shoulders.

"I don't really care since she's my rival but I'm telling you all this so you can find a way to help her because of him," After saying this Vera turned around to leave.

"Who is him?" Matilda asked as Vera walked away but there was no answer.

All of them stared at her back as she disappeared into the distance with looks of confusion and contemplation.

"So Endric truly does have something to do with this," Falco gritted his teeth and clenched his fist tightly as he voiced out with a look of anger.

"Let's calm down a bit... Endric changed so there might be a misunderstanding somewhere," Aildris chimed in.

"Misunderstanding? Tell that to Angy... Oh wait we can't. She won't see anyone because of the state she was put in by that brat! Gustav was always right about him," Falco spat out angrily as he pranced about the place.

"Relax Falco... It is indeed a fact that we witnessed Endric's change. Let's not jump to any conclusions before knowing the whole story," E.E stated while tapping on Falco's shoulder.

"Let's try looking for information on Endric," Matilda suggested.


In a region of sandy ground surface and unexpected whirlwinds that moved about from time to time, a figure could be seen walking across the place.

He was clad in white hoodie and black boots with large glasses as he strode along the sandy surface.

After moving for some time, he paused his steps and tapped on the watch like device strapped to his left wrist.


»Time Left: Three Days, 3hrs, 47 mins«

»Successfully acquired the Ynashria plant«

"Three days till pickup... I need to find a Follicle nut," Endric voiced out as he tapped on the watch like device again which proceeded to change display.

It projected a dark yellowish thumb sized looking nut.

During the last one week, Endric had been searching for two items. One was the Ynashria plant and the other was the Follicle nut. These were the two items Dr Levi asked him to get for Angy's treatment and he was on a timer.

Endric had acquired the Ynashria plant after his scuffle with the Drakil which led him to going into one of the structures in the vicinity.

The structure happened to be laced with traps but Endric was able to overcome all the hurdles and arrive at the bottommost part of the structure where the Ynashria plant was growing in few numbers.

He followed the description Dr Levi left him and picked the one that looked like what he wanted before finding his way out of there and moving far away from the vicinity.

Endric current location was within one of the most dangerous deserts in the world that was created some time after the meteor shower that was suspected to be parts from the destroyed home planet of the Slarkovs.

Fortunately he was given a guide instrument which had helped him protect himself from falling into situations that would've lead to his death by now.

He only had about three more days left to find the Follicle nut so he was getting tensed and impatient.

He had been walking for more than twenty four hours.

"Hmm?" After climbing another hill of sand the glass sensors on Endric's face signaled him of something.

"A lake?" He muttered with a surprised expression as he spotted the small lime colored body of water hundreds of feet towards the west.

From his line of sight seeing through the glasses, a yellow dot kept beeping as the glasses zoomed in on the location.