The Bloodline System - Chapter 618: Using Jabal As Meat Shield

Chapter 618: Using Jabal As Meat Shield

Chapter 618: Using Jabal As Meat Shield

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Gustav moved quickly as the rest of his surbodinates began planting the mini explosives in different positions.

Minutes later he arrived at a part of the premises where he had to climb a small stairway that led to an intersection above.

The left path, was curved and led to a corridor just like the right path.

Gustav turned towards the right and continued moving forward till he arrived at the corridor which only covered a very short distance because it led to another stairway which led Gustav higher up.

He could see artworks on the sides of the wall which made his understand that he had arrived at Jabal's location.

After he finished climbing the stairway he want through the large opening up ahead and found himself in a kind of large hall.

Several Red Jackets were just coming out as he was headed in but they didn't suspect a thing.

Gustav looked around and could only see the large high seat position somewhere behind which was where Jabal was currently seated.

He spotted a stout looking man clad in yellowish outfit conversing with Jabal up front. This man had a long ponytail behind his head which reached his calves area.

They both spotted Gustav as he walked into the place and stopped conversing.

"What do you want?" Dilton asked with a strong tone. 

Gustav assumed they weren't expecting any Red Jacket to be here at this time which meant the ones here previously were probably summoned by Jabal.

"I have an important report to make," Gustav voiced out with an urgent tone as he moved forward.

"Hold it there and say what you have to," Dilton voiced out causing Gustav to pause his footsteps.

"But it's very sensitive information... I can only disclose it to boss Jabal here," Gustav responded and started walking forward again.

"I said hold it right there and speak from your current position," Dilton voiced out strongly again with a tone of caution.

From the looks of things they were so untrusting of even Red Jackets. Gustav felt they may have gotten some new information that was making them react this way but he was sure they hadn't figured out his squad infiltration.

'I hope you lots are planting the explosives... Things are about to get loud,' Gustav said through the mind voice communication.

The others were startled after hearing that but before any of them could ask anything Gustav spoke again.

'No need for worries... They'll just be attracted to where I am. Y'all can continue with your objectives without arousing any suspicions. You'll be able to use your abilities soon,' After saying this, Gustav disconnected from the mind communication.

"Hey are you deaf or are you mute? Why are you just standing there?" Jabal finally voiced out.

Dilton had been speaking since but Gustav just ignored him and stood there speaking through the mind communication.

"I can only disclose this information to boss Jabal..." Gustav voiced out and started moving forward again.

At this point he was only a few steps away from Jabal's position.

Dilton suddenly moved forward and stood in front of Gustav.

"Hold your..." As Dilton was speaking Jabal interrupted.

"Dilton maybe you should just let him be so he can say what he has to say and get out," Jabal voiced out from behind.

Dilton squinted his eyes then turned his head to the side to stare at Jabal before opening his mouth to speak.

"Jabal it's..." 

At this moment Gustav's palm suddenly shot forward at immense speed.

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]


His right palm slammed into the middle of Dilton's chest suddenly sending him flying across the hall and slamming into the pillar behind.

Jabal's mouth opened in bewilderment as he saw Gustav dash forward at immense speed and grab onto his neck before he could even react.

"Gurrhh! Wh-o kurrrh! Arrr! Yo-u? Kurrgh!" He held onto Gustav's hand while he was being choked and lifted up.

Gustav totally ignored the question and kept squeezing his neck tightly causing Jabal to kick and claw while trying to get him to let go.

Jabal irises glowed a white light as he stared at Gustav arms and body with a squeezed up face.

'I can pinpoint his energy channel points and mess with it,' He said internally with a tone of urgency as he spotted different red points all across Gustav body that only him could see.

He quickly raised his hand and joined his fingers together before stabbing it at a part of Gustav's wrist.

His eyes widened even more as his fingers made contact. 

'His flesh is too thick... I can't disrupt his energy flow with the level of my strength,' Jabal felt like Gustav's skin was metallic.

Just as his vision turned blurry and he was about to pass out, Dilton suddenly swept forward from behind after breaking through the pillar.

Gustav spotted a very sharp blade like hair headed for him from the side.

"Hmph!" He made a low hmphing sound before turning to the left with speed, holding Jabal in front of him.


The hair stabbed straight through Jabal's back, piercing through his gut.


Jabal spat out a mouthful of blood onto Gustav's face as he looked down at the hair stabbing through him before passing out.

"Jabal!" Dilton shouted out from behind as he retracted his hair.

Gustav let go of Jabal at this point, letting his unconscious body fall to the ground.

"You bastard! Who are you?" Dilton shouted out again as he sent his hair stabbing forward at Gustav.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

Gustav darted from side to side twisting and spinning his body as he dodged the thrusts of Dilton hair.

While doing that he was speaking through the mind communication.

'You all can now use your bloodline abilities...' 

As he finished saying this, the long ponytail suddenly accelerated with immense speed catching Gustav off guard.

As he turned to the side he wasn't fast enough so he reached out his left hand to catch the tip of the ponytail before it could stab into his right shoulder.