The Bloodline System - Chapter 621: We Have A Problem

Chapter 621: We Have A Problem

Chapter 621: We Have A Problem

He brought out the mini explosives and stamped them on the walls by the sides of the intersection before looking forward at the wall up ahead.

His arm budged intensely turning muscular as dark furs spread across them.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Milky glow coated his fist area as he sent a fist hurling at the wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The walls were made of no ordinary material so he had to punch several times before he was finally able to blast a hole through it.

At this point he was surrounded and they had nearly caught up to him before he leaped through it.

The Instant Gustav arrived on the other side of the wall, his body bloated and he reached out to stick to the wall as he turned green.

Just as the Red Jackets arrived at the opening on the wall so did his hand make contact with the bottom side of the wall.


Icicle like rocks instant shot potruded from sides of the opening on the wall at fast speed sealing the hole Gustav created in a manner of moments

Bang! Bang!

Several sounds of collision rang out as the Red Jackets slammed into them unexpectedly.

[Host Has Returned To Original Form]

The notification rang out as his body transfomed back and he jumped towards the ground and started dashing across the place again.

He was still within the premises but he was now closing in on the south area of the premises.

'With this I have covered everywhere I'm supposed to,' Gustav said internally as he finally decided to make his way out of here.

Meanwhile Fiona and the others had finally made their way out of the structure and were now moving together, towards the entry point of the barricaded area.

Fiona eyes squinted as she looked up ahead after spotting something.

"Guys, move over," She called out urgently to them and quickly shifted towards the side where several trees were planted.

They followed her and hid behind the trees with looks of confusion displayed in their eyes.

"Look up ahead... At the entry point," She stated while her eyes remained squinted as she looked beyond the entry point which was more than a hundred feet away.

"What are those?" Ildan seemed to be the first person who had noticed what she was referring to.

"More like who are those?" Darkyl corrected as he spotted the convoy of Yellow colored hover cars heading for the entry point from outside.

"Their color... Could they be...?" Just as Mill was analyzing as well the first vehicle arrived at the entry point and blasted straight through the entrance.

The Red Jackets standing guard there seemed to be have been sending alert messages to the control room since and now they started firing at the invaders with their advanced weaponry.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A small battle played out in front of them as the four Red Jackets standing there engaged the troops who came out of the vehicles clad in yellow outfits and glowing helmets.

It only lasted for no more than a minute before all four of them were killed off and the convoy kept moving along approaching the structure behind them.

There were barely any Red Jackets in the vicinity because of the incident with Gustav which made the infiltration of this group even easier.

The few that tried to stop them were all annihilated as they made their way to the building.

"Aren't those the Vulcans?" Darkyl voiced out from the side as they watched this group scaling through.

They were hiding well among the trees so they weren't spotted by the group.

"I was thinking the same thing as well," Mill responded to Darkyl.

They had learnt all the information they needed before they went on the mission and one of them was the outfits of all six groups.

"This is exactly my suspicions too and since you both think the same as well, I believe the should be from the Vulcan group," Fiona stated as they stared at the group infiltrating the structure.

"What do they want here? How did they even get hold of the whereabouts of this place?" Felgro voiced out with a tone of suspiciousness.

The Vulcans happened to be one of the good groups who their squad was supposed to assist since that was one of their objectives during the mission.

"Only a minute is left before the explosives go off," Fiona eyes widened as she realized this.

"They will get caught up in it if they don't leave immediately," Mill voiced out as he stood to his feet to move.


Fiona grabbed hold of him, "Are you stupid? What do you intend to do? Walk up to them dressed as their enemies and tell them to get out of the building because you're on their side?" She voiced out with a repressed look.

Mill looked at himself and realized Fiona was right.

"What do we do then? We're supposed to reduce the numbers of the other groups, not them," Mill voiced out as he squatted.

"Squad leader is the one with the controller... I'll reach out to him to stop the timer," Fiona decided to contact Gustav.


Currently within the building Gustav was being pursued by multiple Red Jackets once again.

At this point he knew less than one minute was left before the explosives went off so he was trying to make his way out of the building without giving the Red Jackets the opportunity to chase him as well.

He wanted to make sure they remained in the building while he would escape it.

'The hatch is somewhere around there...' Gustav said Internally as he dashed across another stairway which led to another one.



He would occasionally leap several hundred stairs in nearly an instant leaving more gap between himself and the Red Jackets chasing behind.

He was finally closing in on the last stairway that would lead him to the area he was going to escape from.

'Squad leader we have a problem,' Fiona voiced out within his mind.

Gustav suddenly felt a sense of foreboding as he heard that.

'What is it?'