The Bloodline System - Chapter 622: I Can Only Do This Much

Chapter 622: I Can Only Do This Much

Chapter 622: I Can Only Do This Much

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


'Squad leader we have a problem,' Fiona voiced out within his mind.

Gustav suddenly felt a sense of foreboding as he heard that.

'What is it?' He proceeded to ask.

'We believe the Vulcans have infiltrated the premises in bid to deal with the group...' Fiona responded.

'The Vulcans? What are they doing here?' Gustav was just as surprised as he leaped upwards further more.

'We have no idea but they're in the building now,' She stated with a tone of emergency.

Gustav understood that they must have easily infiltrated due him drawing the attention of the Red Jackets.

'The explosives will go off in about thirty seconds time,' Gustav realised this as he finally leaped through the last fleet of stairs and found himself at the entrance of the area he was headed for.

'Exactly... Squad leader, Our actions shouldn't be the cause of their power reduction so I'm suggesting you pause the timer,' Fiona voiced out within his mind.

'Pause the timer..?' Gustav thought about this as he headed in the large space through the entrance.

'Yes... We could let the Vulcan's handle dealing with the Red Jackets,' Fiona stated.

Gustav paused his steps within this massive circular like space.

There was only one way to get into this place which was how Gustav got in and to get out one would have to use the same way. 

However, high above, the circular typed ceiling area were structured using multiple window panes and there seemed to be a circular shaped wheel like object in the middle of the ceiling area.

This was Gustav way of getting out of here. The wheel like object could be used to open the small hatch up above where he get out from and lock back from outside before leaving the premises.

'No... The Vulcans will be unable to handle the Red Jackets the moment they have the chance to regroup. The amount of advanced firearms and different technological machinery stored here would be enough for them to win,' As Gustav said this to Fiona he leaped upwards with force.


He ascended up to four hundred feet in the air and grabbed onto the wheel like object with his right hand.

Using it to pull himself up, Gustav placed his feet on the window panes while still using his left hand to hold onto Jabal.

He started turning the wheel while Fiona was speaking in his mind.

'Squad leader are you saying we should leave them to die?' She asked.

'There's no choice here... It's guaranteed that we'll complete the objective the moment the explosives go off while the Vulcans winning against the Red Jackets is not even up to 50% assured. They're just unlucky to be here at the moment,' Gustav responded as he twisted the hatch as quickly as he could.

The Red Jackets were already closing in on the entrance to to this place as he struggled with the opening of the hatch with just a single hand.

'Less than twenty seconds left. You all, get out of here immediately. Don't be anywhere close to the premises,' Gustav said with a tone of urgency cutting Fiona short before she could keep arguing with him.

'Squad leader...' 

'Do y'all want to die? Get the fuck outta here now,' Gustav voiced out internally again as he sensed the Red Jackets approaching the entrance.

Within the premises Fiona who was standing in the middle of all five of them looked down as he turned away from the structure.

"We're leaving," She voiced out.

"What? What about the Vulcans?" Mill stated with a look of dissatisfaction.

"Squad leader asked us to get out of here, we have less than twenty seconds," Fiona responded as he began moving towards the entrance area.

"They're our..." Mill was cut short by Fiona before he could complete his sentence.

"Stay here and die then," After saying this, wings sprouted out of her back and she dove forward with speed.

Everyone had no choice but to activate their bloodlines and move as quickly as possible towards the entry point.

They also wondered how Gustav would get out in time since he hadn't left the building yet but they knew he wouldn't be asking them to leave if he didn't have something up his sleeves.



As the Red Jackets got into the space Gustav finally managed to get the hatch open and swung through the space as quickly as he could.


He landed atop the glass like roofing and quickly squatted to close the hatch back from outside.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Multiple Red Jackets slammed into the roofing from within trying to break through it and get Gustav but it was all to no avail.


Gustav suddenly activated God Eyes at this point and saw through the entire structure down to the bottom and the far north area within.

He spotted the group of Vulcans wreaking havoc in that part. There were quite a number of them no less than forty who had infiltrated.

However Gustav could see that some of them had split up already and only around twenty five could still be seen cooped up in one location.


As the timer was only left with six seconds at this point, Gustav body bloated as his skin turned green while he placed his right hand on the structure.


His mind travelled across the structure with speed towards the north area.

'I can only do this much...' 

He suddenly opened his eyes as icicle like rocks shot out of the floor in front of the Vulcans who were about to go deeper into the structure.

"What's this?"


They began attacking the icicle like rocks sprouting from the ground but in a manner of moments all the Vulcans in that particular area had been surrounded by the icicle like rocks and trapped within.


As Gustav noticed that only two seconds were left to get out of here, he activated Super Jump.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]


He leaped across the air with immense force causing small cracks to appear on the windowpanes.