The Bloodline System - Chapter 614: Why Would You Want Me To Keep Him Alive

Chapter 614: Why Would You Want Me To Keep Him Alive

Chapter 614: Why Would You Want Me To Keep Him Alive

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"We're infiltrating with these disguises but remember this..." Gustav paused at this point before resuming.

"Jabal is able to sense the presence of any form of energy activation in the vicinity. The moment we begin using our abilities, he will sense that something is going down already so every action has to be quick and precise. Every encounter with an opponent, go for the kill," Gustav stated.

"I want to make sure Jabal doesn't escape so until I give the go ahead, everyone of you must remain in disguise. You can begin planting the mini explosives all across different places in the building till you get the go ahead," Gustav added.

He wanted to go for Jabal first and incapacitate him so he wouldn't be able to escape. If anyone tried attacking or activating their bloodlines before Gustav got hold of Jabal, he might escape and that would make things drag on for longer.

The moment Jabal was out of the picture there would be no one to control the group anymore. The Red Jackets securing the other locations also wouldn't be alerted about the impending doom.


A map of the structure was displayed from a device in Fiona's hand.

"The place is quite big... Fiona you cover this area," Gustav began splitting them up and given each person the area they were going to cover.


Their meeting atop the rooftop of the lounge ended after some minutes. Gustav had given instructions on how the whole operation was going down.

Currently it was late in the evening and already approaching nightfall.

The squad moved to different parts within the lounge to go rest and prepare since they still had hours ahead before the operation would begin.

Gustav on the other hand leaped off the building and began walking along the streets.

This part of region twenty two was quite peaceful and intact compared to many other places within the city.

The place where the advanced firearms supplies was moved to from region six was only about five minutes away on the other street.

Gustav walked towards the location and spotted the massive looking white building with a circular shaped structure from above.

It looked similar in structure to the white house back in the old days but at least two times bigger.

Unlike other structures in this area, this one was barricaded by glowing lines and had lots of space in the vicinity where Red Jackets paraded the area.

Gustav just moved past it and observed the internal and external area using his perception.

He would have made use of God Eyes to scour the entire threshold but recalling his last experience when he first met Sahil and Jabal, he knew it was possible for Jabal to recognize the energy signature of God Eyes and pinpoint his location.

This would really compromise their plans so he could only use his perception which didn't require any form of energy since it was practically an extension of his senses.

'There should be at least forty two of them... That's a lot,' Gustav said internally as he made his way back to the lounge area.

Gustav would have been worried if it was just him but since he had an entire team here, it made things easier.

Practically every single Red Jacket here was on the peak Martial Level to mid Falcon level. Lots of them were higher than Gustav in mixedblood rank and there happened to be the presence of someone he sensed within the structure who was at the peak of Falcon rank.

Gustav could already tell that this must be one of the six who he had now reduced to four in number.

This is another opponent that would make things more difficult but since they would be six officers venturing into the place with him, he wasn't quite as worried.

Gustav arrived back at the lounge area and made his way back to the rooftop to meditate in the meantime.

There was still over six hours left till go time so he decided to stay above instead of within the building.

Notifications suddenly appeared in his line of sight after he heard the beep in his head.


[New Quest Has Been Issued]

[Keep Jabal Alive For Twenty Four Hours]

[Rewards: Hidden]

[Punishment For Failure: Hidden]


'What the hell is this?' Gustav questioned internally the moment he spotted the notifications.

'System what are you doing? Why would you want me to keep him alive?' Gustav questioned internally.

("The quests are randomly generated, don't ask me for reason where there is none... Sure I am a sentient being but most of the quests you see I just issue them,") The system responded with a snarky tone.

'Sigh... Keeping him alive for twenty fours. What's the point?' Gustav voiced internally with a frustrated tone.


'Nah I wanna kill him immediately, I don't have to complete the quest anyways,' Gustav said internally again.

("Maybe you should check the details of the punishment for failure,") The system said within his mind.

'Its hidden,' Gustav responded.

("Exactly,") The system voiced with a foreshadowing tone.

Gustav; "..." 'You little...'


Within the same building where Gustav and his squad planned to infiltrate by midnight, Jabal sat on a high seat within a hall like space.

He was dressed in flowing white robes that wrapped around his shoulder area and in front of him was a stout looking man with a four feet long pony tail strapped to the back of his head.

"There have been no feedback from Tia or Arman since," The stout looking man voiced out as he stood in front of Jabal.

"The group I sent out before claimed that the entire place had been run to the ground... It is empty and not a single soul or structure could be found in the vicinity," Jabal rubbed his beard with a contemplative look as he spoke.

"The others who traveled to region seventeen also sent images of the destroyed warehouse along with everything kept within it," Jabal added.

"This cannot be a coincidence," The stout man voiced out.

"No Dilton, it cannot be," Jabal voiced out as well in agreement.