The Bloodline System - Chapter 612: Scaling Through Dangerous Areas

Chapter 612: Scaling Through Dangerous Areas

Chapter 612: Scaling Through Dangerous Areas

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Stop! there's another battle going on up ahead... And it's still the same two groups," Gustav voiced out as he retracted God Eyes with a look of disturbance.

Darkyl quickly controlled the hover car to decelerate as they came to a stop in a manner of seconds.

They were at loss as to what they were going to do at the moment. The original and alternative routes they could take had all been blocked due to battles ongoing at different points upfront.

Gustav reckoned that if they turned around now and decided to go pass another alternative route, the time spent on their journey would multiply by two, making it four hours spent travelling.

This was because they'd have to pass through one more region before getting to region twenty two.

It was now a big dilemma right now.

Gustav who had been squatting atop the bonnet area for the last thirty seconds finally stood up and turned around.

"We're going in," Gustav stated as he pointed at the direction where he wanted them to head in.

Darkyl noticed that this meant they were going with the original route.

"Erm Squad Leader, you sure?" He asked with a look of uncertainty.

"Just activate the hover car weapon system and let Mill control of that," Gustav commanded.

Darkyl nodded in understanding as Mill moved from the back seat to the seat beside's the mini cockpit area.

Some cannon like weapons potruded from the sides of the hover car as Darkyl restarted the engine of the hover car.

"We're storming through their battlefield," Gustav stated as he turned around to look forward once again while another atomic blade appeared in his left hand.


The hover car turned towards the side and zoomed into the distance.

As they closed in on the area where the battle was ongoing, the sounds of explosion and wails reverberated across the entire place.

The air reeked of destruction and clouds of debris could be seen covering different positions up ahead.

Gustav stabilized his feet on the bonnet area of the hover car as he squatted a little in preparation for the upcoming challenge while they zoomed towards these dangerous areas.

A red beam was the first Gustav noticed headed for them from the southwest area.

His head transfomed into that of the demonic Bunny, turning blackish with long ram horns and eight fangs in his mouth.


Opening his mouth, sonic waves shot out of them with intensity, ripping the red beam into nothingness.

Gustav's head transfomed back as he quickly turned to the side to dodge an attack aimed from a mechanical looking device positioned at one part of the battle field.

Mill who was within the hover car aimed one of the cannon like weapons at this mechanical device and fired at it before it could send out another attack towards Gustav.


It exploded into smithereens scattering many metallic parts all across the place.

They closed in on an area where about sixty troops were battling one another with different advanced firearms in their possession.

One side had troops clad in scarlet and blue outfits while the other side was clad in brown and silver.

Each side attacked the other viciously, making use of both their weapons and bloodlines as well.

"Only attack the ones in scarlet and blue," Gustav commanded as they zommed through the battle area.

Thwwwhii~ Thwwiii~ Thwwhhii~ Bam!

Several projectiles were being shot towards them from different directions as they forced their way through this place.

Gustav began swerving and dashing across the place as he deflected these projectiles one after the other preventing them from making contact with the hover car.

He would jump from back to front and from front to back repeatedly, even standing atop the roofing of the hover car at times.

Some of the troops battling across the area who spotted the hover car had awestruck expressions witnessing what seemed to look like a phantom dashing across the car.

Gustav movement was blurry like to a lot of them because of his high speed.


Gustav threw out his atomic blade which ended up stabbing through the chest of three people clad in Scarlet and blue.

One of the troops clad in the brown and silver jumped onto the back of the hover car with swirling red energy rings surrounding his figure.

However the moment he landed on it, Gustav did a flip from upfront. His body travelled across the air speedily towards the back of the hover car with his left foot outstretched.


The sole of his foot slammed into the face of this troop sending him flying across the air and slamming to the ground behind.

Darkyl and Mill had looks of confusion on their faces after seeing what had just happened from the monitor within the hover car.

'Didn't he say only to attack the ones in Scarlet and green?' This was the thoughts in both their minds.

"Idiot... Can't you see we on your side?" Gustav didn't even mind that he had just attacked a troop from one of the good groups.

He didn't want anything compromising their trip at all.

Gustav jumped towards the front once again and resumed deflecting attacks coming from both the troops in Scarlet and green and the ones in brown and silver.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Darkyl also made sure to steer the hover car expertly avoiding some traps that had already been put in place which making contact with triggered explosions.

After crossing this area they still came acrose another divide unit up ahead where another crazy battle was ongoing.

A massive thirteen feet tall humanoid looking mechanical bot chased after their hover car sending it's gigantic fist hurling down at the moment it got within range of close proximity.

Gustav hacked upwards for the incoming fist with force.


A massive sound of collision rang out as the atomic blade only cut a few inches into the fist but the force caused Gustav's feet to press down against the hover car sending it blasting forward.