The Bloodline System - Chapter 623: Operation Ends With A Blast

Chapter 623: Operation Ends With A Blast

Chapter 623: Operation Ends With A Blast

As Gustav's body crossed over a thousand feet across the air...




A massive explosion rocked the entire structure razing it to the ground.


A huge mushroom cloud appeared that covered two thousand feet of space across the premises entirely obliterating every physical matter in its way.

Gustav who was still in mid air had already left a lot of distance between himself and the structure but he was still hit by the powerful shockwaves causing him to tumble across the air repeatedly as his body flew uncontrollably towards a building on the other street.

Just as Gustav was about to hit it...

[Hover Has Been Activated]

His body suddenly paused in mid air, a few feet away from the building.

Floating a little bit forward, Gustav reached out to grab the building with his right hand and pulled himself upwards.


He floated upwards with Jabal still on his back and landed atop the sixty storey building.


-Energy: 1028/16000


'Always cutting it close,' Gustav realized he spent way more energy than he was supposed to but he was glad he got the job done.

He sighed in relief as he dropped Jabal's unconscious body by the side and stared in the direction of the explosion.

It was at least five thousand feet away from his current standpoint but he could see clearly just how much destruction was wreaked upon the environment.

A massive crater that covered over a thousand feet had been formed in place of the initial premises where Jabal and the Red Jackets initially resided.

[You have killed a Martial ranked Mixedblood]

[+150,000 EXP]

[You have killed a Martial ranked Mixedblood]


[You have killed a Martial ranked Mixedblood]

[+150,000 EXP]

Notifications popped up in his line of sight one after the other in twenties.

It had been so long since Gustav got an overflow of notifications like this boosting his EXP so quickly.

[Host Has Leveled Up]

After the notifications ended, Gustav noticed he leveled up to 47. A good ol' manslaughter was still the best way to stack up a lot of EXP so long as the Mixedblood/Mixedbreed were powerful enough.

[God Eyes Have Been Activated]

Gustav sight turned red as he zoomed in on a part of the crater.

There was a small amount of exalted land that wasn't destroyed like the rest. It had some spikes surrounding. Some were cracked and others were broken in half.

The people standing on this piece of land were clad in yellowish outfit. These of course were the Vulcans Gustav had saved.

However, even though he had them surrounded with the iro silk from the Kilapisole some parts were still blasted apart by the explosion so some of them still died.

Gustav could see a few of them laying on the ground lifeless.

Out of 100% of the Vulcans who came here, only 60% would be able to leave with their lives intact. Gustav deactivated God Eyes after confirming the survival of some of them.

He wasn't in anyway feeling remorseful about what had happened here.

The Vulcans were not supposed to be here in the first place and had he not interfered at the expense of losing all his energy since that was his first time of trying that, they would all be dead.

The Vulcans who survived were looking around with confusion not understanding how they were surrounded with the icicle like barricades before the explosion. They felt this couldn't be a coincidence.

Gustav noticed he was bleeding from his neck area but he wasn't bothered since it was just a flesh wound and regeneration was starting to kick in already.

'Squad leader... Were you able to get away in time?' He suddenly got a mind communication call from Fiona.

'Yes... What about you guys?' Gustav asked.

'We did as well,' Fiona responded and proceeded to explain where they were currently.

Gustav squatted and picked Jabal up before placing him on his left shoulder and leaping down the building.


Minutes later Gustav and his squad stood atop the Lounge rooftop discussing about their recently completed objective.

"Why did Squad Leader take Jabal?" Fiona asked.

"I need him to answer some questions," Gustav responded while staring at the side where Jabal was still laying on the ground.

"The Vulcans how did some of them survive amid that amount of destruction?" Mill voiced out with a confused expression.

"That's not important..." Gustav waved the question off.

"...The objective was a success. There are three more locations to get rid off and that should be our next focus before the others catch on," He added.

"It was relatively easy. How did squad leader manage to escape on time? We barely made it away from the area of concentration before the explosion," Darkyl voiced out as he recalled that they were also assaulted by the shockwaves.

Fiona was the only one who got far away to not be affected in anyway by the shockwaves and that was due to her flying speed.

"That doesn't matter. You guys should go rest now and get ready for the next operation in region twenty six. We'll be heading there in a day," Gustav voiced out and stood up.

He picked Jabal up and moved towards the door area that led to the internal structure of the lounge.

"Good job everyone," Gustav praised them as he went through.

All five of them stared at each other with smiles and followed After Gustav. They couldn't understand how Gustav pulled a lot of things off but they were starting to understand why he was made the leader.

Every grudge Mill had towards Gustav had dissipated during the last few days.

'He's more competent than I thought,' Mill was subconsciously starting to respect Gustav who he termed below him before.

Right now it was around five am in the morning. The operation had lasted around three hours and it was quite the crazy one with unexpected scenarios.

Nevertheless they were glad it turned out alright and now Gustav had given them a day of rest before they headed to their next place of operation... Region twenty six.