The Bloodline System - Chapter 616: Helping Out With Ulterior Motives

Chapter 616: Helping Out With Ulterior Motives

Chapter 616: Helping Out With Ulterior Motives

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


As they closed in on the entrance area Gustav spotted something and activated the mind communication device.

'Everyone... Stop,'

They all paused their steps after hearing Gustav's say that.

'What happened squad leader?' Darkyl asked through the device.

'Hold on...' Gustav responded as he observed what was happening at the entrance area.

There were two massive pillars up ahead.

Two Red Jackets guarded both sides of the entrance behind the two massive pillars.

A Red Jacket who was about to go in pulled off his mask and rays of light shone on his face before he was given authorization to go in.

'There's a facial recognition scanner up ahead... We will be asked to take off our masks before we can go in,' Gustav stated after observing what had just happened.

'Oh Lord... How do we get in now without getting noticed?' Fiona asked as everyone became worried after this information was disclosed.

"Hey, what are you lots doing standing there?" A Red Jacket who was patrolling this side of the grounds, voiced out as he spotted them standing in place together.

"They're the next set, I telling each person where they're meant to cover," Gustav answered immediately.

"Is there a problem?" He added.

"Oh no, carry on," The Red Jacket responded and kept moving towards the side.

'Squad leader what do we do now?' Ildan proceeded to ask.

'Just like I told that dude, y'all will need to fan out across the surroundings right now... I'll infiltrate alone, disable their security systems and contact you all on when to come in,' Gustav said as he proceeded to start moving towards the entrance.

'Squad leader how do you intend to infiltrate?' Fiona asked from the mind communication device again.

'Don't worry about that, just fan out so you guys don't look suspicious,' Gustav responded as he arrived in between the two pillars.

The Red Jackets there stood in place as he walked forward and took off his mask.

Right before the entrance a ray of white light shot towards his face and scanned it repeatedly before a green light buzzed.

Gustav nodded at the Red Jackets in place before wearing his mask back and moving in.

Fiona and the others who were already fanning out were surprised when they saw Gustav manage to get in without triggering any alarms.

'How did he do it?' This was the thought on all of their minds.

They only saw the back of Gustav's head from afar so they had no idea that his face was completely different from his original look.

The rest of the squad began patrolling around the building while Gustav moved about within the building.

The place was like a base, so large on the inside with multiple big hallways that led to different areas.

Gustav made use of his perception, spreading it across the place and moving towards spaces where he could sense Red Jackets clustered together.

He wouldn't go in without properly observing the vicinity with his perception so he seem suspicious since he was currently looking for the control room.

Gustav walked up another set of stairs and arrived at another hallway again.

Here he could sense about eight different room spaces up ahead and only two were occupied by living beings which he already knew were Red Jackets.

The other rooms had been used for storage. Gustav could sense the outlines of weapons crate.

Moving towards the end of the hallway he arrived at the second to the last one and a Red Jacket just happened to be coming out of this one.

"Hey, you must be the replacement," He voiced out.

Before Gustav could confirm or deny the statement he pulled Gustav with himself into the room.

What appeared in their line of sight were multiple mechanical bots all up to thirteen feet in height.

About seven more Red Jackets could be seen moving around and trying to lift these Mechanical bots with the help of each other.

The space of this place was very spacious so even if a hundred people walked in, it wouldn't look crammed in anyway.

"Come on, go assist them. These are going to the Routilias in Region nine," The Red Jacket voiced out while gesturing at the Mechanical humanoid looking bots all around the place.

"No I'm not the replacement," Gustav finally spoke.

"Huh? You're not? Then why did you come with me?" The Red Jacket asked with an irritated tone.

"I can still assist with just one," Gustav said in response.

"Really?" The Red Jacket asked with a tone of expectation.

"Sure," Gustav said as he moved towards one and joined another Red Jacket in lifting it.

Gustav could lift this just by himself but it would be suspicious if he did that. He moved out of the large room along with the Red Jacket he was assisting towards the back of the building where a large transport vehicle was waiting.

They loaded the humanoid mechanical bot onto the vehicle where Gustav could see about three others within.

After getting off the vehicle Gustav sneakily moved towards the side and stamped three round objects to the bottom area.

Looking around to be sure he wasn't spotted, Gustav made his way back into the building and arrived back at that same hallway to check the last room.

'Finally...' Gustav said internally as he moved in and spotted the holographic monitors and Three Red Jackets seating in place behind the multiple holographic projections and tapping on keyboard surfaces.

They all turned around when they heard the sound of someone walking in.

"What are you doing here?" One of them asked.

"Substitute... We're supposed to change shifts remember?" Gustav said as he walked forward.

"Change shift? This is the control room you idiot," The Red Jacket voiced out with a repress tone hearing what Gustav said.

"Oh but I was asked to come here, down the hallway towards the left room he said," Gustav acted like an idiot as he moved closer to them while speaking.

The other two totally ignored and kept staring at the holographic monitors that displayed different places within and outside the structure premises.