The Bloodline System - Chapter 613: Rendezvous Point

Chapter 613: Rendezvous Point

Chapter 613: Rendezvous Point

Gustav leaped away from the hover car as it tumbled repeatedly across the air.

His body ascending up to a thousand feet in the air, allowing him to stare at the ground of the battle field from above like a deity as he descended.

He knew just what to do if he wanted to decimate the entire vicinity and destroy everyone within but knowing that his squad members would be affected and it would also be going against the objective, he discarded the thought.

Gustav locked his eyes on the menancing look humanoid bot with square shaped head and blue charged eyes.

Fwwhiiii! Frruhhuuu~

He began spinning furiously like a curved ball with the atomic blade streched out.

It looked like a massive spinning fan, glowing with milky colored energy was descending from above.


Gustav divided the mechanical bot into two halves from head to bottom as he landed on the ground causing a loud blasting sound.


Shockwaves spread across the vicinity causing a lot of the troops to back away in fear as they wondered why someone so powerful was on this battlefield.

Gustav turned around and dashed forward.


He arrived behind the hover car which had just started to move again after stopping when it received the hit earlier.

Gustav leaped upwards and landed on the bonnet area again as Darkyl sped off.

"Everything good in there?" Gustav asked through the communication link.

"Yeah except the weapon system... It's gone offline," Daryl responded while Mill kept tapping on the weapon's fire button.

Mill shook his head after trying repeatedly and it still didn't work.

"It's fine... We made it through," Gustav responded as he retracted God Eyes.

They were arriving at a bridge area where there was a big river flowing beneath deepression on the ground ahead.

This area was up to six hundred feet deep and over three thousand feet gap to the other side.

However, there happened to be a pickup point where people would step on, activated the switch by the side and get transported to the other side.

If this hover car was the advanced type they wouldn't need to drive towards the pickup point but this type was designed to only be stationed a few inches above surface level.

They couldn't fly over it because it would descend towards the river the moment they tried moving farther than the ledge.

Darkyl moved towards the pickup point and they activated the switch quickly.


The ground spilt from the edge and began moving across the air towards the other side while carrying them along.


-An hour later.

Gustav and the other arrived at Region twenty two safely after their problematic endeavor on the way.

The hover car happened to run out of energy and breakdown the moment they arrived in the region. Fortunately for them they didn't have to travel too far before reaching the location where Fiona and the others were holed up waiting for them.

This was a forty seven storey lounge. They contacted Fiona and decided to all meet on the rooftop of the lounge.

All six of them made their way to the rooftop using different means.

Gustav just used another invisibility chip, turning invisible for about ten seconds before leaping straight upwards.


A small vibration rocked the vicinity as his body violently blasted forth from the ground and ascended a few feet above the rooftop before landing on it.

Gustav walked across the massive rooftop towards the part where he saw a small rectangular extension on it.

He proceeded to sit there and waited for the rest.

"Squd leader," 

Officers Fiona, Ildan and Felgro were the first to arrive at the rooftop. They came through the door that led here.

They were surprised to see that Gustav had arrived here first.

"Hey," Gustav responded to them with a nod.

"Oh my, how did you get here before we did?" Fiona quickly posed with an expression of disbelief.

"I jumped," Gustav answered bluntly.

"Jumped?" Ildan voiced out with a confused look.

"Yeah, it was faster to get up this way," Gustav responded.

"You can jump that high without wings?" Felgro asked.

"You can't?" Gustav questioned back.

All three of them had looks of disbelief on their faces as they turned to stare at each other.

Darkyl and Mill arrived on the rooftop as well at this point and were also surprised to see Gustav sitting here.

They didn't know where he dissapeared to earlier and seeing him sitting here, they were sure he must have arrived some time ago.

"Darkyl where have you been?" Fiona inquired with a light chuckle.

"It's our first time here, don't blame us for coming in last," Darkyl responded with a light laughter as well.

He and Fiona shared a fist bump as he arrived in front of her. They all gathered around Gustav who remained seated in place and waited for him to address them.

"I'll go straight to the point," Gustav began speaking.

"We're raiding and destroying that place by midnight," He added.

All of them had strong looks of readiness as they heard that.

"Jabal, the look alike of the leader who used to control this weapon supply group must have caught on by now that things are off," Gustav explained.

"The more time we waste, the more things might get even more difficult so we end this charade tonight and turn everything and everyone existing within that place to ash... We're not taking any prisoners neither is there anyone there that needs to live," Gustav added.

"Once Jabal and the other four are gone, the group will truly turn headless and it will make it easier to run the other storage locations to the ground," 

As Gustav got to this point Fiona decided to ask, "Squad leader, what is the plan?"

"Good thing you asked... I brought more costumes for the rest of you," Gustav stated as he activated his storage ring.

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~ 

Three Red Jackets appeared in front.

"I'm sure you know who uses these costumes," Gustav voiced out.

"We're infiltrating with these disguises but remember this..."