The Bloodline System - Chapter 611: I'm Letting You Go

Chapter 611: I'm Letting You Go

Chapter 611: I'm Letting You Go

"Are you finally gonna let me go?" Arman asked with an excited look.

"Yes, I'm letting you go..." Gustav responded as a milky colored four feet long blade appeared in his right hand.

"...Letting you go to the after life," Gustav added as he slashed towards Arman's neck.

Screeevv~] Plop!

Arman's head was smoothly seperated from his neck with a look of disbelief in his eyes as his vision swayed repeatedly before everything turned black.

It flew across the air and fell several feet away before rolling across the floor, staining it with a trail of blood.

Even in death Arman's lifeless eyes still had a look of fear and betrayal in them but Gustav wasn't in anyway concerned as the atomic blade dissapeared from his hand.

Darkyl and Mill behind weren't surprised after seeing how this ended. They knew there was no way Gustav would leave Arman alive.

"Raze this place to the ground..." Gustav instructed as he turned to leave the vicinity.

Mill and Darkyl brought out some of their mini explosive devices and dropped it in several areas before moving out as well.

Gustav got into one of the hover cars parked outside and waited for both of them to get in as well.

Darkyl and Mill got in a few seconds later and Darkyl drove them out of the vicinity.

As they travelled away, a loud explosion rocked their initial location bringing the already decimated building further down into the grounds.

There would be no traces left behind, everything around there had been totally decimated. Gustav initially wanted to make use of one of his orbs but he felt it would be an overkill. This was already enough.

Gustav calculated how much time it would take them to get to region twenty two and realized they would spend no less than one and the half hour on the roads.


The hover car moved at a very fast speed causing dust particles to spread across the air whenever they passed by an area that was already decimated due to war.

"Squad leader, how did you learn to be so ruthless?" Darkyl asked as he remained focused on the road.

"Hmm? Ruthless? I don't think I qualify for that title," Gustav responded.

"Well... compared to your teacher, I think you're still a little hatchling," Darkyl chuckled as he voiced out.

"Oh I am... She's definitely not one to mess with," Gustav replied.

"There's my answer... She must be the reason why you're this way," Darkyl stated.

"She's a part of it yes... I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her," Gustav added but he didn't want to mention the other part that was the main reason he turned out this way.

Mill who was listening from behind was about to say something when...


The AI within the hover car suddenly voiced along with a loud emergency beeping sound.

"Open the roof hatch," Gustav instructed quickly.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

The instant he activated sprint, everything slowed down as he spotted the missile coming from up ahead.


Darkyl tapped on the roofing hatch button quickly and Gustav leaped through the opening above.


He landed on the bonnet of the hover car as a milky colored blade appeared in his hand.

Gustav raised both hands up as he lifted the Atomic Blade and slashed downwards as the missile arrived in front of them.


The blade cleaved through the missile bisecting it and causing the two halves to seperate.

The hover car bolted forward as the two halves exploded behind missing them completely.

Both of them within the hover car were once again astonished seeing the feat Gustav pulled.

Gustav gestured at Darkyl behind the cockpit to keep moving forward before proceeding to squat on the bonnet area of the hover car.

He activated God Eyes as they kept moving forward.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His vision turned red as his sight travelled several hundred feet forward unhindered.

Gustav tapped the communication device beside his left ear and began speaking.

"There's a battle going on up ahead... I see two of the power groups here," 

"Turn to the side, we'll have to take an alternate route," Gustav added while gesturing at the southeast.

Darkyl did as instructed turning towards the south east to keep moving.

"But this would mean we'd spend at least one more hour travelling to region 22," Mill voiced out from within.

"It's better than getting dragged into their scuffle and losing our mode of transport. You slow pokes will make us spend a longer time than that on the road," Gustav responded.

Mill couldn't refute that statement knowing they weren't as fast as Gustav in terms of speed.


Another alarm went off as a whoosing sound was heard coming from behind them. 

Since they hadn't completely left the area of battle, projectiles were still being sent all across the place.

Gustav turned around and jumped towards the back as he sensed it.


He slashed out again, cleaving this one in half as well and preventing their ride from getting tampered with.

As Gustav turned around to leap back towards the bonnet area again he spotted something up ahead.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes and scanned the area up ahead.

"There's another battle ongoing here too with some the same groups," Gustav alerted them.

Both of them had speechless looks upon hearing that.

"Turn around, let's take the other route," Gustav once again instructed, not wanting to get them involved in this right now.

It seemed like these battles were coordinated but just broke off at some point because the troops seemed to be scattered across a wide distance.

Darkyl once again turned around and started heading southwest now.

He zoomed across the decimated area quickly while Gustav scanned using God Eyes.

Several more missiles flew towards them but he was able to destroy every single one of them before they hit while they travelled across the place.

"Stop, there's another battle going on up ahead... And it's still the same two groups," Gustav voiced out as he retracted God Eyes with a look of disturbance.