The Bloodline System - Chapter 615: Spotting Changes

Chapter 615: Spotting Changes

Chapter 615: Spotting Changes

"No Dilton, it cannot be," Jabal voiced out as well in agreement.

"Send word to the other warehouses to be on the lookout and activate the highest security protocols immediately," Jabal instructed.

"Hnm," Dilton nodded in response as he prepared to leave.

As he walked few steps away he suddenly paused and turned around.

"What about the meeting with the representatives from the Lanzis?" Dilton inquired.

"It will go ahead as planned... They can come over to meet me here," Dilton responded.

"What if the other groups are the ones behind this because we keep selling to everyone?" Dilton voiced out with a look of contemplation.

"This may be the case but there's no proof to know who we're actually being attacked by... It will have to be a combined effort if they were able to take even Tia and Arman out," Jabal looked worried as he got to this point.

"In my meeting with the Lanzis, I'll ask for them to lend us some troops and now that we've caught on to what is going on, we can prepare for it," Jabal stated.

"The security protocols here should be activated as well... No one will be allowed in the building without facial confirmation," Jabal declared.

"Understood," Dilton responded and turned back around to walk away.


In a flash, eight hours went by and it was around two midnight at the moment.

The squad members gathered around Gustav all clad in their Red Jackets costume and masks.

"You already know how this is gonna go," Gustav said as he handed over a small circular device to them one after the other.

"This is a voice sampler... The voices of the people who these costumes belong to will be heard from your mouth whenever you try to talk so long as it's attached to your neck," Gustav stated.

They all looked at it with awestruck expressions wondering how Gustav was able to get it to work properly.

Every voice sampler needed a sample first before it could tune a person's voice to sound like another. What they didn't know was, Gustav had already mimicked the voice of the Red Jackets he stole the costumes from and used their voice to set up the voice sampler.

This way no one would have an unfamiliar voice.

They all strapped the device to their neck underneath the masks and tried speaking.

Fiona sounded like an old man fellow who had smoking issues. Ildan sounded quite badass with a deep baritone but raspy voice and the others all sounded quite intimidating as well like how gangsters would sound.

After mentioning a few more things Gustav took the lead by jumping off the building and the others followed as well.

Although they couldn't leap as high as Gustav could except Fiona who could literally fly, jumping down a structure this high was something they could do.

Everyone moved together towards the infiltration location in a three-three format.

Gustav stood in the middle of Daryl and Mill while Fiona stood in the middle of Ildan and Felgro as they followed behind Gustav.

In about two minutes they arrived there due to their fast speed of walking.

Gustav noticed that the wall of lines barricading the vicinity had now turned to red and the entrance now had four Red Jackets standing guard instead of the initial two.

Taking note of this change, Gustav felt like something was up already and spread out his perception more.

"Where are you lots coming from?" One of the Red Jackets in front asked as he spotted them approaching from the side of the street.

"We were sent to scout an area in the morning... We need to pass along our findings to boss Jabal," Just as they had agreed earlier, Gustav was the one who spoke.

Gustav's voice was completely different from earlier as he spoke and the squad members assumed he had one of voice samplers strapped to his neck.

They had no idea Gustav could change his voice at will.

"Oh you six were one of them sent out this morning?" The other one by the side voiced out with knowing tone.

Gustav replied affirmatively.

"What about your ride? You guys walked all the way back?" He proceeded to ask again while looking around to confirm that he didn't see any hover car.

"Precisely why we came back so late. It was destroyed, we barely escaped with our lives. Our findings are urgent and we have to pass them to Jabal as soon as possible," Gustav stated with a tone of urgency.

The four of them noted the urgency in his voice and realised this might truly be an emergency situation.

"Let them through," One of them voiced out while moving to the side.

The entrance displayed a green light as all six of them walked through fast.

One of the Red Jackets stared at Fiona's rear while squinting his eyes. Fiona could feel his gaze on her body as she walked behind Gustav but she refrained from acting or making any movements that would attract suspicion.

After a few more moments the Red Jacket turned around to look forward again and continued observing the entrance vicinity with the rest.

Fiona sighed internally in relief. She was glad she used something to strap her boobs tightly to her chest so it made her look flat from up front but she didn't consider her rear.

She had a perky butt so it came off as a bit suspicious for a man to have such big butt.

Luckily the Red Jacket who noticed this didn't dig deep into it.

They walked along a grassy path with different flowers planted around the place and a small lake by the side.

The building they were headed to was right up ahead and they passed by several Red Jackets strolling around as they walked towards the entrance area of the building.

'Something is off... This place is more busier than it was when I checked during the day,' Gustav said Internally as he kept spreading his perception around.

As they closed in on the entrance area Gustav spotted something and activated the mind communication device.

'Everyone... Stop,'