The Bloodline System - Chapter 617: Operation Officially Begins

Chapter 617: Operation Officially Begins

Chapter 617: Operation Officially Begins

"You must have been misled, where exactly are you supposed to go?" While the Red Jacket was still speaking to him...


Two small daggers appeared in Gustav's hand from his storage device and he suddenly flicked out one at insane speed.


"I'm sayi..." The Red Jacket suddenly stopped speaking and started making gurgling sounds as he raised his hand to touch his neck.

A finger sized size hole could seen in his neck area which blood began to jet out of.

By the time the other two here noticed, Gustav was already behind the one in the middle.


He slit the throat of the second one and dashed forward to grab the third before he could press the panic button.


Gustav slammed him again the wall with his left hand wrapped around the Red Jacket's neck. He arched his right hand back while gripping onto the hilt tightly before stabbing forward repeatedly.

Puchi~ Puchi~ Puchi~ Puchi~

He stabbed the chest area and neck of the Red Jacket repeatedly which eventually ended up sending him to the afterlife.

Gustav focused on the neck first so there wouldn't be any screams since their windpipe would be destroyed.

He let go of the Red Jacket who fell to the floor lifelessly and moved towards the one whose throat he slit earlier.

This one and the other one happened to still be alive. They were trying to crawl their way towards the door area and call for help after falling to the floor.

Gustav proceeded to slaughter them as well, sending them to join their comrade in wherever he may currently be.

After all this was done, he locked the control room from within and moved to take a sit somewhere around the middle.

Different kinds of buttons could be seen everywhere for different purposes but Gustav didn't waste time and started deciphering the uses of the different buttons.

Gustav could even spot his surbodinates in different parts of the holographic monitors here.

He proceeded to map out different parts of this place that he didn't have information on and checked on where Sahil currently was as well.

"Got it..."

Minutes later Gustav finally figured out how to deactivate the facial recognition scanner and other security protocols that would prevent access for his surbodinates.

Gustav once again activated the mind communication device and spoke.

'Everyone should make their way to the entrance this moment,' He said internally.

'Understood,' Everyone voiced out together and began making their way there.

'Mill don't join them in approaching the Red Jackets at the entrance. Wait behind and keep a little distance from the rest,' Gustav gave this instruction and proceeded to explain how things were going to go.

'Rotation is happening a minute from now... The rest of you four will pretend to be the next group placed at the entrance. From the control room, I have contacted the four standing guard there that the next set is approaching meanwhile the next set is still gonna take a minute before reaching there,' 

While listening to Gustav's explanation, they arrived at the entrance area and met the four Red Jackets standing guard.

They did as Gustav said and all four Red Jackets proceeded to move away from the entrance towards different places in the premises.

'Mill, move into the premises now,' Gustav voiced out internally while watching them on the monitor.

Mill quickly moved towards the entrance area and walked in just as Gustav instructed.

There was no alarm or any form of obstruction. He went in unhindered.

'The next group that will be standing guard here are approaching... You four will have to pretend like your shift is ending as they come and take over standing guard. From there you four will move in as well and the operation can begin,' Gustav stated.

A few seconds after they heard Gustav say that, a group truly arrived to take over from them.

This group had no idea that the four they were supposed to take over from had already left this spot.

Fiona, Darkyl, Felgro and Ildan started moving into the premises.

"I thought there was supposed to be a face recognition system and other security protocols put in place?" One of them asked when they saw all four entering without obstruction.

"Yes, the control room deactivated it for an instant so we could get in quickly since boss Jabal is expecting us," Fiona responded to that quickly causing the Red Jacket to nod in understanding.

As everyone of them went in the Red Jacket tried moving closer to the entrance and rays of light shot towards his face to scan it.

After confirming that the security protocols had been reactivated, he stood back and joined the rest in standing guard.

It was fortunate that Gustav was quick enough to reactivate it or this would have brought suspicions which if acted on would expose them.

Gustav sent a holographic map of the vicinity to all five of them so they could properly cover the areas that he had instructed each of them to.

Gustav stood up from the seat in the control room at this point. Now that the mission had officially begun and everyone was in, he could now go after Jabal personally.

He was able to wing killing off three of the Red Jackets here without activating any ability because they let their guard down. There was no guarantee he would be able to pull something like this off again.

Using abilities were currently impossible because Jabal would sense it and the enemies would be alerted.

Gustav already knew the map of the premises after checking it out just once so he knew how to get to Jabal's location.

After getting out of the control room, he locked it up from outside and began moving along the corridor.

Right now he was in the southwest area of the premises but he needed to get to the the north area which was where Jabal was situated.

Gustav moved quickly as the rest of his surbodinates began planting the mini explosives in different positions.