The Bloodline System - Chapter 619: Here They Come

Chapter 619: Here They Come

Chapter 619: Here They Come

Up ahead, Dilton smiled as he noticed this action.

The sharp tip of the ponytail cut an inch deep into Gustav's left palm wrapped around it tightly. Fresh blood dripped down his hand and even spilled onto his shoulder area.

'Must be pretty sharp to cut through my hand this much,' Gustav thought as he held onto it tightly even though his hand was bleeding immensely.

Dilton eyes were widened at this moment.

'His fingers didn't get severed?' He couldn't believe his eyes knowing just how sharp his ponytail was.

He tried retracting his hair at this point but Gustav was still holding tightly to it.

As the pain seered through Gustav's hand, his fingers trembled. He groaned inwardly before pulling the ponytail with immense force.


Dilton's entire body was jerked forward, causing him to fly towards Gustav uncontrollably.

Gustav arched his arm backwards at this point and threw his right fist upwards.


His fist slammed into Dilton's gut sending him flying upwards as the floor beneath Gustav's feet cracked from force.

A loud sound of collision rang out as Dilton slammed into the ceiling.

He made a sound of pain as his back slammed through it before he began descending at free fall speed.

Gustav was prepared to send out another attack when Dilton shot his hair downwards with speed while he descended.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

It stabbed out multiple times in a span of one second.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav was not going let himself be caught by surprise again and activated sprint to dodge the insanely fast thrusts of the ponytail which made them look like they were multiple in number.

The ponytail ended up stabbing the floor around Gustav after he dodged every single thrust.


A sound of cracking reverberated across the place and Gustav reacted by quickly jumping backwards as Dilton landed on the ground in front.

The place where Gustav was standing on earlier collapsed inside and fell to the floor beneath this one.

Dilton's hair turned fiery red as he sent it flying towards Gustav again up front.

It felt like the air in the vicinity was drying up as the ponytail swung at Gustav.

Gustav leaned backwards dodging the first one but that wasn't the end. It came swinging downwards again.


It slammed into the floor once again as Gustav jumped towards the side.

A sizzling sound rang out as the floor got burnt through and parts of it crumbled as well.

Gustav at this point kept dashing and jumping across the place to dodge the ponytail which was swinging so fast it looked like fiery chains were flying across the hall.

Gustav activated Atomic disintegration, causing two atomic blades to appear in his hand as he finally decided to engage.

Clank! Clank! Bang! Boom!

He swung them around repeatedly clashing against the sturdy and sharp ponytail. Among all the enemies or things Gustav had gone against using the Atomic blade, this was by far the sturdiest.

Gustav didn't feel like the atomic blade was even doing any damage even though it collided with the ponytail repeatedly.

Even Dilton was finding it hard to believe that a blade made from light particles would be able to clash with his ponytail without being cleaved in half.

However even though they seemed evenly matched in these swinging attacks, Dilton would occasionally be pushed back due to the amount of strength Gustav used when clashing with him.

Gustav slowly closed in on him and when he reached a certain distance his arms suddenly transfomed becoming massive and muscular.

Slash! Clang!

Gustav sent out a very fierce strike, causing the ponytail to be blasted towards the back which in turn caused Dilton scalp to be pulled along with it.

As he lost his balance, Gustav sped forward with immense speed and slashed at his chest area.

Dilton eyes widened as he controlled his hair to quickly move forward and block the slash at the last moment but due to the force Gustav sent out, Dilton's body spun across the air as the ponytail moved to the side.

Gustav was already sending out his left hand at this point.


The atomic blade hacked into Dilton's back sending him hurling further across the air with blood squirting out like a fountain.

Dilton slammed into the second pillar up ahead as he felt his spine lose functionality.

Dilton was physically weak so one connecting attack was all it took to put him out of commission.

Gustav walked towards the area where Dilton layed on the ground in the pool of his own blood and shattered pieces of the pillar surrounding him.

He kept pulling his body backwards with his hands as he saw Gustav approaching but this action did not help him in anyway.

Gustav arrived in front of him and stomped on his chest with his right leg, pinning him in place.

"Please spare me," Dilton spat out blood as he pleaded.

Gustav raised the Atomic blade in his right hand without a shred of mercy displayed in his eyes.

"Please..." While Dilton opened his mouth to voice out again, Gustav stabbed down with force.


The atomic blade stabbed through Dilton's mouth, piercing through his brain.

Gustav proceeded to slash before retracting his blade. Dilton's head was divided in two from his lower lip down.

After the deed was done, Gustav turned around and started walking towards where Jabal's unconscious body was situated on the floor.

He brought out a healing pill and forced it through Jabal's mouth before picking him up.

'I guess I'm completing that stupid mission after all,' Gustav said internally with a sigh as he turned around with Jabal on his shoulder.

At this moment the sound of multiple footsteps reverberated across the place.

'Here they come...' Gustav already expected this.

He brought out several circular objects from his storage ring and dashed across the small hall stamping them to the walls and several other parts.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

The instant the group of Red Jackets walked into the hall and spotted Gustav figure with Jabal on his shoulders...

[Sprint + Dash]

Gustav combined sprint and dash before charging forward.