The Bloodline System - Chapter 620: Pulling Their Agro

Chapter 620: Pulling Their Agro

Chapter 620: Pulling Their Agro

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


[Sprint + Dash]

Gustav combined sprint and dash before charging forward.


He blasted through their midst with immense speed while conjuring a seventeen feet long massive Atomic blade and slashing out with his right hand.


Multiple heads were instantly lopped of flying towards across the air as blood sprayed across the floors and walls.

Gustav didn't wait for a moment after that and dashed out of the hall as he deactivated the massive Atomic blade.

It was only for a moment but, he felt the amount of energy used was no small deal.

The other Red Jackets who were stationed by his left were alive because Gustav didn't swing that way.

They stared at the mess created and the heads scattered all across the place with looks of fright.

The blood spattered all across the place and the multiple holes in the walls and floors as well as the destroyed pillars in this hall like room.

They realized this was no ordinary enemy as they also spotted the decapitated body of Dilton up ahead.

"Activate the alarm system... The enemy has to be stopped!" One of them shouted out with a slightly shaky voice as they moved out of the hall like area.

At this point Gustav had deactivated Combination so he wouldn't end up spending too much energy and went back to making use of Dash.

'I only have to keep this up for about sixteen more hours,' Gustav said internally as he stared at the unconscious body of Jabal on his shoulder.

Gustav dashed across the place attaching the pinky finger sized explosion to walls and ceilings.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

At this point a loud alarm was reverberating across the premises and the voice of a loud AI who mentioned the location of the situation could be heard next.

The Red Jackets in the vicinity all began moving towards the north area of the premises. It quickly spread that the culprit of the incident was trying to escape with Jabal in his possession.

They had no idea that Gustav wasn't even trying to escape yet since he hadn't covered the places he was supposed to. If it wasn't for the fact that he had Jabal on his shoulder as he moved from place to place, he would still be able to go about unnoticed.

His Red Jacket costume was still very much intact but running around with Jabal gave him away.

Boom! Boom!

Occasionally Gustav would jump from place to place dodging projectiles from pursuing Red Jackets.

In a span of minutes he was being pursued by over twenty different Red Jackets and more were still coming over.

This made other parts of the premises scanty which in turn made it easier for the other squad members to plant the explosives easily since everyone was only focusing on one culprit.

They had no idea that there were five others currently.

Fiona checked the map for her current location and calculated how much area she had covered so far.

After doing that she realized she had almost covered everywhere she was supposed to without a single hitch so far.

This was the same for Ildan, Darkyl, Mill and Felgro.

Since when Gustav gave the go ahead for them to use their bloodlines, things got even easier and they hadn't seen a reason to use their abilities to battle because every Red Jacket they came into contact with were moving with urgency towards the source of the alarm.

In the next ten minutes all five of them had finished covering their areas and placed the explosives in every storage room as well.

They didn't even have to battle anyone but they could hear occasional sounds of small explosion from time to time coming from a certain area. The walls would also tremble as well and they could tell things would be pretty intense wherever Gustav was at.

'Squad leader... They're timed to explode in five minutes. Will you be able to get out in time?' Fiona contacted Gustav through the mind communication device.

'Five minutes... Has everyone covered their specified areas?' Gustav asked.

'Yes squad leader...' They all responded together.

'Good... Now get out of the premises. Don't worry about me,' Gustav voiced out as he began counting down five minutes in his head.

'Squad leader, are you sure you don't need assistance?' Fiona proceeded to ask as another loud sound reverberated across the place.

'Don't worry about me... Leave and get as far away from here as you can,' Gustav stated.

All five of them had no choice but to listen to Gustav and began to make their way out of the premises.

They had easy completed their individual objectives but they all knew that Gustav played the most difficult parts and even now they could tell he was still undergoing a difficulty.

Getting out would be hard for him since practically the entire troops of Red Jackets were after him.

Currently Gustav was running on the side of a wall after the entire floor of this area was blasted to bits by the Red Jackets chasing from behind.

Gustav leaped forward from the wall after reaching a particular point and blasted through an opening on the lower floor.

Some of Red Jackets behind were standing on a cylindrical shaped glider which allowed them access to fly across the place.

They chased relentlessly after Gustav while some others stuck at the entry point that led to this floor before it got blasted to smithereens, had to turn around to look for another route and resume chasing Gustav.

Gustav arrived at a long corridor and dashed across it with Jabal still on his left shoulder area.

Arriving at the intersection Gustav turned to the left and sensed multiple Red Jackets coming towards him from up ahead.

He quickly paused his movement and turned towards the right.

He only moved a few steps forward before he sensed multiple of them coming from that direction as well.

Gustav turned around to turn back to where he was coming from and spotted the Red Jackets using those Cylindrical shaped gliders, flying towards his direction.